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Posted: 19 Nov 2019, 17:36 

This movie famously has no dialogue so there are no subtitles. Are actually looking for this and didn’t know that?

I have the version with Bowie. It’s the same as the one without except for that and the cover which advertises Bowie. They didn’t subtitle Bowie either. There is another version with someone else’s VO (is made to sound like the author but I’m not sure if actually is) which I have on a US DVD. If that’s on the other JP LD it’s possible that part may have subs but I suspect not. Every version will be dialogue-less except for the first few seconds.

Don’t forget Father Christmas. That one is dual language on LD had as the original soundtrack.

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Posted: 19 Nov 2019, 20:29 

I saw this ebay listing and noticed it has a completely different cover art compared to the database entry with the same catalog number.
Snowman, The (1982) [50LS 4011]

Could it just be a case of wrong obi?

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Posted: 18 Jun 2020, 21:01 

That lovely Genesis LD that LD Fan unknowingly forced me to buy arrived today. Minus obi alas but I don't mind.

My favourite discs get treated to a special inner sleeve too.

Also got my Fenix 5 back from Garmin today. Brand new replacement under warranty. Too much chlorine, sea salt and body sweat made one of the charging connectors rot completely off. Decent RMA process from Garmin if anyone here ever needs it.

EDIT: Just watched a good bit of the Genesis disc and WOW! That is all I can say. You can seriously tell the source is HD when they filmed it live. The audio though is just IMMENSE! The digital track surprised me. I will be capturing it for sure and putting that on my DAP. What a disc. Wow! :shock:

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Posted: 12 Jul 2020, 23:43 

One thing I feel with Tarantino films is that once you really start to watch films you see what his films are.

Also another thing I feel is that they were great pre internet, you didn't know of some things or only if you were able to afford to travel to
know that they call it a royale with cheese.

Remember having my first pomme frites when I was in Canada at around 14 or 16 and others when I came back never heard of such a thing.

So I guess its that type of exposure thing, how old you were when you saw it and what else you were exposed to before or after.

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Posted: 22 Jul 2020, 11:03 arrived yesterday morning Ted, a mint copy perfectly packaged from a Lddb seller in Rotterdam :thumbup:

Great news! Yeah, he's good isn't he? ;)

So late last evening got a chance to get into the cinema to test things out; didn't have time to view the complete movie but watched the first 20 minutes or so and was reasonably happy with both PQ and audio transfer for a 1974 film, some aliasing and perhaps a little digitally processed looking here & there at times but not too bad really.

So on to the much anticipated chapter 21 (The Big One) and.......sadly it was somewhat underwhelming on my outfit tbh.


It definitely slowly intensifies and the chairs (and ribs) are vibrating in harmony but none of the really low earthmoving pant flapping sensations that are the norm in more modern movies released from the 1990s onwards, it sounded more like a lower mid/upper bass type of subwoofer test tone generated by your AV amplifier, actually towards the end of the chapter the ground really did properly shake till briefly pausing the playback revealed it was actually a heavy freight train passing by! :lol:

I am absolutely gutted that you didn't suffer a rectal prolapse. :cry: The freight train is concerning though. Do you live on the set of Brewster's Millions? :lol:

Anyway after testing out I went back to the house to google search any past reviews of Earthquake and soon learned the possible reasons why the soundtrack on this LD didn't meet the expectations I had - firstly there were some interesting discussions on this forum some years ago where a much respected member @disclord (who I believe is sadly now no longer with us) stated that the P/S LD 10002 is by far the best one to get with the original stereo audio with the proper Sensurround audio track included, on 42072 the widescreen release from 1994 Universal had for some reason remixed the audio into Dolby Surround format and the end result was rather lacking in comparison.

Reading the notes regarding Earthquake LD on lddb database, someone had reported that the JP widescreen release has both superior PQ and audio over the US widescreen remaster that we posses, also apparently the Bluray version has the same original audio mix as the P/S LD but the DVD releases have the messed about with surround track such as on 42072 if I've read correctly.

