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Posted: 08 Dec 2019, 05:17 

Finished watching " The Book of Bantorra last night. Didn't hate it, but wasn't really my kind of series to say the least.

Have to applaud the early 19th century meets fantasy atmospheric setting of the series. But the story and plot were terribly dark from start to bitter end. Going to watch something a bit more lively next.

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Posted: 11 Dec 2019, 19:27 

i am certain the series is going to be pure joy, after the towering pile of disappointment i've been subjecting myself to.

I'm also hoping that NADIA will be at least "Decent-ish" Knock-on-Wood...
Here, I'm throwing in these recommendations since all of these titles are on sale with Sentai presently. These are all titles I've watched and recommend.

Angelic Layer
Aoharu x Machinegun
Aura Battler Dunbine
Chaika - The Coffin Princess
Cobra the Animation ( This is technically the second season, the first being available from RightStuf's Nozomi division. )
Dusk Maiden of Amnesia
Elfen Lied
Fate/Stay Night
Girls und Panzer
Golgo 13
Green Legend Ran
Gunbuster: The Movie ( This is the theatrical edit of the original OVA series which is long OOP and for unknown reasons can't be re-licensed. )
Heaven's Memo Pad
Himouto! Umaru-chan
I Couldn't Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job
Invaders of the Rokujyoma!?
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
Knights of Sidonia
Kokoro Connect
Long Riders! ( Only if you're into cycling, otherwise it will probably bore anyone else. )
Maria Holic
Outbreak Company
Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise
Squid Girl
Stella Women's Academy High School Division Class C3
The Big O
The Hentai Prince & the Stony Cat
The World God Only Knows
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
Utawarerumono ( Funimation has the license for Season 1, Sentai has the rest. )
Watamote: No Matter How I Look At It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular!
Wizard Barristers

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Posted: 27 Dec 2019, 04:51 

Some of Sony's newest BD players they started pumping out 4th quarter of 2018 no longer feature DVD playback, which is crazy. When I worked at Best Buy we were getting a lot of them returned because people thought they were defective since their DVDs wouldn't play on them.

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Posted: 03 Jan 2020, 19:00 

So to chime back in on the mostly off-topic issue of many of Sony's newer BD players not featuring DVD playback. Yes, as @deadlegion surmised, it is mostly a cost cut in the production of the players, and also a way to attempt to drive Blu-Ray sales (win-win for Sony, not for consumers).

Backwards compatible BD/DVD/CD players feature two optical lasers, as CDs & DVDs need to be read using a Red (IR) spectrum laser ( specifically CDs can be read using a IR laser, but are still readable using a DVDs full-red spectrum laser ). Original Blu-Ray media though requires a blue-spectrum laser, and the newer Blu-Ray Ultra HD (4K Blu-Ray) uses a ultraviolet laser. All of these color spectrums of lasers operate at different light wave frequencies and are capable of being focused at smaller and smaller pinpoint dimensions allowing for crazy high levels of data to be physically "pressed' onto a the disc media and still be readable.

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Posted: 06 Jul 2020, 00:44 

The irony is that it only has a reputation because the Disney Company claims it has a reputation, and they themselves made a fuss over it when they falsely claimed they were never going to release it to home video... and then proceeded to release it on home video in obscure foreign markets only in the 1980's.

I have a bootleg VHS of it myself. The manner in which Walt Disney chose to present Joel Chandler Harris's 'Uncle Remus' stories was incredibly strange in retrospect. Would've made far more sense to just make the cartoons, but I guess maybe Walt or one of his directors had that presentation concept bouncing around for some time to make it as a live-action Civil War era movie. There was nothing in the movie even remotely as racist as the Disney Company claimed. Think about this, Disney owns the rights to the "Roots" mini-series, and they've published that to DVD and it even got a 40th Anniversary BD in 2017. But, oh scary, a G rated family musical movie about a southern family during the Civil War, apparently that's a detriment to society according to Disney. I don't pretend to understand this since there isn't any logic to it, but then there isn't any logic to most of what the Disney Company has done in the past two decades either.

