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Posted: 08 Jan 2021, 10:32 

So what kind of car do I get next?

That’s a trick question. The correct answer is to just keep driving whatever you’re currently driving.

I'm still driving a 2005 Kia Rio with high km's. Just had the rear repaired before Christmas because some fool gave it a love tap at a roundabout ("I thought you were going to move mate" :lolno: ). His insurance covered the repair but it was still inconvenient to be without a car for a couple of weeks.

Not the best car to have really, the head design is interference so if you're unlucky with the timing belt you can wreck the head completely (yep, not just some bent valves). It's black so it really cooks in summer (at work there isn't much shade).

I do have an ok older car in the shed but haven't got around to doing some more stuff to it in the last few years (think it needs a screen plus possibly a clutch replacement, need to pull the driveshafts for a check too, other stuff is minor like brake pads/shoes etc).
Mazda 121 DA (1990) 3 door hatch (Shades version which is like Super Deluxe), it's basically the same car as the North American Ford Festiva WA, although mine is all Japanese built nothing is Korean. These 121 Shades 3 door hatchbacks come with a rear sliding bench seat so they transform into a nice little cargo carrier :P Fairly low genuine km's for it's age, this car is carby it isn't injected and it isn't the pitiful 1138 cc Mazda B1 engine, it's the 1324 cc Mazda B3 with 5 speed manual. So no computer at all :)
The only major issue I have with it is the air conditioning. It has never worked as long as I've had the car and fixing it would probably be pretty expensive given the value of the car. The other thing is AC on older small cars like this tend to suck a lot of the available power.

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Posted: 12 Jan 2021, 06:46 

Also, there are actually players everywhere (especially in the US). One just has to check some of the more obscure options like a used electronics store (scored a Mitsubishi, M-V7057 for only about $40 just a few months ago) or even pay attention to Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist for a local listing as players do come up every so often (and good players too).

Maybe availability isn't an issue in the US but for a lot of people in the world I would say it is.
The US has over 300k people.

Indonesia is like 250k or so.
China and India together are probably at least 2.7 billion total.
Now with just those 3 examples and not including smaller countries with local supply issues, you've got 3 billion people that can't go for a drive and pickup a laserdisc player easily .

Over here you can get them but they are thin on the ground. Majority are in state capital cities, which is horrible because I would rather deal with a whole day driving anywhere other than state capitals with all of the issues. Another thing is finding a nice player deal in another state, with restrictions as they are this is a massive problem.
I could probably find a player available in Sydney but that's a ridiculous distance to travel, plus I'm not even sure if I would be allowed to drive there. Even if I could, when I come back I would have to quarantine for 2 friggin weeks.
Even just finding something in Melbourne would be doable but that would probably be a whole day trip, either public transport bs or driving myself I would go crazy :crazy:

So yeah, shipping even though risky, is the easiest option for most people. Then you have to deal with price gougers because of perceived lack of availability locally.

That being said, the CLD-D750 I got some time ago didn't cost much. It was shipped interstate but arrived ok, no remote but I found a cheap one later on. Finding high tier units is crazy hard here though and shipping from Japan just isn't anywhere as easy as it was a couple of years ago.

My apologies if I come across as angry in some way, we've had some really hot days here lately and I find the heat difficult to deal with :oops:

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Posted: 14 Jan 2021, 01:35 

Please clarify :!: :!:

The special editions are the 1997 versions with cgi alterations. It's obvious those aren't the same as early releases which are classed as "original" versions of the films. That's why the last run of the pre-SE VHS tapes had last time to get original version of Star Wars (or that sort of thing anyway, I would have to pull my tapes out) on them.

Special collection LD releases are from much earlier, like mid 80's or whatever.

As a Star Wars fan (but not an avid LD collector) I have to tell you that you are better off watching 35mm scans, like the 4k projects... 4K77, 4K83.
I'm not sure if Empire has been done properly yet though.
There is an earlier "grindhouse" 1080p scan of Empire, but then there are also Harmy's Despecialized editions of OT.

If you want Star Wars LD's just get what packaging you like, there are a heap of different ones. I think all of mine are Japanese but I don't have anything fancy like one of the box sets.