Yes from what I have read while searching LDDB and the LDDB forums for information, disclord definitely knew his stuff. Very knowledgeable. That is very interesting to know the P&S version is the one to get. I couldn't find anything about a Sensurround track on anything but the version we both have. There are mumblings that the Blu Ray has it, though you would be looking for the German Blu Ray and from what I have read elsewhere, it has been fiddled with substantially so it isn't the true experience you'll be getting (afaik). This semi-applies to the German Blu Ray of Rollercoaster too, except that release has the Sensurround track untouched (again afaik). I have the UK limited edition Blu Ray which carries the uncut version of the film that the German Blu doesn't have, yet the UK Blu doesn't have the Sensurround track so it's 6 of one half a dozen of the other! :crazy:

I'm truely sorry your spleen remains unruptured, your pelvis remains unshattered, your bowels safely plugged and your rectum retrievable within a 3 mile radius. When a chap has a cinema rig and a sound system that can close black holes in nebulas as yet undiscovered by the human race and Earthquake sounds like a mere wet shart in a pair of discounted, unbranded grey tracksuit bottoms, just leaves the common observer chap feeling somewhat deflated. :cry:

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Posted: 23 Jul 2020, 22:45 

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Top Gun up to now? also I've had U571 for years and for a DD5.1 DVD it sounds amazing, I believe it got a late release on LD presumably in DD and I've always wondered how it sounded/looked, can anyone confirm?

Will confirm the visual and sound quality of U-571 is optimal.
One of my favorite movies on LD, not because of late release status.
Love the cast, story, and production.
Bill Paxton at his best dramatically imo !

That Top Gun AC-3 is prime, no doubt.....

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 Post subject: Good morning to everyone
Posted: 01 Aug 2020, 02:35 

Good morning from the UK

I hope everyone is well and taking good care of themselves.

Things are not as they seem in this world, so stay focused, question all things with your powers of reasoning, and know that those in secret places are playing us all against each other, to keep us all distracted with divide and conquer tactics and narratives that are not healthy for humanity.

Sincerest Regards from a stranger but none the less a Friend.

may the spinning of your laserdisc's be a pleasure as always.

:wave: :thumbup:

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Posted: 02 Aug 2020, 09:32 

odotb3 wrote:
I wish these players had a side turn defeat.

They do.
You press "A" on the remote to start the playback, and then it simply never attempts a side turn.

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Posted: 10 Aug 2020, 23:07 

Challenge accepted! Are we talking full, unfettered bowel prolapse here?

Absolutely! Just don't be fooled into a false sense of security by the low key soon as Turner mouths "we like to play it rough" you'll quickly see what I mean! :crazy:

Just gave that track a quick shot. Presently writing this post in the back of an ambulance after suffering a full bowel prolapse.

Consider my Easter bonnet well and truly tipped in your general direction Sir!

What a great disc!

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 Post subject: Re: Which player to choose?
Posted: 12 Aug 2020, 09:23 

I have done a search with a few keywords,
Possibly worth opening a new thread for interests sake.

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Posted: 13 Aug 2020, 22:16 

Sometimes i do the same to feel again like in the 90s; yesterday i watched the analog broadcast of "Robocop III"
recorded on VHS and i watched too all the commercials between movie pauses...ahhhh...good old days

Indeed! Now I too feel an urge to dig out some of my old early 90s recorded from broadcast VHS & S-VHS tapes for a quick fix, have to admit I've not run them in years although They are mostly from BBC broadcasts so no commercials included, sadly I used to mainly edit out the commercials from the independent UK channels....a bad move in retrospect I think!

Yes, I also did some recordings on S-VHS about twenty years ago. I played some of these tapes this year and they still look beautiful. The funny thing is you can even read
the teletext. It is not perfect but you can see the time and date and switch to the main page 100 to see today's news. I love S-VHS. It was an awesome format to record
analogue broadcasts to. My player also had a function called S-VHS ET. You could record a S-VHS signal to a standard VHS tape. Yes, resolution was better but it was also
grainier than a standard VHS recording and also depended on the quality of the VHS I used. The best tape for this purpose by far ! was the Maxell Black tape.
I am also quite satisfied with the quality of my VHS recordings. I already threw out most of my VHS recordings but I still keep the more interesting
recordings of rare films and documentaries and other stuff ( music, etc. ).

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Posted: 24 Aug 2020, 14:03 

After a whole year of study and research i can say
that DVD is superior to VCD and LD superior to VHS;
Is DVD superior to LD?... is an apple superior to an orange?

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Posted: 25 Aug 2020, 01:00 

The Abyss

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Posted: 25 Aug 2020, 05:23 

Okay, pulled out something special. This is the "anamorphic" version of "the fugitive". yes, that's right, it is one of those few sample promo discs from the USA that is anamorphic:

Fugitive, The (1993) [16904]

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Posted: 25 Aug 2020, 05:27 

...and more anamorphic laserdisc content.

