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Posted: 18 Nov 2011, 05:32 

Laserdisc in the Simpsons.
Here from the 14th season box set on DVD (Europe/PAL)

As always, a very nice touch :lol:


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Posted: 03 Feb 2013, 17:16 

I own various editions of Terminator 2, one of the few movies I really could watch each week and still enjoy it.
All these versions have their advantages and drawbacks.

From left to right, 1st row
- USA Extended THX Release [LD 82997-2WS] : Great LD, but no CC, so I'll choose the Japanese edition, with LD-G
- Japan 1st SQZ/AC3 Release [PILF-2187] : Again, great LD, good SQZ picture quality, but no CC nor LD-G, so I'll choose the 2nd edition.
- Japan 2nd SQZ/AC3 THX Release [PILF-2555] : Perfect LD. From far the best version on Laserdisc ever.
- USA AC3 THX Release [LD68952-2DD] : Great LD, but inferior to the 2nd SQZ japanese version.

2nd row
- Japan 8" making of [PIMF-1001] : Just for the fun of owning a 8" LD with some stuff about T2 on it !
- Japan Hi-Vision A-Mode Release [PILH-1001] : Good Hi-Vision release, but picture seems to be inferior to the 2nd SQZ japanese version.
- Japan Extended THX Release [PILF-1800] : Great & solid box set. Extended Version with LD-G.

So what I'll try to do here is a comparison between:
Standard [LD68952-2DD] , SQZ [PILF-2555] & Hi-Vision [PILH-1001]

I've always wanted to do it, I'll just need some time, but I think it could be interesting for those out there with interest for the odd LD formats.

I start with the Hi-Vision release, to raise the bar a little high and see if the other version can still compete with it.

A simple but still beautiful packaging, with a double digipak holding the 2 discs.
This version has both A-Mode 3.1 and Dolby Surround EFM Tracks.

The SQZ version is also very classy with it's black top obi perfectly matching the cover.
It offers Dolby Digital, CC & LD-G and a very good picture quality.

I've tried to find some scenes that I will compare between the 3 version.
1st picture = Hi-Vi
2nd picture = SQZ
3rd Picture = Standard

Scene A - Opening

Hi-Vi: Picture quality is good, but not great.

SQZ: Great picture quality, maybe inferior in definition than the Hi-Vision one, but it moves better.

Standard: [...]

Scene B - Arrival

Hi-Vi: Mostly in the dark, here also, we have a good picture but not surprisingly great.

SQZ: Dark scenes are not a problem for the SQZ version, no visible quality loss like with the HiVi. Picture seems to be blue when compared to the grey of the Hi-Vi.

Standard: [...]

Scene C - Scanning

Hi-Vi: As the background is not looking great and seems to be a little blurry, the foreground with all the terminator Data is always clear and perfectly readable.

SQZ: Lower resolution as the HiVi picture, but still very good. Here we can cleary see that SQZ has a wider AR than Hi-Vi. See Picture 5 for example.

Standard: [...]

Scene D - John

Hi-Vi: Daylight = Better picture quality. The small computer "PIN Cracker" screen gives a good opportunity for MUSE to show off. Once again: if it's not moving, it's good for MUSE :D

SQZ: Here also, you can see that SQZ is wider than Hi-Vi. Pictures of the small computer shows it well.

Scene E - Light

Special request from laserbite 8-)

... I'll be back.

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Posted: 31 Jan 2016, 19:54 

Crimson Rivers, The (2000) [PILF-2869]

For the community, some screenshots of one the last LD ever made.
You don't see it directly on my captures, but the picture quality is very good.
Dolby Digital has a new (at the time) intro that I've never seen on any other LD.
And it's fun because I speak french and I can enjoy this movie in French on a Japanese LD (!)

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to share some captures of this scarce title.

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Posted: 25 Dec 2019, 20:26 

rein-o wrote:
I'm going with 5%

From DVL-909 / 919 to HLD-X9, I'd say more like 20%.

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Posted: 12 Mar 2020, 05:09 

Put them for sale on LDDB and see what happens.
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