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 Post subject: Re: Victor HD-8900 issues
Posted: 24 Aug 2019, 11:58 

It can be stylus but it might also be the discs.try to rewind and play again at the skipping part to see if it gets better the more stylus play these parts cause it might be dirt on the discs.i have the same model and you can use it to watch 3D vhds with glasses but you need also a converter box sold separately that has 4 inputs for glasses

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Posted: 11 Feb 2020, 01:31 

A nice bundle there spyrogyro - enjoy :thumbup: .

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Posted: 11 Feb 2020, 04:46 

Very nice collection there!

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Posted: 11 Feb 2020, 06:12 

Awesome haul!!
That ben hur set and godfather set is on my watch list.

Any quality difference between those two T2 boxsets?

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Posted: 11 Feb 2020, 06:43 

I would buy that sucker for sure. If it’s right there in front of you then it can’t get smashed in transit.

In my part of the world that’s a $200-300 unit but unless he’s asking crazy money I’d just buy it. It’s a very good player in any part of the world.

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Posted: 14 Feb 2020, 01:31 

spyrogyro wrote:
In terms of packaging/content? The one with the gold 'T2' logo has a very nice type of faux-leather shell.

It also has a really good transfer & also the Guns N' Roses bit that is not on the DVD versions.

Enjoy :thumbup:

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Posted: 14 Feb 2020, 08:33 

spyrogyro wrote:
therussian wrote:
Finally got ID4 special extended edition.

Looks in great shape. How much does that usually go for?

Hovers around 25-35 USD from what i have seen

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Posted: 24 Feb 2020, 19:42 

My opinion of AV cables is that beyond a certain quality threshold there is nowhere to go...and that threshold is basically “the one they threw in with the LD player”. You don’t need super shielding on cables like this unless you have the lead running between your cable modem, your Tesla coil, your Jacobs ladder, and you have a 1950s vacuum cleaner running somewhere on the came circuit.

Situations where I was actually glad to have an expensive cable are limited to ones where durability of the cable itself is the issue. Guitar and microphone cables...they always eventually get killed so if you buy tough ones you don’t have to as often go through that ritual of finding which cable is bad.

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Posted: 07 Mar 2020, 21:07 

Jealous of Mystery Men! :mrgreen:

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Posted: 14 Mar 2020, 17:24 

Had a similar issue with my DVL-919, although only the LD part. The DVD tray had no problem ejecting. Replacing the belt fixed it all up.

Gently push the tray forward at the time it expects to be open. If there are no other issues, you should be able to get it to open.

This seems to have done the trick! Truth be told I was kind of scared of pushing it but it all seems to be working now. Thank you!

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 Post subject: SJT-400 Review Article
Posted: 19 Mar 2020, 03:59 

CED isn't really my thing, but I found this review in an old issue of Video Review magazine I found recently.

Figured those of you who enjoy the format might like it.

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Posted: 24 Mar 2020, 14:13 

spyrogyro wrote:
Picked up the LD of 'There's Something About Mary'.

"we've got a bleeder!"

"Frank and beans!"

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Posted: 27 Mar 2020, 23:58 

The Avengers (1998)

Hadn't previously seen this one. What you have here is such a grab bag of randomness that it ends up being completely incoherent. I mean the style is cool, it's visually engaging, and all that. And it should have been a lot more fun seeing Sean Connery playing what could have been a fun send up of James Bond villains, but overall this thing is a mess.

Warners made some pretty bad mistakes with this one. After a test screening which was not done in an appropriate location it was mercilessly hacked to bits.

Below is from the IMDb site & may help explain why it turned out as it finally did.