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Posted: 06 Jul 2020, 01:05 

Factor you need to look at is who owns the content now moving forward?

AT&T, Disney, Comcast, Sony, and to the lesser extents Amazon and Netflix. Between these six companies, nearly all movies and television content created in North America since the dawn of time belongs to these six companies, and only one of these companies has a invested interest in physical media sales, that being Sony. And all six companies, Sony included, own and push their digital streaming services. Because of this, I personally do not see physical media, for videos at least, surviving beyond 2030, unless something unforeseen transpires.

I've been buying lots and lots of VHS tapes the last two years. I own several VCRs that work, and I can buy a VHS tape sometimes for as little as twenty-cents, rarely for more than fifty-cents, any day of the week at thrift stores. And why not? Fifty-cents for a movie on this old try'd & true format that I can watch at my own leisure. or $9.99+tax & up for the same movie on DVD or BD? Does that even make sense to intentionally spend easily eleven times more the price of the VHS tape for the exact same movie? Is the image and sound quality better on the DVD or the BD, absolutely, but if I'm only going to watch the movie one time or possibly more, does it even matter? And I realize this is a highly subjective view on my part, but money is stupidly tight for me, and if I can buy hours and hours of movies and programs I want to watch for literally less than the price of a hamburger, then why not?

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Posted: 08 Jul 2020, 18:04 

Is bluray/4kbluray rental stores a thing in USA?
There is a local rental store near me, seems to still be quite busy in the evenings.
Its game rentals and bluray, some dvd but not much.
There's nothing left in my area to rent from except Red Box, and you can borrow for free from the libraries if you're a county resident and have a membership card, but the selection is limited and all of their discs are really scratched up.

The library here has a massive selection and yeah it's all free. Of course there will be a wait on popular new movies.

For pay rentals there is redbox, but that's basically it in terms of things that are reasonably wide spread.

That's pretty much all we have in the states that I know of unless you are in a more populated area and there is a small video rental

But with all this covid stuff the Libraries are opening very slowly and I doubt we can get much anymore until they open fully.
Also this may be a death blow to the physical media for covid, no new stuff coming out and all streaming since
they make more money.
Likewise, except our libraries are open, but limiting the number of people who can come in and requiring masks and gloves. :lol:

Here in the U.S.A., the major corporate rental chains killed the market for independent rental stores to the point that most independents were out of business by the mid-90's. But even then, the corporate rental stores had so flooded the markets with themselves that they often struggled in select markets due to over saturation of rental store options for the consumers. We had:
Blockbuster Video ( The first and the last of it's kind. )
Movie Gallery ( the suckiest of all video rental chains in human history )
Mooovies ( had a cow mascot )
Video Update ( They bought out Moovies. )
Hollywood Video ( Believe they bought out Video Update if remember correctly. )
Pic-A-Flick ( This one had both corporate stores and franchised locations. )

Pic-A-Flick was unique in that it didn't contribute to the fall of the independent video rental stores. It was a situation where the independents bought in as a franchise and got all the bulk purchasing perks as the big corporate chains and gained for themselves the power of branding and marketing. Even after the corporate went out of business twenty or so years ago, the franchisers owned the rights to continue operating using the name, as all of them had shared ownership in the name usage rights. The last Pic-A-Flick Video in my area was in a neighboring county about 25 miles away and they shut down in 2018. That was the very last video rental store remotely close to where I live at, and I never even visited that location.

The irony to me was that NetFlix directly was responsible for putting these chains out of business by offering unbelievably cheap video rental by mail. And then what did NetFlix do when they conquered their competition? They got out of the business too! Like, okay all you extinct competitors we screwed you all! And then they proceeded to give the bird hand gesture to their customers as they abandoned them without remorse.

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Posted: 09 Jul 2020, 01:10 

I think there is still a demand for video and even video game rental, but the initial cost to launch into that kind of business is kinda up there, and there is risk.

