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Posted: 28 Sep 2016, 02:07 

Is there some website somewhere that is specifically responsible for making noobs think that LD is "uncompressed"? We get people here all the time repeating that lie.

LD is based on composite video and is therefore HUGELY compressed. That's why it looks like total crap compared to RGB. Not even half the information is there.

Personally, I would love to buy a few new LDs but you couldn't kickstart a laser POINTER with the amount of totally ridiculous new age pseudo science coming out of this guy's keyboard. No engineer is going to waste his time taking a year off to work on a project spearheaded by someone who believes in the healing powers of analog fairies.

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Posted: 29 Sep 2016, 18:38 

With this level of intellect, I am surprised you can operate a laserdisc player to be honest.

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Posted: 03 Oct 2016, 17:58 

forper wrote:
You're just another tech guy who thinks with his head, not his heart.

Just like the engineers responsible for the Laserdisc format, right?

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Posted: 02 Feb 2019, 00:42 

It’s perfectly OK to do everything possible to jack up prices but anyone working the opposite angle is “negative”...negative because $6000 LDs are a good idea (positive, I guess) in the eyes of people who buy and sell them.

We can talk about how much The Sixth Day is “worth” (you know, it a positive way...which is defined by how much it’s value is positively incriminating during the thread) but we can’t question those claims of value without super collectors and wannabe super collectors trying to shut the coversation down because it violates their world view.*

It’s pretty easy to see the people who got into this scene late and for hype based reasons. He jumped into this thread to argue the “pro” for $6000 LDs. He’s politicking as much as I am, he’s just worse at it. He probably thinks I’m trying to tank his retirement plan. :)

It’s in no way whatsoever a matter of artistic preference, as people keep bring up. The bad taste I’m dumping on is the African dictator school of LD collecting. I own dozens of objectively bad movies on LD. We talk about those all the time here. Nobody talks about The Sixth Day. It isn’t popular. It isn’t taste bad or good, it’s a forgotten film. Only people who buy $6000 LDs even know what it is by and large. I’ll buy and watch objectively bad movies on all sorts of formats all day but I’ve never bought one to brag about it’s value. That’s just gouche in the worst way. Like dubs on a Dodge. If someone asked me if I wanted to see their collection of “late rare LDs” I’d say, no, show me your misspelled tattoos or your mini football hemlets. Something you really have passion for. :)

* That being pretty much, “I never really got into punk rock”

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 Post subject: Re: Longest CAV Side?
Posted: 04 Apr 2019, 14:50 

I can't believe I failed math this badly. :sick: 69 divided by 3 is not 33.

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Posted: 03 May 2019, 14:06 

In a way it's positive that he won't see SW9.

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Posted: 12 May 2019, 01:31 

Was forced to see detective pikachu by my f***ing idiot friend last night. At least he bought the tickets.

The PC-ness is so painful. It's definitely a movie made in 2019.

The heroes are a black kid and a white girl? tick.
The seemingly good white man at the start of the movie actually turns out to be super evil? tick
The seemingly evil white woman agent type is actually just a shape shifting evil pokemon controlled by the evil white man? tick.
Pikachu's dad is a good white man at the end but he looks like a young Guardian writer and he married a black woman so he's safe? tick
Pikachu asks the audience how they can't believe in climate change now during an EARTHQUAKE. tick
Pikachu suggests they go press the female reporter for more info but then quickly makes clear to the audience it's actually a metaphor. He then calls her a dame and is shamed by the kid and told women don't like that. tick.

Jesus Christ, I was really not liking the brainwashing of the kids (and some of the adults) in the audience and being talked down to constantly but stayed to see how many more left wing/social justice/identity politics messages they could cram into a movie about a f***ing yellow piece of s**t.

The effects were pretty good and the giant baby miming pokemon (f**k, is that a real pokemon?) is about the creepiest thing I've seen in a while. I had to look away.

By the way Disney has officially run out of ideas. The previews were for Toy Story 4, The Jungle Book, The Lion King and Aladdin.

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 Post subject: Re: Value of Laserdisks
Posted: 20 Aug 2019, 22:13 

You know what would really suck? A museum with only valuable paintings in it. No curator on Earth would even consider it because value is irrelevant in the academic world.

Instead of a room of classical sculpture, a room for Egypt, a room for Mesopotamia, etc it’s all organized by dollar value and how much taxable wealth you can hide in it and an entire wing devoted to SAMO. If it’s not worth at least $20M it doesn’t get shown. They keep in in the basement until the value goes up.

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 Post subject: Re: Value of Laserdisks
Posted: 22 Aug 2019, 03:20 

Maybe, but maybe not. Some people have plenty of money and just don’t want to pay taxes on it so they may buy crazy junk like $1000 LDs of terrible movies you can buy on BR for $5.

If the the Man comes in and sees a shelf filled with terrible movies like The Sixth Day they would never imagine the guy could ebay that thing off for $300 in hurry if he needed to. Everyone knows what gold is...and they want it. Nobody on earth wants The Sixth Day.