Test Disc for Wide Television, The (1995) [SRLW 1726]
(all 41 samples available in full size here: Test Disc Samples )

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Posted: 25 Aug 2020, 14:03 

I have a 230v (EU version) Sony MOD RF1 which apart from cosmetic differences on the front appears as though it could be the same unit as the Yamaha, I purchased it new here in the UK back in the late 90s. If of any use I could open this one up to photograph ?

Up to Julien I guess, but I think another thread for the Sony EU might be a good idea.
They could be different or the same internally idk.

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Posted: 27 Aug 2020, 04:07 

Man, I f*cking hate Star Wars.
Well we could talk about the mono mix of The Terminator too if that's more up your alley...or the screwed up mono mix of Mad Max, but unfortunately I don't think any of the Laserdisc releases of that film include the original Aussie mono track.

Probably not, idk.
The first 2 films should only be viewed using original uncut Aussie versions (with proper audio). But I understand why dubbed versions of films exist, plenty of people (not just some Americans) are too lazy to read subtitles if they can't understand other English regional accents (I've always found this hilariously ignorant myself) and even more people don't like listening to foreign languages at all. Probably not as much of an issue now but decades ago it was a huge problem that just wrecked many films and tv shows (imo anyway).

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Posted: 29 Aug 2020, 10:34 

Has anyone seen Bounty, The (1984) [ID2593OR] ?

Is it worth watching?

Strangely was taught about that at school

I've never seen that one but I have seen the several decades earlier Mutiny on the Bounty, presuming this is a more modern remake of that movie? btw. should this one be dated 1994?

The films cinema release was in 1984, the US widescreen LD was issued in 1994 - the earlier LD was pan & scan.

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Posted: 29 Aug 2020, 14:01 

Has anyone seen Bounty, The (1984) [ID2593OR] ?

Is it worth watching?

Strangely was taught about that at school

I've never seen that one but I have seen the several decades earlier Mutiny on the Bounty, presuming this is a more modern remake of that movie?
Supposedly it's based on a book that follows the actual events more closely and and paints the main characters in a more neutral light, as opposed to the earlier ones that portrayed Christian as the hero and Bligh as the villain.

Also it has a score by Vangelis which enough to attract my interest. :mrgreen:

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Posted: 03 Sep 2020, 11:29 

Shakatak: Twilight Sensation (1984) [SM037-3368]

Who doesn't love Shakatak? What do you mean you've never heard of them!? Stop reading now and go raid a yard sale or head to Tidal or whatever streaming thing you kids today listen to your muzak on and go listen to some Shakatak then come back here when you are ready!

Done? Welcome back. Now on with the rest of the review drivel. :thumbup:

If you are middle-aged or nearly dead then you really should have heard of one of the 1980's finest jazzy/flutey/disco-ey/fusion-funk-sort-of-thing-type-bands. If you are a youngster and still enjoy hanging around outside shops in a hoodie, trying to look menacing and asking adults for cigarettes then think of Shakatak as a band that would fit in really well in the world of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on Flashback FM.

Shakatak achieved success in several countries, including several hit singles in the UK and two number one albums in the USA. They had absolutely enormous success in Japan and a good chunk of the Far East too (Japan especially, they were exospherically humongous there). The band are still going today and still releasing music, though I personally don't listen to any of their new stuff as I prefer their really early stuff from 1980 to 1985.

Anyway, about this disc, Twilight Sensation.

Shakatak Laserdiscs, at least in my own experience, have proven rather difficult to get a hold of. Possibly because of their success in Japan people are unwilling to part with their discs? I don't know. Anyway, after a lot of waiting, some Shakatak discs finally showed up a few months ago. There's only a couple to choose from, and in my opinion, Twilight Sensations is the one to go for. Especially now I've had a chance to watch it. The other discs are a mix of videos and a live concert. All are Japanese discs, with a couple of UK CD Video discs (that are probably rotten now) and a solitary USA Laserdisc that is a video collection of greatest hits.

With Twilight Sensations you get a really good disc for your money. It comprises a mix of concert footage from a show the band did in Japan in October 1984, alongside a mix of scenic footage of London, interviews with the band, production processes and so on. It's all in English with no burned in subtitles, which I thought was unusual to see for a Japanese disc. The picture quality is superb, especially when run through a VP50 Pro and spat out at 1080P60. It's really very good and up there with one of the best discs I have seen on my humble little setup.

The audio is the absolute star of the show here though. The 80's sliding bass licks and drums just sound riper than a greengrocers plums :shock: and the piano and synths shine through crystal clear. Tighter than a nun's fanny and crisper than a Findus Crispy Pancake. Whopper. :thumbup:

A side word on the audio though, it does seem to be mastered just a smidge on the quieter side, but once you inject a bit of volume in to it's veins the disc really does start to sing. So keep that in mind that you may need to adjust your audio gear a little to get the very best out of this disc.