The original cut of the film ran around 115m., according to advance reviews. Many of the scenes cut include:
The original opening sequence featured the "Evil Emma" infiltrating a secret base, the Prospero Project. She drives up to the base in a blue Jaguar on a secluded London highway, and enters through a red phone booth by uttering the words "how now brown cow? After gaining access to the base, she proceeds to kill several of the scientists and security personnel, and destroys the base by blowing it up.
The scene of Sir August De Wynter playing organ was originally shown after the opening. As the base blows up, he exclaims "let our revels begin!"
When Emma Peel enters the Gentlemen's club, the attendant who insists that she not enter because she is a woman continues to prevent her from entering, and which point she Karate chops him, which sends him flying down a flight of stairs.
A scene of Sir August De Wynter, dressed in the teddy-bear suit, rhythmically slicing the face of a scientist to classical music while trying to figure out the clues to the Prospero Project.
The first meeting between Emma Peel and John Steed was originally longer. You can see her walking through the corridors before she finally makes her way into the sauna. The dialogue is longer, more frank, and it isn't dubbed, as it is in the theatrical release.
A more coherent explanation of why Emma's Jag exploded after the mechanical bee attack.
Emma Peel drops from De Wynter's arms as she is escorted to his room. He doesn't let go of her, and brings her back up swiftly.
When Sir August De Wynter has Emma Peel in his bed, he lowers the zipper on her shirt just a little more.
More scenes of Peel and Steed walking through the corridors of Wonderland Weather.
Emma Peel bounces back and forth between the walls of her padded cell.
Sir August De Wynter drives to the World Council meeting in a Rolls Royce snowplow after it begins snowing heavily as a result of his weather machine.
More shots of Mother witnessing the worldwide destruction that the weather machine is causing.
More scenes of Peel and Steed walking through De Wynter's headquarters after they lower in through the telephone booth.
An extra shot of Big Ben exploding, shown from slightly farther away.
During the climactic battle between John Steed and Sir August De Wynter, De Wynter slices Steed with his sword several times. De Wynter raises his arms as the battle nears it's end. Steed becomes enraged toward the end of the battle. Note how Steed's shirt is inexplicably cut and bloodied after the fight begins.
After the Prospero Project self-detonates, a countdown clock begins to tick, nearing toward the explosion. When the explosions begins, the silver dome in the headquarters ( the one Steed and Peel pass when they enter) is shown exploding.

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Posted: 29 Mar 2020, 13:32 

Dune (1984) [43153]

I walked in mostly cold with regard to this one. Had heard about it but had never previously seen it or read Herbert.

All I can say is: WTF did I just watch....? I think I'll just leave it at that.

If it is any consolation the Dune LD you watched is by far the best release on the LD format.

All I can say is: WTF did I just watch....? :lol:

I take it you will not be spinning that one again then.



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Posted: 10 Apr 2020, 08:19 

The xbox was the best console of it's generation, best exclusive games, it was the most powerful, hell it could output 720p at 60 fps on some games, the ports were globally better than on the other consoles, it even has the best controller ever made (the duke).
As for the cdi, I understand that most people are just ignorants about it and only know the zelda games (even though, to me, they're the best zelda games because zelda games aren't really good games to begin with), but it really is a little gem of a console I grew fond of, lots of unknown little games that are quite good, even though not easy to come by.

The third player is a CLD-315, it's the one I bought like, a year ago now I think, that had some playback issue with lines appearing mid disc.
Anyway it's just a "spare parts" player now as I took it's laser assembly and put it in my 925 to replace the one I broke like an idiot.
EDIT: I just understood you meant the top one, well it's a CLD-D925 that I had since forever.