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Posted: 01 Sep 2019, 16:15 

Well that's a bit disappointing, would've been cool if they'd had bloopers or dailies from a movie or something.

Although they're still pretty cool for what they are. And I bet dumb@$$es would still rather pay two grand for 6th Day than give these a second thought. :P

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Posted: 14 Sep 2019, 17:45 

Had to google what doxxing is "search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet,"

Anything I posted/reposted was all already publicly available, and the screenshot from FB above has the name blurred out.

Sorry, though don't take it so hard, rein-o gets some grief over prices above too! And $269 is more than I'd pay for that box set, never mind the $350 on it; paid around $30 plus shipping for the three box version. There is definitely some crazy overpricing that goes on in the shops here; just think $ugu$

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Posted: 14 Sep 2019, 18:07 

He thinks he’s cool. That’s what’s amazing. He found something for nothing and is flipping it for INSANE markup and he doesn’t see why that outs him a jerk.

If your parents didn’t explain it to you then it’s too late. Obviously, you’re trying to defend yourself so that part of your brain never developed properly. If you really don’t see how charging a 20x markup on a recently acquired item you can barely identify grosses people out then we can’t explain it do you here.

If you want to blend in with decent society more easily I’d suggest keeping your finances more private. Nobody here wants to know how bad you’re ripping people off other people in the same scene. If you were ever part of any scene you’d know that already too.

You'd hate me if I told you how little I paid for these.

Hate isn’t the right word but I find this quote of yours very revealing of your unrepentant greed. You already assumed we’d hate for for not paying enough for something but you’re surprised that we think your a jerk for selling it for too much?

It’s pretty simple. If you did nothing you deserve nothing. If you had to crawl into a sewer to get these and then eat your way out again then $300 would be fair. Buying something, marking it up massively the next day is not doing something. You are not a bond trader. These are LDs and you’re not even an expert on that. You don’t deserve the money. That’s pretty much the irritant. You’re trying get something for nothing FROM US. Get it? Still don’t get it? Maybe you have an older smarter sister you can ask about this...? Do you go to church or anything? You must know somebody moral. Everyone does.

Anyway, next time do the research yourself or just be honest. “Hi, I created a account here just to make money off of it but I’m not using the LDDB shop because I need the larger audience of idiots on Facebook to get mad money. What do you think I can bilk these rubes for? Maybe $300?”

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 Post subject: Re: Recording my Purchases
Posted: 26 Sep 2019, 09:24 

Hi Julien, could the database please include a full 3D hologram of my actual laserdiscs and could it include an avatar of me and my living room where i can remotely control me putting the LD in the tray and watching it? Thanks.

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Posted: 26 Sep 2019, 20:36 

No, it serves no significance. Quite frankly, it will raise additional issues for sellers, like more questions from anal retentive buyers. If they see a laserdisc in a store for years, it will give the buyer more incentive to contact the seller and lower the price and such.

I truly believe that an optional "make offer" button is more ideal.


Beyond parody, beyond cliche.

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Posted: 27 Sep 2019, 01:26 

There is nothing machiavellian about my choice to wish an opt out option for the proposed changes to listings.
If a title has been listed for over a decade or only a few weeks, what's the difference to anyone ?

Again, pretending to not understand something. I’ve already explained it very well, I think. I don’t believe you don’t understand it. Should I? I chose to believe your are an unrepentant capitalist rather than a complete idiot. Don’t be insulted, those are the choices you gave me. But because you are repeating this lie that you don’t get what good the info is...I don’t trust you.

You DO know what good it is, that’s why you’re here complaining about it. Right? Am I wrong about that? You or another seller repeatedly saying you don’t get what good the info is while campaigning against it is hurting your cause. When you do it again with your next post you will hurt it even more.

If you’re sitting on a $1000 disc for five years then we can see what you see, that it’s only worth $1000 to some person who hasn’t yet seen it. Everyone who’s in the actual LD market is passing it by. We wait for you to lower the price. Amazingly some sellers do this already, since lowering the price of stuff that won’t move is retail 101. You can’t buy a new 1997 Escort from the Ford lot today. They lower the price instead of raising it. Your car lot would have a 1983 LeCar on it for $345,000 and you “wouldn’t see why” people were torn between thinking it was a joke or a scam.

If you sit on something with an insane price refusing to sell it for anything less then YOU are the one who need to learn about “letting the market play out”. If you have the only copies in the world and you won’t sell it then YOU ARE GUILTY OF PRICE FIXING. Not guilty in any court but guilty in reality. You control the price. You’ve frozen it at what you want it to be. You and LD_fan or whatever his name is with all the music videos.

All that stuff about people buying “you”. They buy your hype, clearly, but you’re just shipping around other people’s art, adding a firehouse tax of unknown magnitude. It’s not like you’re hand assembling custom brassieres or something.

