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Posted: 24 Jul 2019, 01:01 

Of course Criterion makes money. That's why they charge what they do. They know they are better off charging $30-40 a movie because they are worth it. Plus lowering the price by $15 doesn't make sense because the loss in margin wouldn't be offset by the amount of new buyers coming in at that price point.

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Posted: 04 Aug 2019, 09:58 

Just finally came across another and thought i would ask. There is also a CLD-980 but ill assume would be the same case?

The 980 is a lower end model than the 1080 (younger sister of the 1070). The problem I have with the 900 series is that they don’t have a full readout LED display (e.g.: like seeing the chapters, time, and frame counter from the player itself) and they are lighter in weight which means they vibrate more and are mechanically noisier machines (something that I feel does play a part in performance as well).

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Posted: 03 Nov 2019, 02:38 

daffodil31le wrote:

Maybe a silly question, but wouldn't it be nice to add an option in the LD section to select the type of dead side on a disc?

Like "Turtle", "Mirror", "Spray", "Program Material..." and others.

That is not a bad idea at all :thumbup: .

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Posted: 04 Dec 2019, 06:02 

The 2 rarest discs in my collection currently!

While Melody Time isn't in the greatest shape and is missing the OBI, I didn't want to pass it up because of it's rarity.

Make Mine Music is in SUPERB condition, complete with OBI and inserts. Make Mine Music still has not been released on Disney+, so for now, this is perhaps the one of the best home video releases of the film.

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 Post subject: Re: Wrong Update
Posted: 07 Dec 2019, 09:16 

word. Is that really you in your avatar?
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