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Posted: 12 Dec 2019, 03:08 

George C. Scott boycotted his oscar win at the awards for a reason .........

Guy was one of my favorite actors back in the day !
Check "The Formula" on laserdisc .... Scott and Brando at their best ! ! !

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Posted: 22 Dec 2019, 06:58 

1. Laserdisc. The format I always lusted after growing up. The format for adults with jobs. The format for true purists. I tried to buy a player at Cash Converters in 2002, it turned out to be PAL only despite the protests of the staff and wouldn't play my only LD (Macross DYRL Perfect Edition CAV). I argued for about an hour in the store to get my money back. Then girls and clothes and other s**t took over but I always knew I would return. After my second stint in Japan, where I was dirt poor, I returned to Australia in 2009, even though I was unemployed the bank here gave me a $5000 credit card. Like any good citizen should I put it back into the economy and used it for prostitutes, alcohol, sneakers and a Pioneer LD player off ebay..since then I've struggled to keep players working and to build my LD ecosystem. I still love LD, will always love LD and it will be my primary format until my lack of technical skill or money finally forces me to just watch my DVDs : (

2. VHS. Fansubs traded at the Canberra Anime Society, fantastic stuff recorded off SBS TV with cystal clear Aussiefied subtitles. I wish I'd kept most of my VHS collection. Dubbing people's wierd tapes, eg got Video Days that way off my Japanese housemate and briefly got into skating because of it. There is something so pleasing to me about the VHS picture. Back then all I wanted was a S-VHS deck but it was out of reach for the likes of me..of the few VHS tapes I have left some of the ones recorded off SBS-TV look phenomenal, I had really good reception of SBS back then for some reason. Don't think they could have been broadcast in Stereo but I had the only Sony VCR I could afford new, a mono deck so I'll never know but it made good recordings. Before then I had a National VCR that I taped the entire run of Robotech onto. That set got me so many friends in my final two years of high school in '94/'95. Used to lend it out to guys. Other s**t I used to record that I remember, Married with Children and Samurai Pizza Cats :lol:

3. VCD. This format got me content that saved my life in the second half of the '90s on a uni student budget. With my J-Saturn and VCD card, Sydney's Chinatown gave me access to the best of Japanese underground movies, kung fu s**t and p0rn. Thank you VCD. You sucked but helped me so much in of my many times of poverty. Watching Tokyo Eyes on VCD changed my life and made me realise my need to live in Japan and get Japanese girls.

4. DVD. Did me good after a grilfriend gave me a PS2 in '02. I suddenly had access to a lot of wierd s**t and it looked better than VCD. Didn't really seem as elite as LD but some later R2 releases just f***ing rule and are really beautiful and well mastered with the most made of the format. Honestly give me a Kuraray case and Jap mastering and that is as valuable to me as a nice LD release because on my setup it holds up honestly. PCM sound is identical to LD, on my CRT with scaling and with my comb filter and with a good master macroblocking is non existent. Overall LD is still less harsh and more natural which I love. But I'll take a good DVD release anyday.

? Blu Ray. Sucks s**t, this is a good example of how when there are no limitations people fail to excel. Technically should be superlative but what I've seen is terrible and doesn't look good at all. Could be to do with the idiots working in the industry today who think everything should look like CGI for some stupid reason. Blu Ray represents the superficial new world to me and I hate it. It's not pure or desirable to me at all.

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Posted: 30 Dec 2019, 19:02 

Like what you happen to Like in life, Without Apology.

What if the judge says my sentence will be reduced if I say I’m sorry for ever liking that stuff? Serious question, I would appreciate a serious answer.

indeed, we all have our personal opinions, and we are all very much entitled to them...

Indeed, this is how meek people tell others to shut up. That’s what the ellipsis eludes to. It *sounds* open minded but reality it’s a plea for someone (often me) to stop posting their opinions because they aren’t compatible with the tyrannical positivity some prefer. You see people fighting over something and you won’t so you’re uncomfortable. You want me to change the way I talk about stuff so you’ll feel better. I reject it.

If everyone just accepted everything there would be nothing good. Everything good was made to overcome crap previously seen by the artist. With a mind so open that critical perception is impossible then you may as well just watch Friends all day. If your mind is totally free from judgement then you don’t need anything good and your options of what’s good/bad are worthless because you don’t even care.

- insert some sort of quote from Rollins or somebody cooler than me...

PS “Coolio was featured on the March 5, 2013, episode of the ABC reality program Wife Swap, but his then girlfriend left him after the program was taped.” So yeah, I do think what you’re saying is Coolio. It ain’t cool though. :(

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Posted: 31 Dec 2019, 21:30 


I'm thinking of picking up the Blu Ray but the UK 101 release doesn't appear to have the Sensurround track. The Shout Factory USA Blu and the German Koch Blu both have the Sensurround track.

