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Posted: 10 Jul 2019, 04:43 

Ejacula: Part 2 (Pornography) and Big Daddy (Adam Sandler comedy).

Oh, and Toy Story 2... damn shame that one isn't' available.

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Posted: 27 Jan 2020, 01:18 

Hello, all.

I recently received a Sony Glasstron for my upcoming birthday (Feb 4).

It's pretty neato, though niche; I'm fairly sure not everyone will appreciate it, but I wanted to post about it.

I hooked up the Glasstron to my DVL-909 LD via S-Video and I watched a few movies; It was a pretty rad experience, nonetheless.

My only issue(s) with the Glasstron involve the earbuds not properly fitting and how the visor does not fully engulf your vision (you can see below you). Other than that, I had a really fun time.

I used a VGA to Composite box, Sewell SW-32000, to output my old Mac G4 to the Glasstron; Played some Wolfenstein 3D, Quake, Tony Hawk 2.
I also played some PS1 titles via Connectix VGA; 640x480 is very nice on the Glasstron.

Had a blast with these things; I'm sure someone is wondering how my eyes didn't bleed out or something 'funny' like that :roll: :lol: ...
They don't really bother my eyes, but when watching LD, I took a break for say.... 20 minutes.. after each film. When gaming, I wore then for a 4ish hour session. Glasstrons auto-turn off after 3 hours, but you can just ON-OFF it right quick to fix that.

Epic times........ 8-) :ugeek:
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