Libraries do not "replace" broken, damaged, lost, or stolen media at all. If you are not aware of the operating model, it is that the state and/or county and/or smaller municipality basically flips the bill for operational expenses and salaries and the content of the library is then acquired via direct donation or using funds from financial contributors who sponsor the library either independently or through a organization. In my state, the library employees are state government employees, so the state flips the bill for their salaries and the computer system (statewide inventory network) and the county/city/town provides the building and covers the maintenance of the buildings, or so it was explained to me many years ago. Speaking again only for my state, library usage and membership plummeted in the late 90's when the library system announced a series of not well regarded changes. First was that they were expanding their Discard policies on all media and books donated into the system as they were completely eliminating their book repair and binding center, which was centrally located in the middle of the state. Secondly they announced they would no longer accept book donations of books unless they were absolutely brand new. Thirdly, book titles donated to the library which were determined to be brand new books that did not have prior presence within the system would be subjected to a board review before being accepted into the library system.

So under these new policies, there was a almost overnight massive book purge from the libraries statewide as the initial phase of implementation had all libraries removing any book from the shelves that was over five years old, with only a handful of category exemptions made, notably for 'How-To' and 'Arts & Crafts'. They further purged all of the books which had been repaired or rebound by their then closed binding and repair center. And the policy has continued down that destructive path and now is that they don't keep any media past three years. Hits three years, and it gets stamp marked "DISCARDED". The thing which is so utterly disgusting about this is that since these policies were put into place, all of the libraries have been moved into much larger buildings, with less content to offer than ever before. My own local library, which when I was a kid was only a mile from the house use to have so many books that they didn't have enough shelving, nor enough room for any additional shelving so there were actually large stacks of books all over the place. So if you liked books, it was like a book heaven with books just everywhere and something for everyone. Now if I got into the new location of my local library, which is now one block closer than the old location, there are empty shelves, and there are retail-store style displays with sometimes twenty or more copies of the exact same book, and the selection is just abysmal. You're average thrift store has a better book selection than my ridiculously huge library, with it's vast open floor spaces and enough chairs to make you wonder if it's not actually a hospital lobby area. And at my library, the movies selection is mostly just one or two small shelves of very recent movie releases, mostly on Blu-Ray but some DVDs, and the odd single disc of a random TV series. The people who staff the libraries now, whom I don't consider to be librarians, tend to be well dressed rude people who get highly offended if you dare to ask them anything, and nearly all questions you might ask them will result in them pointing to a public use computer and telling you to go look it up because they don't know.

Essentially the libraries have gone from being a great place that we as a society took great pride in where everyone freely had access to the vast collective wealth of knowledge of all mankind, to becoming this pale and pathetic shadow of what it was meant to be and use to be and may never be again. And our main county library is the worst case example I can give. When I was a child, that was the largest library in this entire part of the state, it was a three story building with like a one full acres foot-print, prominently sitting on a corner lot in the city. Bottom/basement floor was non-book media, I mean it was a massive selection of audio and video of all sorts, they even still had 8mm film reels you could checkout if you were into that sort of thing. second/ground floor was your general library selection but crazy huge, and the third floor was unique, it was the reference hall and had a massive lit globe that spun featured dead center, and that was shelf after shelf of government records and books, legal books, anything of that nature they had it there, and because you had political and legal type professionals using the reference hall entry was actually restricted to no one under the age of 12.

I bring that location up because, they closed it shortly after those crazy operational policies went into effect. They closed it and they moved it into a new three-story building less than half the size footprint of the old building a block away from the old building in a much harder to access location all around, But, instead of being three stories of books and media, the bottom/ground floor is a combination of rentable conference rooms and a city government owned coffee shop (why?), only the second floor has books & media, third floor is some manner of county and/or city offices.

So this is not solely a decline of rental stores, it's a decline much bigger in scope than that of just one business type. We're just mostly seeing this as a decline of the one business type because that's what this community we're a part of here is focused on, but it really is a bigger picture than that.

