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Posted: 02 Apr 2020, 02:58 

I know this isn't strictly LaserDisc related, but Oyvindln from Norway has made some great progress on VHS decoding. He forked the ld-decode git and heterodynes VHS's chroma signal up to 3.58MHz/4.43MHz. He recently implemented NTSC support and Simon's ld-analyse tool handles it well. Currently there is a need to blend the luma and chroma images in post-processing as there are two tbc files, but he is working on a script to combine them. Thanks to him, others for submitting RF samples, and the ld-decode project as a starting point, here's what we have so far!

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Posted: 22 Dec 2020, 03:55 

Here's a pretty nice software defined QAM video decoding example, luma only.

Dirty FM video decoding has been done unofficially with the symbol decoder:

Still waiting on my amplifier.

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Posted: 06 Apr 2021, 00:42 

Using the correct card, with player grounded to PC, termination, and gain brought down to 25 to avoid clipping, I'm getting black SNR of about 36dB and a good result. There's some constant noise in the red background of the program index screen, but this may just be the disc. The text is sharp and noise free. Still some 60Hz wavy pattern that is stationary in the image, likely due to mains hum in this room. I'll be moving my workflow at some point to try and isolate that.
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