I feel like a friggn idiot for typing all this since I don’t buy expensive LDs. I don’t even know what they are because I don’t care whatsoever for hype for value. The whole scene deeply offends me. But I’m sort of on the side of the sellers. I honestly hope admin turns it off because we need these carnie crab in a bucket sellers more than we need another bargain and it only hurts the dim bulbs that get hoodwinked into paying big money for crap. The thing is, I just can’t let the kind of BS I’m seeing in this thread go unchallenged. It’s so obvious and so smelly.

A while back the head of the Amway tried to win the Michigan governorship. Dick Devos. His horrible wife Betsy is now Secretary of Education. One of the things he actually campaigned on was repealing the “truth in pricing law” which basically said that everything in Michigan has to be priced and sell for the price that’s on it. He lost! And why not? It doesn’t take a Richard Feynman so see that he’s a) head of a legal pyramid scheme and b) price tags protect customers. He was as transparent as glass and so are the sellers in this thread. You guys really screwed yourselves, IMO. You should have left your post counts at zero.

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 Post subject: Re: Finally upgraded my TV
Posted: 07 Oct 2019, 07:43 

I take it power costs are not cheap in Australia, not that they are cheap here btw!!

Well our country is blessed with effectively unlimited natural resources. We actually used to have the cheapest power in the western world, back in the '80s, it helped make Australian manufacturing competitive and we made everything. You could walk out of high school into a factory job and buy a house and a holden with no debt.

Now our country has been hijacked by activists on a lie and we're not allowed to use our resources anymore, only export them to countries that burn them in much less efficient and clean ways. Nuclears out too (we have the world's biggest reserves of uranium and the most tectonically stable land on earth) again, because of hysterical activists that dictate to our government. So anyway now we have the 2nd or 3rd most expensive power in the world and almost all the factories are gone and we make coffees for each other and rent.

We're f***ed but I'm still gonna run my CRT, not run a car or eat out, or go on holiday but I'm gonna run my goddamn power guzzling TV until I die or it dies. Eat s**t greenies.

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Posted: 07 Oct 2019, 22:26 

signofzeta wrote:
To appease Rein-O I culled my Wish List of anything I don’t really want.

YES!!!!!!!! :lol:

Next I will convert you to using some turtle bay headphones for your king surround system.

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Posted: 10 Oct 2019, 01:03 

I’ve known some real collectards but never one who would lay his life down for shrink wrap. Impressive!

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Posted: 12 Oct 2019, 16:27 

It only took... 17 years? :-)

But 3 out of 5 is a good ratio to start considering doing more interesting things using the assumption that we have most of the covers.

For ex: all DTS covers or all AC3 covers

Of course it's a little more bandwidth hungry but we are not in 2002 anymore, that should be OK.

Maybe the lists could have the option to be text only/cover only/both ?


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Posted: 22 Oct 2019, 11:15 

admin wrote:
I'm writing a quick tutorial on how to use IrFanView on Windows to resize/adjust perspective/enhance colors/edges.

Here it is, feedbacks welcomed!


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Posted: 02 Nov 2019, 17:20 

I don't despise woman alright, despite what you seem to believe, "macho bro jackoff", "incels" (wow, they really like using this one to describe any un-supportive person of this kind of movement), so in any case, thanks for the free insults, and thanks for showing us your true self.
There's no press reporting any sort of reality anymore. They don't even report what the readers want to hear, they just report what the studios and networks wants the audiences to hear. They use the narrative pushed by twittards and tumblrinas to their advantage to silence opposition because everyone is so judgmental and everyone is scared to death of becoming the target of the cancel culture that they won't speak against any of it. They manipulate the media, they manipulate the critics, but when the audiences refuse to play along, they're accused of "review bombing" the product.

Anyway, it being Halloween, I watched Halloween and Halloween 2. If somebody hadn't pointed it out to me, I'd never realized that the guy who dies in the car crash in 2 is the guy who Laurie mentions as having a crush on in the first. It's one of those throwaway details (since he's never seen in the first one, just named a couple of times), I'd just completely forget by the time of the sequel. Kinda like when C-3PO says he's not much of a storyteller in ANH, but then ends up being a storyteller for the Ewoks in ROTJ.

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Posted: 17 Nov 2019, 14:37 

that's Akari Kamigishi, of To Heart fame;

i actually used to have this rather weirdly-proportioned TSUKUDA HOBBY large-scale doll of her;

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Posted: 25 Nov 2019, 11:03 

After a disaster renting saga I almost ended up homeless with my stuff in storage. But yesterday, in the midst of legal action and b******t at work and all kinds of s**t that's hit the fan I got my LD stuff hooked up for the first time in almost 3 months.

Yet again, like in my whole life, people and family fail and have betrayed me and my stuff saves my life.

Reminds me why I keep trying. I almost forgot, my love for stuff has always gotten me through, I truly love it more than people.

Akina Nakamori Bitter Sweet followed by many more music LDs last night. I know you will scoff at my pic but IRL I love this image so much.

The media shelf in dissaray, I'll get it sorted out over the next few weeks:
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