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Posted: 03 Jun 2021, 09:37 

When lifes hits rock bottom Poke you have a solid foundation to start with...
Awesome to see you back again. You have been missed personally but ill assume from others also. :)

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 Post subject: Re: Laserdisc Lo-Fi
Posted: 02 Jul 2021, 23:08 

Well im sure i can speak for the forum when i say Genuinely hope you get well very soon and hope you look after yourself.
We need you around here Poke

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Posted: 09 Jul 2021, 08:45 

Ldfan i must salute your dedication and knowledge on AC3 for laserdisc.

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Posted: 15 Jul 2021, 07:32 

Loving your reviews Ted :clap: :clap:
Keep em up

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Posted: 18 Jul 2021, 03:48 

Winter time here and starting to get low on Laserdiscs to watch.
Spent a day out hunting around locally for discs,
The usual standard movie discs id never watch, actually came across a large pile of Anime but its not my jam,
Best to leave for the next guy i figure.

I love my Motorsport so caught these.

Macau Grand Prix (1990) [C59-6402]
Was sealed and rot free thankfully.

Car Graphic Video Library: vol.1 Targa Florio Storica [PCLP-00158]

Mmmm Targa Floria very pleased with this Gem, will have to upload cover the the DB i guess.

Car Graphic Video Library: vol.4 Ferrari F40 [PCLP-00161]

Another one sealed have not check for rot but the colour insert is fabulous, almost frame worthly.

Grand Prix Requiem (1987) [G98F5052]

This one is brutal, if you want 100 minutes of just raw death and disfiguring mostly F1 crashes with occasional flute jass this is your LaserDisc

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Posted: 18 Jul 2021, 07:05 

Appears to be separate from my LD Ted, nothing is familiar.

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 Post subject: Re: LD player for ripping
Posted: 24 Jul 2021, 08:18 

Here the remote that came with my R7.
Please note the 'V-DNR 3D' Select button.
Im sure other remotes will have this.
Enters the Comb Filter menu to turn on adjust all the settings.


Now going to clean my remote 8-)

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Posted: 26 Jul 2021, 06:12 

Zeta should be here soon to advice you on this problem you are experiencing dgphillis

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Posted: 06 Aug 2021, 08:34 

So The Killer has to be up there with one of the best movies ive seen.
Almost felt like standing up and appalling at the end :)
Loved the grainy raw film image that my Criterion release had.

Hard Boiled up soon

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Posted: 06 Aug 2021, 08:40 

Good luck Ted.
If times get tough,
Imagine your R7G stops working if you stop also :)

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Posted: 06 Aug 2021, 10:03 

I have The Killer on Criterion Laserdisc too. Did you get the one with the extras on it too?

Don't forget to add Curry and Pepper to your watch pile!

Mine is Killer, The #284 (1989) [CC1436L]

Which seems to be a bare bones CLV version but has a better transfer.

Curry and Pepper had already been written on the fridge which also confused and helped with the womans last shopping run.

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Posted: 10 Aug 2021, 09:14 

Best player is a working laserdisc player son.
After that the best player is the back up player.
My advice to someone 'new to the world of laserdisc'

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Posted: 14 Aug 2021, 05:51 

Came cross these two

Jaguar E Type/Jaguar XRJ-15 [MSL-01]

Back to the Future (1985) [SF098-1168]

Going to enjoy the Jag action tonight,
I already own the BTTF in fact i have this Jap trilogy in nice shape but i just love the cover and gatefold on this release.

Also found some strange.

NT Playboy Karaoke 1: Limit.Ed (1994) [PLD0001] bashed up

Oriental Dreams (1981) [ME003-U]

Dreams has a 'Laserdisc Sample' sticker which had not seen before

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Posted: 07 Sep 2021, 18:45 

Welcome from down under

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Posted: 18 Sep 2021, 08:39 

cplusplus wrote:
Kinda related to this- the forum broke a record a few days ago:
Most users ever online was 328 on 14 Sep 21, 5:47pm

That $100,000USD bargain must be snaked then surely.

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Posted: 20 Sep 2021, 09:27 

All working OK?
Ill pen you into the R7G membership club if so jefix :)
First Uzbekistan owner unless anyone can disagree against my books?

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Posted: 18 Dec 2021, 06:51 

Larry Bird fan reporting in.
Nice pick up Ted, been a few you have grabbed recently im slightly envious about :)

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Posted: 15 Jan 2022, 09:38 

Found this from a 1999 DVD talking about Dolby Digital on LD :D

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Posted: 11 Feb 2022, 22:54 

therussian wrote:
Thing I thought I would never do I just did. Won this beautiful CLD-R7G in Japan.

Congratulations :clap:
Ill add you to the membership club once it arrives safely.

All corners of the globe almost ted!

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Posted: 19 Feb 2022, 10:05 

R7G with a DVDO Duo with good settings i can claim is good value

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 Post subject: Re: Your Very First LD
Posted: 27 Feb 2022, 08:21 

First memory watching a LD was on my oldest brothers set up who had a prologic 5.1 kenwood stage and we watched Toy Story
Clearly remembering the pizza delivery scene when the sound moved left to right or vise versa behind me and thinking this media is awesome and so is my brother. Then him explaining how he was going to get a AC-3 decoder so the sound would be even better which i didnt get my head around at the time.
Will always remember that, our mother saying 'movies on a record!' Also

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Posted: 14 Mar 2022, 05:31 

Thanks for your Service laserblazer!
Your discs always arrived safe and well down to New Zealand!

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Posted: 16 Mar 2022, 00:24 

D390 should be much better than a karaoke player.
I have the d590 which is the model up and is a great player, no R7G but still good.

Can't say ive used frame by frame much at all, think all players can with CAV except maybe some very early players amd oddballs But someone will chime in, wouldn't describe it as 'sick'

Welcome from New Zealand also!

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Posted: 16 Mar 2022, 01:41 

You will be able to have matrixed/ prologic surround.
Thats a wee bit high IMO on price for a karaoke player but just me

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Posted: 10 Apr 2022, 08:42 

I have a once sealed Lion King, The: Deluxe CAV Letterbox Edition (1994) [4613 CS]

Opened it and watched and had duplicated discs,
Think i have mentioned before.
Humans do what humans are even with laserdiscs

I had mentioned before, read if would like to laugh at my misfortune
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