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Posted: 18 Nov 2011, 05:32 

Laserdisc in the Simpsons.
Here from the 14th season box set on DVD (Europe/PAL)

As always, a very nice touch :lol:


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Posted: 14 Jan 2013, 21:18 

Titan A.E. [PILA-3043]

Well, according to our database, not so many people own this disc, so I thought it could be a good idea to try to review it.
Luckily for me, I was able to buy it from Julien in 2004, for the "small" amount of $145. Seemed a lot back then, but when
we look at the price evolution, it wasn't so bad after all.

Even if it crossed my mind a while ago, I'm absolutely sure I'll never sell this LD. And that for multiple reasons:
- I have other ways to provide food for my family.
- It is a hard to find item. I was lucky Julien needed a few bucks back in 2004.
- It has a beautiful cover, with the "new" Pioneer logo on it.
- It has one of the best picture quality available on LD
- It has a powerful dolby digital soundtrack
- It's a great film, with a good replay value
- It has Close Captioned encoding... which means much to me

The Movie

Like it or not, it has an interesting plot, good characters (Young hero, pretty girl, ugly team mate, a few traitors, etc...),
a few twists and an unforeseen happy ending.

The LD itself

The cover is really nice. The orange obi matches it perfectly.
Pioneer Japan & 20th Century Fox have had a good taste at the end of 2000.
The back looks also great, although I cannot read Japanese, it's still a beautiful item.


I've tried to do some screenshots... but I'm not very good at it, so the result here is a bit disappointing
regarding to the quality of the picture on my TV screen. But it gives you a small idea of it.

As many other japanese release, Titan A.E. has japanese subtitle in picture, and a close captioned signal.
You can see on some of the pictures, that it's not always so great, as the CC mixes up with the japanese subtitles...
It is sometime not quite readable, but at least it's here. I guess it also depend on the possibilities of your CC decoder.
I would have loved an LD-G encoding, it would have been a plus.

The picture quality of this LD is great. It makes me wonder how good would a movie look, if LD was still produced,
with modern day transfer technologies. I'm not an expert in ways to explains how good a picture looks like, but I can
say that when I first played this disc in 2004 (it was on a DLV-919E back then) I was surprised how clear the picture was.
Today, on my HLD-X9, it looks even better.


I've just noticed that in 2013 but the 1st chapter of this LD, with the 20th Century Fox Home Video Logo,
has a silent Dolby Digital Soundtrack. This LD release has also no Dolby Digital intro.

Other than that, it's a real "old fashioned" Dolby Digital Soundtrack that goes smashing and banging through the living room.
Enjoyable from the beginning to the end, it keeps us "in" the film, and helps us believe in what we see.
For example, the sound of the icy ring "icebergs(?)" colliding into each other is so good, you'll want to push the volume UP!


I enjoyed watching it again to do my first LD review, and I'll surely watch it again this year.
We're lucky to have this film on LD, sadly not enough copies for everyone. It's a great item to show off
with your visitors who have only known VHS & DVD... and I've got plenty of thoses ;-)

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Posted: 03 Feb 2013, 17:16 

I own various editions of Terminator 2, one of the few movies I really could watch each week and still enjoy it.
All these versions have their advantages and drawbacks.

From left to right, 1st row
- USA Extended THX Release [LD 82997-2WS] : Great LD, but no CC, so I'll choose the Japanese edition, with LD-G
- Japan 1st SQZ/AC3 Release [PILF-2187] : Again, great LD, good SQZ picture quality, but no CC nor LD-G, so I'll choose the 2nd edition.
- Japan 2nd SQZ/AC3 THX Release [PILF-2555] : Perfect LD. From far the best version on Laserdisc ever.
- USA AC3 THX Release [LD68952-2DD] : Great LD, but inferior to the 2nd SQZ japanese version.

2nd row
- Japan 8" making of [PIMF-1001] : Just for the fun of owning a 8" LD with some stuff about T2 on it !
- Japan Hi-Vision A-Mode Release [PILH-1001] : Good Hi-Vision release, but picture seems to be inferior to the 2nd SQZ japanese version.
- Japan Extended THX Release [PILF-1800] : Great & solid box set. Extended Version with LD-G.

So what I'll try to do here is a comparison between:
Standard [LD68952-2DD] , SQZ [PILF-2555] & Hi-Vision [PILH-1001]

I've always wanted to do it, I'll just need some time, but I think it could be interesting for those out there with interest for the odd LD formats.

I start with the Hi-Vision release, to raise the bar a little high and see if the other version can still compete with it.

A simple but still beautiful packaging, with a double digipak holding the 2 discs.
This version has both A-Mode 3.1 and Dolby Surround EFM Tracks.

The SQZ version is also very classy with it's black top obi perfectly matching the cover.
It offers Dolby Digital, CC & LD-G and a very good picture quality.

I've tried to find some scenes that I will compare between the 3 version.
1st picture = Hi-Vi
2nd picture = SQZ
3rd Picture = Standard

Scene A - Opening

Hi-Vi: Picture quality is good, but not great.

SQZ: Great picture quality, maybe inferior in definition than the Hi-Vision one, but it moves better.

Standard: [...]

Scene B - Arrival

Hi-Vi: Mostly in the dark, here also, we have a good picture but not surprisingly great.

SQZ: Dark scenes are not a problem for the SQZ version, no visible quality loss like with the HiVi. Picture seems to be blue when compared to the grey of the Hi-Vi.

Standard: [...]

Scene C - Scanning

Hi-Vi: As the background is not looking great and seems to be a little blurry, the foreground with all the terminator Data is always clear and perfectly readable.

SQZ: Lower resolution as the HiVi picture, but still very good. Here we can cleary see that SQZ has a wider AR than Hi-Vi. See Picture 5 for example.

Standard: [...]

Scene D - John

Hi-Vi: Daylight = Better picture quality. The small computer "PIN Cracker" screen gives a good opportunity for MUSE to show off. Once again: if it's not moving, it's good for MUSE :D

SQZ: Here also, you can see that SQZ is wider than Hi-Vi. Pictures of the small computer shows it well.

Scene E - Light

Special request from laserbite 8-)

... I'll be back.

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Posted: 31 Jan 2016, 19:54 

Crimson Rivers, The (2000) [PILF-2869]

For the community, some screenshots of one the last LD ever made.
You don't see it directly on my captures, but the picture quality is very good.
Dolby Digital has a new (at the time) intro that I've never seen on any other LD.
And it's fun because I speak french and I can enjoy this movie in French on a Japanese LD (!)

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to share some captures of this scarce title.

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Posted: 25 Dec 2019, 20:26 

rein-o wrote:
I'm going with 5%

From DVL-909 / 919 to HLD-X9, I'd say more like 20%.

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Posted: 12 Mar 2020, 05:09 

Put them for sale on LDDB and see what happens.
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