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Posted: 10 May 2019, 19:10 

try also to search for laZer disc (with the z) and "big dvd" (no joke)

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Posted: 12 Jun 2019, 11:54 

So I tested a few more discs to see if it happen again, and yes it has happened on all of the discs I've tested, but I managed to capture the effect quite clearly on camera on one of them (because on this one it was quite big).


I know it can't be the discs, They all were playing great on my 925.

I've also thought about dirt or other stuff inside the player, haven't opened to see if there is any yet but will check (don't worry, I ain't touching anything this time, open, look, close, that's it)
You are saying not to clean lens with alcohol, why is that, and so what to use (just to know), I never have cleaned an LD player lens before.

Anyway, thanks for your advises.

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Posted: 15 Jun 2019, 16:59 

Finally got my eyes on City Hunter : Shinjuku Private Eyes.
I was lucky enough to have a theater (the only one) in my town showing it in original version with subs (only one screening on Thursday) so I jumped on the occasion, and boy, was it worth the wait !
Let's be honest, the movie is quite far from perfect but it was a real pleasure all along, the sound and picture were great, at every music or character appearance, we were all cheering like fanboys, it probably was the best time I ever had in a theater.
So if you have the occasion (and like City Hunter, but seriously, who doesn't ?) go see it !

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Posted: 13 Sep 2019, 12:49 

If I'm not mistaken, the components output on the DVL series (919 and 909) are only for dvd output, not LD.
From what I can see, your screen is a crt, so if the player is already plugged using composite, I don't think you can get a much better picture than what you have (maybe try using s-video to compare and use which you prefer). Although, while the DVL serie isn't renowned for their picture quality, maybe the laser itself isn't in a great shape and might need some cleaning and/or a proper calibration (for which I can't really help since I don't know much on that) or is just used from years of service.

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Posted: 17 Sep 2019, 10:37 

Now, who wants to win a trip to 90's Hollywood ? :lol:

While reading through this thread, I remembered that one of my LD had some promotional items in it. The one above is a disc sized flyer advert for a contest to win a trip to Hollywood.
All you had to do was fill in some stuff about how you discovered LD, why do you think it's superior etc...
But also answer some real hard questions on the bottom left like : "who is the director of The Thing ? a)John Boorman b)John Carpenter c)John Wayne"

The second one is a promotional flyer to subscribe to the french magazine " Les Années Laser "

There is nothing really noteworthy about LDs or the magazine on it, it's just that there is a nice and sexy Miss Laserdisc on the back
I just find it funny to have a Laserdisc serves as hat, I'm waiting on a cosplay of her :D

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Posted: 08 Oct 2019, 15:35 

Just received City Hunter 2 Vol.1 and 3


Thanks Julien.

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Posted: 28 Oct 2019, 17:19 

Just watched Toy Story 4 today, only one word...atrocious.

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Posted: 02 Nov 2019, 00:21 

I know that no company at all actually support any real ideology. But the fact is that the trending movements these days are feminsm/sjw/lgbtqalphatango and all the other degeneracy that this world as crumbled to. And Disney, by not wanting to be politically incorrect with the fear of not earning potential money, are pushing this agenda, just see all their marvel/star wars, etc... they all have somthing that is in adequation with those movement, "put an incompetant woman with colored hair as a starship commander here" "here, make a movie only about black heroes" "oh and don't forget to make this character gay or queer, or cast a queer actoressess". Even if it's just for money, they are pushing it, and there is some semblance of it in toy story 4.

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Posted: 02 Nov 2019, 09:01 

Any company as big as Disney will support anything that makes them grow and suppress anything that doesn’t.
That's basically what I meant by what I said, they don't give any f**k to any cause unless there is money they can milk on it.

Your post is free fake Feminist advertising for Disney.
How is my post where I basically s**t over the movie, and tell it's filled with crap propaganda an advertising, I mean if you want to see it after what I said, you got a serious problem indeed.
Also I didn't paid any money to see it, I only lost time on this movie (and also "arguing" with you)

In crappy kids cartoons Toy Story, a crappy kid cartoon ? ok, then...

I don't despise woman alright, despite what you seem to believe, "macho bro jackoff", "incels" (wow, they really like using this one to describe any un-supportive person of this kind of movement), so in any case, thanks for the free insults, and thanks for showing us your true self.
Now it's time for this to end.

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Posted: 07 Feb 2020, 08:37 

I think this explains it better if you haven't read it already.

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Posted: 09 Feb 2020, 18:34 

Just finished watching Mobile Suit Gundam, watched it on the mighty LaserDisc boxset I have.
Took me a while to finish it though as I stopped midway through the series because I was getting tired of it (more on that below).

The anime starts quite nicely and has a good rhythm in it's time allocation for action scenes and dialogues/expository scenes for the first few episodes, also the Mobile Suits looks great imo and the animation isn't bad (I know it's an old anime, so I kept that in mind to judge the animation).
Oh yeah, and the music was quite nice and catchy, especially the openings and some of the recurrent cues and themes.
But then, around let's say ep.15 (arbitrary number, don't remember exactly), the anime started to fall in some kind of episode scheme, for like 10 or more episodes in a row it was either "Oh look, Zeon has a new mobile suit, will it be able to defeat the Gundam" "Oh my god, Zeon has another Mobile suit, but this one goes underwaterrrr..." or it was "oh no, this guy is deserting, but then he came back" , then "oh no, this one guy is also deserting, but he'll also come back, be sure to check out next episode which will be that other guy desertion episode where he'll also come back at the end" .
I was just for Zeon at this point, I just wanted them to win so the white base soldiers would just stop their one at a time whining about being in a war. And that's where I gave up and stopped watching.

Fast Forward to a few days ago, I was just so bored that I was like "hey why not try to continue watching this thing" so I started watching it again, and here I am, having just finished watching the last episode.
The episodes where way better than the ones that made me stop to be honest.
I also have to say that those last 3 episodes are really great and show us an engaging final battle.

As a conclusion I'd say that Mobile suit Gundam is kind of a mixed bag for me, because there is like :
-1/4 of really good episodes
-2/4 of ok/average episodes
-1/4 of really bad/boring episodes

So I'm questioning myself, what made this anime so famous, was it only for the robots design ? I'm know it's a '79 anime, as it's the oldest anime I have seen, I don't know much about this period or the period before it, and maybe this anime was groundbreaking in some way at the time, but know, it just feels dull most of the time.
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