Even though the songs featured here are all early music, sure the band had only been going for 4 years at this stage, I like to think of it as a 'greatest hits' of sorts. You get all the big numbers here. The absolutely stratospherically mega Night Birds (probably the band's biggest hit) as an encore. My personal favourite, 'Invitations', which at first listen I was a little disappointed that they played it much faster than the album version. I got used to it quickly and enjoyed the faster tempo. Yer wan Jill Saward does a great job playing flute, bongos, singing vocals and dancing like an extra on the set of Sixteen Candles while absolutely sweating her jabs off (the disc picture quality is that good you can see drops of sweat running down her cheeks) under the hot stage lights. Fair play to her.

You also get another personal favourite, B*tch To The Boys, which, if you listen carefully, has that great tubular-esque synth bass that a certain Michael Jackson used on his Off The Wall album. Listen out for it. It's whopper. Streetwalkin' is a monumental success too. The sound of the saxaphone in this number will spill out of your speakers like how animators portray smells in cartoons. You'll be sniffing the air like a Bisto kid on acid, with a gurn on your chops to match!

Maybe it's just me, but I can definitely sense that Shakatak influenced a few bands over the years. Have a listen to another awesome album by Psychic Mirrors for example:

Or the awesome Bodyrock Shotgun by Zackey Force Funk:

This disc is tremendous. If you like a good music Laserdisc, and who doesn't, you would be an absolute knobber if you missed this. Hop to it and go get some Shakatak in to your life!

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Posted: 09 Sep 2020, 19:33 

Having said that I noticed on the image showing the LD sleeve that there were addresses for PDO France as well as UK, did they also have a disc manufacturing plant in France too?

No PDO pressing plant in France unless I am way off the mark but pretty sure I am not in this case.

They had pressing plants in the UK & the Netherlands - Philips PDO in Blackburn & in the Netherlands - Philips PDO Eindhoven.

I think the Eindhoven plant was used more for test pressing & research & development rather than mass production - anyone who knows more on this please clarify.


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Posted: 16 Sep 2020, 23:29 

The disc arrived today.

Quite surprised to find it was still sealed so been sitting never used somewhere for over 30 years.

It plays well, a few spots every now & again but not distracting so not a PDO snowstorm.

CAV & runs for around 30 minutes, the same footage is on both sides of this disc.

The rolling text at the start is LE CNT GRONOBLE presente "SALLE BLANCE" - (White Room) Copyright CNET - CNS/DICET-COM Septembre 1989

It is actually an interesting disc on the CNET plant near Grenoble in France covering the research, development & production of silicone chips for high definition television broadcast, mobile phones, phone cards & more. It goes through the various stages of research & the production involved - most of this is showing what was still to come & most of it is pretty spot-on with a lot of what was being predicted coming to fruition. Also quite a bit of detail on how clean rooms work & the conditions needed to maintain the required standards.

It has French spoken on one track & English spoken on the other.

I wish I had the equipment (& the knowledge) to upload this as I think others here may find it of interest.

Thanks rein-o for the original posting on this as if you had not popped the details on here I would more than likely have missed it.

Cheers :thumbup: .

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Posted: 21 Sep 2020, 21:24 

I had a copy of that disc pass through my hands years ago, pretty sure there was no "U" cert label applied.

Is it not a sticker? Perhaps applied by someone from another disc for whatever reason. I knew a seller who used to do silly things like that - swap inserts around - swap stickers around - apply random stickers & he thought it was a way of making a disc "rare" & I am not kidding.

BTW the copy that I had years ago played well with on issues as far as I remember.

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Posted: 21 Sep 2020, 23:44 

Yep. Definitely marked as 1983 on the bottom of the sleeve. The concert was filmed in June 1982.

I had a look in to BBFC history and there were certificates used between 1982 and 1985 that include the U certificate on this disc. Same design too. However they were for cinema use only (until 1984).

I guess it's possible this is a very late 1983 release with a voluntary certificate placed on it ready for 1984 to save a sleeve redesign? This happened often with skin flicks and DPP horror titles to try and fool police in to thinking the BBFC had classified them.

There is no record of the concert in the BBFC database so I would assume it was never submitted for classification?

This appears on my disc too:

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Posted: 22 Sep 2020, 23:58 

I finished my first LaserDisc restoration and wanted to show it off!

This appears to be a demo that was meant to play on a loop at electronics stores.

EDIT: It looks like embedding is blocked. Here is the URL:
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