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Posted: 08 Dec 2019, 05:17 

Finished watching " The Book of Bantorra last night. Didn't hate it, but wasn't really my kind of series to say the least.

Have to applaud the early 19th century meets fantasy atmospheric setting of the series. But the story and plot were terribly dark from start to bitter end. Going to watch something a bit more lively next.

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Posted: 11 Dec 2019, 19:27 

i am certain the series is going to be pure joy, after the towering pile of disappointment i've been subjecting myself to.

I'm also hoping that NADIA will be at least "Decent-ish" Knock-on-Wood...
Here, I'm throwing in these recommendations since all of these titles are on sale with Sentai presently. These are all titles I've watched and recommend.

Angelic Layer
Aoharu x Machinegun
Aura Battler Dunbine
Chaika - The Coffin Princess
Cobra the Animation ( This is technically the second season, the first being available from RightStuf's Nozomi division. )
Dusk Maiden of Amnesia
Elfen Lied
Fate/Stay Night
Girls und Panzer
Golgo 13
Green Legend Ran
Gunbuster: The Movie ( This is the theatrical edit of the original OVA series which is long OOP and for unknown reasons can't be re-licensed. )
Heaven's Memo Pad
Himouto! Umaru-chan
I Couldn't Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job
Invaders of the Rokujyoma!?
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
Knights of Sidonia
Kokoro Connect
Long Riders! ( Only if you're into cycling, otherwise it will probably bore anyone else. )
Maria Holic
Outbreak Company
Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise
Squid Girl
Stella Women's Academy High School Division Class C3
The Big O
The Hentai Prince & the Stony Cat
The World God Only Knows
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
Utawarerumono ( Funimation has the license for Season 1, Sentai has the rest. )
Watamote: No Matter How I Look At It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular!
Wizard Barristers

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Posted: 27 Dec 2019, 04:51 

Some of Sony's newest BD players they started pumping out 4th quarter of 2018 no longer feature DVD playback, which is crazy. When I worked at Best Buy we were getting a lot of them returned because people thought they were defective since their DVDs wouldn't play on them.

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Posted: 03 Jan 2020, 19:00 

So to chime back in on the mostly off-topic issue of many of Sony's newer BD players not featuring DVD playback. Yes, as @deadlegion surmised, it is mostly a cost cut in the production of the players, and also a way to attempt to drive Blu-Ray sales (win-win for Sony, not for consumers).

Backwards compatible BD/DVD/CD players feature two optical lasers, as CDs & DVDs need to be read using a Red (IR) spectrum laser ( specifically CDs can be read using a IR laser, but are still readable using a DVDs full-red spectrum laser ). Original Blu-Ray media though requires a blue-spectrum laser, and the newer Blu-Ray Ultra HD (4K Blu-Ray) uses a ultraviolet laser. All of these color spectrums of lasers operate at different light wave frequencies and are capable of being focused at smaller and smaller pinpoint dimensions allowing for crazy high levels of data to be physically "pressed' onto a the disc media and still be readable.
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