Probably the only Star Wars thing truly worth having (picture wise) is Phantom Menace LD.
The quality is quite good and it's the original theatrical version. Cheap and easy enough to find

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Posted: 15 Jan 2021, 13:37 

Jade Empire Special Edition (PC) - DVD steelbook

Still pissed off that the Steam release doesn't have the special edition content, the extra characters and moves are a lovely addition to a great game.

For those who haven't played it, and enjoyed the Bioware Knights of the Old Republic, please seek it out, it's a great little RPG.

I played Knights of the Old Republic on Xbox first then got Jade Empire sometime later (probably even after playing KOTOR 2).
Back in those days they were all great games, I played a lot of Morrowind around that time too :D

I do pick up old PC games from time to time, in this case I may not have bothered if it was just a generic standard version but this SE steelbook is really nice .
It has info as well as art printed on the back which usually appears on clear printed sleeves over steelbook.

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Posted: 25 Jan 2021, 00:40 

I gather the director's cut was never intended for cinematic release so was edited on standard definition video, which is why it hasn't seen a Blu-ray release.

The CGI added to TMP was all done in SD.
There has been official talk for years about doing a BD release (all CGI would need to be redone I guess) but last time I read anything about it, it was going to be a 4k release.

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 Post subject: Re: Stargate SG-1 Blu-ray
Posted: 27 Jan 2021, 05:46 

Was doing some more reading about VEI release having messed up 5.1 audio (maybe S1 is ok though) and also the DNR etc used with upscaling (loss of detail). Came across this, there are some interesting screenshots...

Hopefully I'm not violating any rules by posting this link :think:

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 Post subject: Babylon 5 1080p
Posted: 27 Jan 2021, 15:48 

I just noticed there are HMAX 1080p episodes. Can't see much info right now, just about to head off to bed.
Audio is 5.1, video is P&S. I've seen one person claim these are scanned from original film and the CGI is just SD upscaled.

I'll check out some samples soon, also need to check out some SG-1 samples :crazy:

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Posted: 03 Feb 2021, 05:54 

It’s too early for video (quality video that’s easy to edit that is) and it’s for color TV, that almost always implies 35mm.

Btw, check out Doppelgänger/Journey to the Far Side of the Sun if you’d like to see a live action version of the same sort off thing. This was a popular Sunday afternoon movie on TV when I was a kid.

Guess I should have been more specific; it still exists on 35mm.
Most older British tv shows only exist on video tape now, if they exist completely at all that is.
I think UFO might exist on 35mm too and that's earlier (1970)... relevant because it's another show made by the Andersons.

The very first Doctor Who story made in colour (1970), Spearhead in Space, was filmed on 16mm.

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 Post subject: Re: Laserdisc Reboot Debate
Posted: 09 Feb 2021, 02:43 


A laserdisc player is a tool to do a job. What you are proposing is a cheap a** mass market knick-knack made to capitalize from a real thing. The idea makes me puke, frankly.

Please reboot the simple hot water radiator and make it run off USBC and LiPos so it will be for sure be in the trash in five years. Please reboot the 8 track cassette but make it just a huge hollow plastic shell with a Micro SD inside of it so that my collection of music can LOOK cooler. Please reboot anything because designers are totally out of ideas after essentially designing away anything that isn’t an iPad...

I could use a new LD player, I don’t need a mini POS nostalgia generator.

Rebooted "LD Player" running Mini-BD discs

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Posted: 12 Feb 2021, 17:57 

There are some nice Vieras. That one appears to be full 1080p so that's nice.

Yeah it's 1080p. Has multiple component, composite, s-video and HDMI inputs. Also has VGA input.
Does PAL and NTSC.
The speakers sound good. The screen is amazing for something built in 2008, the hitachi's I've seen look like rubbish compared to this.
I'm pretty happy about it.
Besides getting a HD capable crt (which is a hard find here locally) I've completed my tv collection now I guess as I'm not interested in rear projection.

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Posted: 20 Mar 2021, 09:51 

You can work around it but it I suppose I should play the PAL version.

I have the physical PAL version myself but it isn't a cheap game (well not uber expensive I guess).
Luckily I didn't pay anywhere near market value for it, usual scenario for titles I want for my collection but not nuts about acquiring.

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Posted: 01 Aug 2021, 03:44 

Panasonic Viera Plasma TH-42PX70A + remote
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