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Posted: 25 Nov 2019, 07:32 

I hope this isn't too crazy a necrobump. Found it searching "ugly" because I was hoping to be steered away from awful pressings and transfers.

1) Laserdisc Player(s) Used = Marantz 520 I think
2) Best Looking Laserdisc = Bullets over Broadway, Sleep with Me
3) Worst Looking Laserdisc (Not laser-rot related) = City of Joy. Truly unwatchable blown up.
4) Best Sounding Disc - Mono/Stereo/Matrix Surround = Salaam Bombay or The Year of Living Dangerously or The Moderns
5) Best Sounding Disc - Dolby Digital AC-3 = na
6) Best Sounding Disc - DTS = unsure
7) Worst Sounding Disc (Any sound format, not laser-rot related) = nothing comes to mind
8) Favorite All-Around Demo Disc (Audio and video presentation) = na
9) All-Around Worst Disc You Own (Not laser-rot related) = Quincy Jones something, just another echo chamber documentary
10) Best Package Art = Touch
11) Best Gatefold Jacket = Grand Canyon, Rush
12) Worst Package Art Or Gatefold = The Music Box
13) Best Box Set = na
14) Worst Box Set = na
15) Best Audio Commentary = haven't tried many
16) Worst Audio Commentary = Contact
17) Best Supplements
18) Worst Supplements
19) Best Remaster
20) Worst Remaster = Dr Zhivago
21) Best-Chosen Side Breaks = The Rock, Contact
22) Worst Side Breaks = funny question, wish I had a better answer. The Hand that Rocks the Cradle?
23) Favorite Movie On Disc, Regardless of Presentation Quality = Grand Canyon
24) Favorite Guilty-Pleasure Movie on Disc (Perhaps not a good movie in itself, but one that makes a great laserdisc)
25) Movie You Are Most Embarrassed To Admit That You Own = I'm not embarassed to use a Fatal Instinct avatar, so none
26) Worst Case of Laser-Rot You Have Experienced = Violets are Blue, intruded on the audio
27) Approximate Number of Laserdisc Titles In Your Collection = a very small number
28) First Laserdisc Ever Purchased = The Year of Living Danerously
29) Movie You Own The Most Editions Of (Any video format) = na, they're all one apiece
30) Rarest/Most Valuable Disc Owned = the one I'm waiting on to go through sale from this site
31) Favorite Laserdisc In Your Collection = redundant with 23
32) Most Wanted Laserdisc Title (Actual releases only) = GUNNM
33) [I'm adding this] Favorite 1:33 Title = House of Cards

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Posted: 12 Dec 2019, 01:18 

Finally subjected myself to Terms of Endearment. A reminder that Hollywood buzz and the Oscars have been garbage for going on forty years now. I genuinely like three of the principals in this but the direction, dialogue, and story are ineffectual. It required some jogging forward to finish, in addition to muting every incursion of the silly score.

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Posted: 18 Dec 2019, 23:29 

Hot damn, substance, I knew I was going to lag behind many of the posters here but this is absurd.

#1 DVD. Yep, the plebeian choice. Honestly I think these look perfect: very little DNR or edge enhancement, later and CGI based movies such as Lost in Space or The Fifth Element have no need for BluRay's PQ upgrade, color is always accurate, and aliasing is minor--exceptionally so compared to LD.
Audio is usually 5.1 which is fine for me.
It's also very sturdy, surviving scuffs and minor scratches.
Enormous catalogue.

#2 LD. LDs are fun, I can tell I'll wind up with more than I can justify. Good image quality, attractive sound from an era where it was treated passionately, and a fairly strong library.
It still makes a great tweener format for DVD/Blu that are unattainable or unaffordable, with the bonus of skirting a number of annoying modern practices and potential surprises.
The only format to make me care about the packaging aesthetics.

#3 BD. I'm not taking the long view here, or this would be VHS. The pluses here are sometimes awesome image quality and sound. The caveats being the necessity of researching DNR, EE, and random who-knows for every title; then on top of that rejiggered sound. The constant minuses being awful startups through logo hell and obnoxious menus.
Frequenly the PQ isn't meaningfully better than the DVD's. It's sweet to finally get the perfect version of a favorite movie. Getting a merely good version of a merely good movie is like shaking more salt on a reheated dinner.
Crappy packaging also rears its head: those hypocritical plastic-saver cases are fragile.
Lastly, the films being made during BluRay's ascendancy very rarely interest me.

#4. VHS. It had everything but who wants to revisit it? I'd remember it much more fondly if two players hadn't mysteriously and promptly broken. The tapes at least bordered on indestructible. Great at the time for rentals and taping TV.

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Posted: 21 Dec 2019, 02:39 

I am planning a new home construction and am specifically designing the basement t for LD storage/display.
Any suggestions from the membership would be most welcome.......

Elevate the shelves in case of flooding. This is more a household disaster concern, not one for natural disasters. Best to make the stilts out of something waterproof--metal or plastic.
If the room has an unfinished floor, especially if your laundry is also in the basement, installing an emergency drain in the floor shouldn't be difficult.
Insulation against the cold, if you can afford it, is the last that comes to mind without infringing on display potential.