For me this is a critical component. Yes, Rollercoaster is a great film, but I would LOVE to experience the Sensurround track. Crank the subwoofer up and destroy the foundations of my house!

Do any of the LD releases carry the Sensurround track? For that matter do any releases of Earthquake or any other Sensurround films have said audio tracks on their LD releases?

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Posted: 06 Jan 2020, 08:26 

Note: I tried to merge all of Tasuke's Dolls posts/topic into a single thread to put the discussions back on their original tracks.

Tasuke, please use this thread for your dolls, do not start a new topic each time or post dolls in unrelated discussions, thank you!


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Posted: 21 Jan 2020, 20:20 

1. Blu-ray - yeah, yeah, blasphemy that LD isn't #1, but I can't really complain too much about the format. Especially since we're getting a lot more obscure releases from studio catalogs on blu that in some cases never came out on DVD or LD. Just wish the soundtrack mixes were the original theatrical mixes.

2. LD - great sound, good picture quality and a lot of content not available on any other disc format. Shame we never got that backward compatible, component video LD-XR format that was once in development, but what you gonna do?

3. HD-DVD - only got into this format because I saw a deal for a player and discs I'd be stupid to pass up on Craigslist a few years ago. Was suitably impressed by the Dolby Digital Plus soundtracks on several of the discs (helped that the player I got, Toshiba HD-XA2 had 6 channel outputs.) Just that since it was on the market for so little time, not too much content to find on it.

4. DVD - yeah, the usurper. But after it killed off LD, what else were you going buy movies on? VHS? Hell no. If only the studios, when releasing a title that had a stereo soundtrack, would release it in LPCM rather than Dolby Digital 2.0 (if they gave you a stereo mix at all.) Unfortunately, it only looks like they did that on music video releases. Still, I was able to finally see several titles in OAR on DVD for the first time since they weren't released on LD. So can't really complain about that.

5. Digital8 - Sure, you can't get pre-recorded movies on these (you can get Video8 movies which you can play back on Digital8, but I never bothered.) For a short time in late 90s, early 00s, this and MiniDV were the best recording formats you could get at home before recordable DVD came along. Granted I only had a Digital8 camcorder--but it did allow you to record from other sources to the A/V outputs/inputs (and there were standalone Digital8 decks if you so wanted.)

6. S-VHS - yes there were pre-recorded titles released on this format (as few and far between as they might be), and it was a considerable upgrade over standard VHS (even if you didn't get any more color resolution.) I used to rent LDs from a couple of video stores near me for a while and make an S-VHS recording of the movie to hold on to as it did a pretty good job of duplicating the LD picture (at least on CRTs back then!) Also good for making recordings of PPV boxing and MMA events back in the day. Still have two working S-VHS VCRs in my HT setup and bedroom!

7. VCD - many are saying this is worse than VHS, and I can agree in some respects since I tend to REALLY hate MPEG tiling artifacts. However, the random access and not having to rewind the thing gives it a little bit of an edge over the magnetic tape option. Plus, when you've visited Hong Kong as many times as I have and wanted to grab as many movies as you could (since LDs were still really damn pricey back then), this was the way to go (especially since VHS in Hong Kong was all PAL--LD and VCD were NTSC.) Just had make to sure you bought your movies at HMV or another reputable video store if you wanted to avoid crappy bootlegs.

8. Betamax - granted I didn't start using Betamax until the 2000s, but I can definitely say it IS better than VHS--kind of. It's better if you're making your own recordings, but if you're getting pre-recorded tapes, you're not going to notice any difference between Beta and VHS since just about ALL pre-recorded Betas are in BII speed. Probably also helps that I use two of the best Betamax VCRs out there in the SL-HF750 and the SL-HF2100. I still need to make a Beta vs VHS and SuperBeta Hi-Band vs S-VHS comparison video one of these days.

8. VHS - it was the format that made me a true movie buff since after my family getting one and my dad taking me to this magical place called a "video rental store" almost any movie that I had hoped to see that I read about in books were available to see (and I didn't have to hope that it aired on TV at 2AM or so.) Unfortunately, I didn't learn until much later that how much of a bad quality format it was (until I saw a Dragon's Lair video game spooling off some amazing LD video then seeing a proper LD player doing its thing in a Radio Shack way back when.) Things got a little better when I upgraded to a stereo 4-head VHS VCR, but it wasn't much more than putting lipstick on a pig. You have to give it credit though--it lasted some 30+ years. I don't think any other video format, pro or home, can lay claim to that.

