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Posted: 29 Mar 2019, 00:41 


Ic311 which supplies 5v and Ic411 which supplies 3.3v each have a CT pin which require a 2v switching signal to switch from STANDBY to ON.

That signal is controlled from the remote and is only operational when the power supply board is installed in the laser disc player.

The darkening, on the pc board, around R105,R106 & R109 is not uncommon.These resistors,all 68k,form a voltage divider across the rectified

mains DC.They,along with C116, provide the KICK START for the SMPS.Please check C116,1mfd/400v, for both ESR and capacitance.

The ESR reading should be a low value, approximately 7-8, and the capacitance should be approximately 1mfd.If in doubt change it.

I recommend that you also check the filtering capacitors,C211,C611,C311,C312,C511&C512 on the power supply secondary.If any are faulty

they can affect the supply's operation.Q101,Q150&Q151 are all N channel mosfets,ShinDengen 2SK2333.

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Posted: 22 Apr 2019, 05:24 

As long as you don't try to move the turntable on the spindle motor, you won't have any issue with adjustments regarding changing the motor. If you are feeling brave, here are the steps to disassemble the player to get to the motor.

1. Turn on the player. Press the LD Eject button. Then unplug the player from the wall so the tray does not close.
2. Remove the bonnet.
3. Along the back edge of the tray are two locking clips. Push them both in at the same time and pull the tray from the front of the player.
4. Remove the 4 screws on the back of the player that hold the turn mechanism cover.
5. Unplug the 7 cables from the DVDM board and then remove the 4 screws that hold the board and remove the board.
6. Remove the grounding wire between the frame and the player mechanism.
7. Remove the 4 screws that hold the clamp assembly to the frame. It's easiest if you take out the screws at the back panel and front panel and lift the two cross bars and the upper clamp assembly as one piece.
8. Take out the three screws that hold the front panel. Lift up the tabs slightly and rock the front panel down. The connecting cable between the front panel and the DVDM board should have already been removed. There is also a grounding wire on the right side of the player. Remove the screw holding it down.
9. On the player mechanism, there are 2 heavy springs, one on each side at the back of the player. Unhook the spring from the top of the frame and hook it on the player mechanism (there is a convenient hook on each side of the mechanism to hold the spring while doing the work. Isn’t Pioneer nice?)
10. Disconnect the Green/White cable on the power supply. This is the motor lead.
11. Disconnect the wide LD Pickup flex cable at the back of the player. Removing the tray hold may make this easier. Pay close attention to how the pickup cables route through the hook on the side of the tray holder.
12. Disconnect the narrow white cable just forward from the LD Pickup connector. This is the Pickup Rotation connector.
13. At the front of the board, there are two white cables that attach close together. You want to disconnect the one perpendicular to the mechanism (second connector from the left). This is the loading motor connection (among other things).
14. Use a long thin phillips head screwdriver to remove the recessed screws on the black plastic player mechanism. A magnetic tip screwdriver is best. These screws are extra long screws and should be kept from the others so as to not mix them up. There are a total of 4, one in each corner of the black plastic mechanism.
15. At the back of the mechanism are two hold down clamps. They hook around the mechanism and hold down the assembly. Remove one screw from each and lift both out.
16. At this point, the mechanism should be free. Carefully lift it up and insure all connections are free. It is easiest to push the mechanism further back into the player so the tray roller clears the front of the player. Lift the front of the mechanism out first, then bring the entire assembly out.
17. At the front of the motor is the rotation speed sensor. Slide it over to the left to move it out of the way.
18. On the bottom, make note of the routing of the green/white motor wires and the orientation of where the wires come out of the motor.
19. Remove the three screws holding the motor.
20. The motor will come out of the bottom. You’ll have to tilt it around to get the turntable through the access hole.
21. Reverse the entire process with the replacement motor.

22. When putting the tray back in, be sure to get it in square. It is very easy to get the tray off one tooth on either side, and if off, it will not close all the way. I usually put it in with the power on.

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Posted: 22 May 2019, 21:39 

I now love bodysonic

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Posted: 29 Apr 2023, 08:41


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Posted: 24 Oct 2023, 14:39 

While not discs themselves, I love my early Discovision Chevrolet dealer kiosk and all its shag carpet glory!

Now if only I could find the TV for it that isnt $1000 on ebay...

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Posted: 20 Mar 2024, 19:03 

@mth1986: PM ist raus
@yaffle2345: Da muss ich passen leider

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Posted: 18 Apr 2024, 18:48 

I think this is the HD-MAC LaserDisc Player (Philips VP400 series based (right)) mentioned (HD-MAC decoder (left)):

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Posted: 03 May 2024, 15:51 

Well, once I'd managed to get the front of the tray off ( thanks to a bit of give in the tray mech itself), then removal the front Panel and both right hand ( large ) PCB's; it gave me some small visual on what was going on. It seemed that something had jumped out of alignment and with the aid of a chopstick - I could gently free/lever the tray off the engagements and in a couple of stages I had it off the main mechanism. I put everything back to where it looked like it would go and I've run the tray in a couple of times; it seems to do what it should with no binding. So now its back to the PSU and see if I can clean and replace the damaged components. So not out of the woods yet - but closer to finding out whats wrong with the unit.
Thanks again for your suggestions.

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Posted: 05 May 2024, 17:11 

Hello. Thank you for informing. I'm very interested in Analog HD because there are a lot of missing videos, photos and information (lost media). Can you share device photo? Also, what is the production date and features of the device? Is there a model name?

Away from home right now, but I'll post pictures ASAP (next week for sure, most probably on tuesday or wednesday)

Yes, it has a model number but can't recall it, as well as year of production; IIRC it was HD-MAC/PAL/NTSC laserdisc player, can't remember if he can play CDs as well; pretty sure it has SCART output.

I'll provide all the info I can along with the pictures: STAY TUNED!

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Posted: 20 May 2024, 14:27 

Found 2 examples of this commemorative item from Pioneer Japan:

Added it as: LaserDisc Executive Special Invitation - 2001 Audio Visual [---]

Came as a folded red packet:


With posters, fake LD and dart target:



LD labels were covered and central hole seems enlarged to make sure you can't play it.


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