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Posted: 29 Dec 2019, 13:04 

Denise Calls Up

NTSC LBX 1:85 Dolby rot

A leftover in several senses from the `90s, this is the sort of movie you may remember having once seen the preview of which when something jogs your memory. A hazy recollection of a preview is probably the best way to come across Denise Calls Up, as unfortunately it now seems to belong to hallowed Indie ground where everything so-not-mainstream is worshipped blindly and loudly, meaning internet reviews will celebrate it like the invention of the telephone.
The telephone is of course the name of the game. Each character spends the entirety of his screen time on the phone. Mainly these are house phones; gratefully the ringers aren't crazy loud the way those in most thrillers or movies of every kind from the `80s and before are. Still, because of this I didn't sample the Dolby audio; as usual the LD stereo is rich relative to the source, but there is never a saturation of audio sources in the chambers where each character talks into his phone.
The strength of Denise Calls Up is its loyalty to its theme. About twenty minutes in there is a lull of creativity where the stammering, noncommunication, and nincompoopery feels like Seinfeld, but that passes to some genuinely funny and adroitly underplayed exchanges, then by the side flip the film has established itself as a quality, distinctive piece. Its weaknesses are in its failure to technically develop its theme. Some split screen dialogue would have been preferable to the constant back and forth cuts (though there's a purpose to that), while keeping the camera on only one character would have elevated certain conversations.
Another weakness is the misleading cover, as Tim Daly's is not the central character, at least not in screen time. Not that he's a great actor, but had his been that aforementioned lull could have been averted. On the other hand, the backside write-up conveys an unusually truthful idea of what you're getting into.
The tone is a little subdued. Another way of putting that is the dialogue and events are weaker than the motif. But the motif of everybody being separated across a phone line nonetheless makes the goings-on more interesting than if everybody were spitting this stuff at each other face to face. The tone is also one of futility, comic futility with a muted `90s sensibility, at odds both to `90s sitcoms (I mentioned Seinfeld when Denise Calls Up sputters ) and that sort of 2000s bitter aimless indie stuff Catherine Keener populates fifty percent of.
The LD image is quite good. Letterboxing relieves the continual presence of a single face at a time by keeping extra details in the picture, although it is all pretty static.
At only 80 minutes of film the package could have contained some trailers or relics of its favorable press from Cannes.

Final Impression: 3/5 stars. I did laugh a couple times and come away with a distinct impression. Recommended for cheap--more than a throw-in, but not worth holding out for a sealed copy.

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Posted: 30 Dec 2019, 23:05 

Indeed, this is how meek people tell others to shut up. That’s what the ellipsis eludes to. It *sounds* open minded but reality it’s a plea for someone (often me) to stop posting their opinions because they aren’t compatible with the tyrannical positivity some prefer. You see people fighting over something and you won’t so you’re uncomfortable. You want me to change the way I talk about stuff so you’ll feel better. I reject it.
This is quite true, all that's missing is that those meek people are often underhanded as well. A show of tolerance with a gag order behind it.

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Posted: 02 Feb 2020, 23:34 

We need more perfectionists, not hacks like Peter Jackson who made one cult zombie movie in the '90s and then LOTR and is now considered a genius. Kubrik was an actual genius, Jackson is a hack in comparison and Jackson's effects, practical and CGI WILL date because he was lazy compared to someone like Kubrik.
Not to butt in...I'm going to defend The Frighteners, which I haven't fully seen in ages but I believe used CGI and certainly belongs to Peter Jackson: it still looks great. Never was much of a movie--of Jackson's oeuvre only Heavenly Creatures ever managed to be decent and it's straightforward as they come--but the fx are still slick for fifteen minutes till you turn it off. (that's all I've been able to revisit it).

Kubrick vs Jackson is a pretty retarded soapbox, it's like beating a cripple with a stick. LotR looks terrible now because it always looked terrible because it was made without imagination or practical talent.

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Posted: 24 Feb 2020, 01:57 

New Age (1994) [13030]
~ 10:30 Peter Weller is watching a video and pauses it as Judy Davis enters, then tells her something like "Laserdisc is superior to VHS, but vinyl is clearly better than CDs. Digital is weird."

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Posted: 28 Feb 2020, 01:45 

Sometimes when I read your posts I really do not know what your problem is. You are always so negative. Every post is a rant.

That's actually a virtue on such a slow forum. Better to have a bit of dickery than total silence.

DTS collecting doesn't appeal to me but it's faintly surprising there aren't more collecting subsets here, for example collecting LDs with previews (not self-same trailers), or a rotter defiance bubble with people trying to collect a perfectly playing copy of every disc on the 100 worst rotters list.

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Posted: 13 Mar 2020, 03:23 

Great to see you back around, given the timing of not seeing you post for a couple days.

Just viewed "The Andomeda Strain" in lieu of the Covid 19 pandemic.
Not trying to be morbid, however "The Stand" was my second choice of "outbreak favs" lol !

How about we fire up The Last of Us on grounded mode? :twisted:
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