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Posted: 24 Jan 2020, 22:32 

Just viewed " The Fifth Element "...
Luc Besson masterpiece....

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Posted: 27 Jan 2020, 01:18 

Hello, all.

I recently received a Sony Glasstron for my upcoming birthday (Feb 4).

It's pretty neato, though niche; I'm fairly sure not everyone will appreciate it, but I wanted to post about it.

I hooked up the Glasstron to my DVL-909 LD via S-Video and I watched a few movies; It was a pretty rad experience, nonetheless.

My only issue(s) with the Glasstron involve the earbuds not properly fitting and how the visor does not fully engulf your vision (you can see below you). Other than that, I had a really fun time.

I used a VGA to Composite box, Sewell SW-32000, to output my old Mac G4 to the Glasstron; Played some Wolfenstein 3D, Quake, Tony Hawk 2.
I also played some PS1 titles via Connectix VGA; 640x480 is very nice on the Glasstron.

Had a blast with these things; I'm sure someone is wondering how my eyes didn't bleed out or something 'funny' like that :roll: :lol: ...
They don't really bother my eyes, but when watching LD, I took a break for say.... 20 minutes.. after each film. When gaming, I wore then for a 4ish hour session. Glasstrons auto-turn off after 3 hours, but you can just ON-OFF it right quick to fix that.

Epic times........ 8-) :ugeek:

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Posted: 04 Mar 2020, 12:37 

Watched The Rock the other night. The movie, not Dwayne Johnson.

"What kinda f***ed up tour is this?!" That line gets me every time.

The DTS track on laser packs a good punch.

I have 5 copies of The Rock, all from the same lot. Some absolute unit of a man really loved that movie; I for one think it's the best Michael Bay film (which isn't saying that much).

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Posted: 04 Mar 2020, 16:03 

Theta Voyager for sure for the prettiest one. Most karaoke ones are ugly with the added buttons and mic inputs. I am not a fan of top loaders either.

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Posted: 04 Mar 2020, 16:12 

Well I know for a fact that the Magnavision VH8000 is a tremendous piece of sh!t as far as build quality is concerned, but damn if it isn't a nice looking machine.

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Posted: 05 Mar 2020, 04:45 

Best looking would go to the Pioneer, CLD-3030.

Just love that huge display that shows literally everything but the kitchen sink and having it flip down to unveil the loading tray is genius (CLD-3070 has this as well). Also, it has some of the cleanest lines (no curves like on the D701/702) with an abundance of buttons and control dials (jog & shuttle) that literally makes it functional even without the remote. Not to mention, everything about this baby is just quality in respect to its hefty weight and use of metal all around even on the front facades.

The worst looking (that is also functionally inadequate in my opinion) would go to the Pioneer, LD-870

This is an LD only player that barely has anything one would call a display (four LED lights that barely tells anything useful), just five to six buttons on the front panel, no digital sound capability (so expect a lot of gibberish on the right audio channel if you try to play an AC-3 disc), and it’s so light in weight that the vibration of the player will always be a distraction. I would be surprised that any of these machines have survived after 30 years because they were just not durable in design.

A runners up would probably be most Karaoke players (exception would be a CLD-D604) because I simply never liked what they represented. However, there are probably a lot of these machines available in good working order still that would be worth obtaining as a back-up player or spare parts for other non-Karaoke players.

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Posted: 06 Mar 2020, 01:43 

I really like the LD-W1. It’s fairly handsome but plain. It’s in the using where it’s nice. The action on the drawers is butter. I like anything where there is a fold down panel and the drawer is behind that. Of course it has the best Pioneer LD remote ever as well.

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Posted: 06 Mar 2020, 23:18 

Actually I like that quite a lot, and would say it's more of a Pontiac grille/nose.

You're right, it does look more like Pontiac GTO grille. I saw one of the new Alfa Romeos on the road the other day, so it was fresh on my mind.

Alfas are widely considered some of the most beautiful cars in history so this is a strange reference.

That's true. I guess it goes to show everyone has different tastes. I knew a guy in college who hated the look of wood grain.

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Posted: 11 Mar 2020, 01:39 

Digital audio issues do not always mean the pickup is getting weak, but it does seem like the pickups are compatible based on

Since you are talking about swapping out the pickup, you'll need an oscilloscope so I would just go through the adjustments listed in the service manual before actually swapping them out. It sounds like it is in need of some. I'm not familiar at all with Panasonic units so I'm not sure if you'll need a 8" LD in order to reach all of the adjustment points while it is playing.
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