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Posted: 21 Aug 2019, 05:41 

EFM relates to digital audio. It would go to EFM decoder which would convert it from 14 to 8 bit signal and from there to DAC and then output. Some Pioneer players that didn't had digital audio decoders built in had those ports to hook up to external decoder. This should not matter since you're looking for RF. EFM is derived from RF.
As far as I know basically any player should work, it's just that those industrial Pioneers have RF directed to neatly labeled test pins and they have serial interface for control from PC. And 4300 in particular can read NTSC/PAL. So it's a matter of convenience.
So how I see it, if you don't care about PAL, you can go with other industrial Pioneer, but then serial interface pinout and command set might differ (I think 1k and 6k used different commands and there are 2 or 3 different pinouts). I haven't checked how far is their control program, maybe it addresses this. If not - not a big deal, though. You can find those commands in manuals and just use any terminal pretty much.
And if not industrial Pioneer, then you can use whatever, but it might be difficult to hook to RF and it might not have convenient way to control unit, for example to skip those CAV PSCs.
What you actually do with a player - you just solder 2 wires to board. And that's your input. I think that's pretty much it. And then you sandwich domesday board with 2 other boards like Arduino shields and one of them has USB interface ports and you hook that to PC. None of that is really complicated, if you get pre-assembled domesday, it's price tag that killed it for me. Which with shipping and tax was around 400 at the time.
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