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Posted: 11 Apr 2020, 16:56 

SpyroGyro, You made my day!!! I perused your great photo's and funnily enough I had tried the wheel with the belt, but after a few turns I saw nothing happening! Now, with your help I kept turning much longer and found that in one direction it seems to come to a stop, so I changed to the other direction and sesame (!) after a couple of turns it started to move and had the tray out in a few minutes.
Fantastic, thanks ever so much my dear fellow. Now we can get on with further examinations. :angel:

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Posted: 24 Apr 2020, 00:08 

You should never have to add anything, you are adding a bandage to the real issue. With these players the spindle motor lower clamp has set screws to hold it in place. It is possible the height of the clamp on the motor shaft is out of spec. The spindle shaft should be just barely above the top of the CD centering part of the lower clamp when there is nothing pressed down on it. Then verify the rails/bars that hold the upper clamp are at proper height with the top line of the frame. I'd say you are getting rings on the discs as the space you've created does not provide the proper grip on the disc. As others have said the grip ring would not be an issue with the model. If you are hearing a grinding sound I would guess the RPM tabs on the lower part of the lower clamp on the spindle motor is rubbing against the RPM sensor plastic case (most likely the top) which again means the lower clamp is not proper placed on the spindle motor.

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Posted: 27 Apr 2020, 17:26 

I'd load a CD into both machines (I'd do it with the tray out) and once in the clamp try turning the CD to see if the resistance to turning is the same. You may have a motor bearing issue with the unit that won't play.

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Posted: 04 May 2020, 12:38 

spyrogyro wrote:
I see a total of 4105 in the above. Is there a difference between 'forum user' and 'forum member'.

Yes there is a difference. 6,000 is the number of sequentially registered members.

4,105 are the accounts (among these 6,000) that still exist after removing the deleted accounts.


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Posted: 15 May 2020, 23:12 

That is a pretty unique player: single-side with AC-3 RF out.
Not all of them have an AC3 output
Interesting. Service manual shows it as well. It adds to the weirdness of "I can afford a 5.1 system, but not Both Side Play". Especially when the CLD-D504 was only $125 more than the CLD-S304 :think:

Anyway spyrogyro, that is a nice haul. I'm quite fond of demo discs.

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Posted: 15 May 2020, 23:52 

I didn't buy these. They were thrown in with a local purchase of a CLD-S315.

Malibu Video Sampler, The (1993) [72333-80036-6]
Metamorphosis (1990) [HLV-9005] The ref no. on mine is HLV-9005A
Sony: Wide Demonstration [HLV-9098] The ref no. on mine is HLV-9099
SONY Presents Action Arena: Black Trinitron Demonstration Disc (1991) [HLV-9008A]
MGM/UA Home Video Laserdisc Sampler (1990) [ML102475]
Apollo 13 (1995) [20-925]
YAMAHA Digital Home Theatre Demonstration Laserdisc (1988) [DLD-3-88]
Video Essentials (1996) [ID3487ISF]
Tune-Up A.V. (1988) [50LS 5023]

And two of these:
THX WOW! (1990) [THX-WOW]
One has a date of 1994, and the other a date of 1995.

That is a pretty cool bunch of demo discs you have bagged there..... enjoy.

Cheers :thumbup:

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Posted: 23 May 2020, 14:39 

i remember back in the early/mid-90's, when my Grandma, a total Movie-o-Holic, got hold of a first-print Red-shelled copy of RED OCTOBER.

my mom REALLY wanted that thing; she offered trades, she offered to buy, but grandma simply refused to let it go.

of course, she eventually got rid of it somewhere down the line, never even once attempting to offer it to my mom.

well, Granny, 25/30 years on, and my mom is finally Avenged, -no-thanks-to-you- and i have not one but two variations
of one of those all-too-rare (in the U.S. at least) unusual VHS releases,
and it just so happens to be one of the finest films ever made, to boot;

while i'm about the topic, i've also another of those oddball rarities,
and it also happens to be a delightfully silly, underappreciated gem of a film, at that;

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Posted: 07 Jul 2020, 10:18 

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

He was the goods

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Posted: 08 Jul 2020, 08:56 

One of four new DTS discs that I ordered has arrived! I'm willing to bet this one will blow the foundations of the house!

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Posted: 08 Jul 2020, 18:05 

Lighter fluid or rubbing alcohol, denatured alcohol.
Don't get it on the label and don't slop it all over just on a soft clean cloth.
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