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Posted: 17 Jul 2020, 22:18 

Unless Ebay directly messages you and/or removes the listing themselves, you should never comply with scammy messages from another Ebay member. That message should have been reported directly to Ebay's fraud/spoof department. Maybe he's telling the truth, or maybe he's not, regardless you're selling a used copy of a movie you purchased in good faith as a legitimate product and it is for Ebay to determine if it's bootleg or not.

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 Post subject: Re: Anyone want a MovieCD?
Posted: 04 Oct 2020, 18:32 

It kind of makes you wonder what the point was of inventing a new format that is worse than VCD years after VCD when you could just use...VCD. VCD is actually pretty light on CPU usage too, comparatively speaking.
I know it's difficult to comprehend this today, but you needed a MPEG decoder capable graphics card to play VCDs on a computer, and back then the crappy basic onboard GPU of a motherboard couldn't do that. The novelty of the MovieCD format was that hardware restriction didn't exist! And there was another PC Video CD-ROM format, which I'm not going to go to deeply into can still be played today that didn't really have a name as the videos on those discs were encoded for playback using Apple's Quicktime format. You can find a complete list of all the anime video MovieCDs & CD-ROMs released in North America on my website, specifically this file.:

There was also a sort of loosely agreed on industry embargo against bringing VCD to North America, and most of the English speaking world, out of correct fear it would overthrow the incredibly lucrative VHS market. To my knowledge, which please understand I was in only my early teens at the time, Philips was the only company that dared to publish and market VCDs for the North American (USA & Canadian) markets, and did so under the guise of them being movies for their CD-i multi-media game system platform. Understand that there were two video disc formats supported by the CD-i consoles:
First was a proprietary format that any CD-i system could play for which the videos were simply marked "Digital Video" in the lower right corner of the front cover.
Second was Video CD, but most models of the CD-i system required the purchase of a optional MPEG decoder board add-on which to play VCDs which, to my knowledge, could only be obtained via mail-order in order. The Philips published VCDs were marketed alongside the proprietary format and are differentiated by being marked as "Video CD" in the lower right corner of the front cover.
Collectively videos of both formats were plainly marked as being for the "CD-i" platform. See example scans below of packaging for both CD-i video formats.

CD-i "Digital Video" Format Release (playable on any CD-i system):

Video CD Release (playable only on a CD-i system equipped with optional MPEG Decoder board):

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Posted: 08 Oct 2020, 08:27 

Discotek re-released the whole series a year or two ago, and it's still available. We also got selective episodes on VHS in the early 1990's.

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Posted: 15 Oct 2020, 23:34 

I don’t remember Star Blazers airing in my area and that’s the main one I missed from my conscious years. I remember Dragon Warrior, Tranzor Z, Voltron, Robotech, Superbook/Flying House, Battle of the Planets, G Force (re-dub of Battle of the Planets), Little Koala and Friends (aka: Koala Koki, I’m interested in anything related to this show and the show itself, PM me), Fairy Tale Theater, Unico 2, Warriors of the Wind, Sherlock Hound, and then on VHS there was a ton more. There was actually a crapload of anime on TV and in rental places even in like 1984. The “anime invasion” of the 90s was mostly just selling the stuff and not deliberately obscuring its origin for the first time.
Starblazers was before my time, I vaguely remember some of my sister's friends talking about it comparatively when discussing Robotech, which was airing at the time. Voltron I watched some of, Battle of the Planets I recall not being interested in as a little kid, but it definitely aired locally too.

Also funny you should mention Superbook. Only just got this guide to the home video releases that I began writing back in the spring of this year posted online not even two weeks ago. There were no LaserDiscs, least not in North America, just as a heads up.:

I do remember Sunday morning cartoons being a thing. Not sure which of the big VHF networks it was that was doing them here, but I do remember only one did cartoon and only from 7am - 9am, and it was a Hanna-Barbera 2-hour block that included shows such as "The Snorkels". In the 1990's two different UHF stations did Sunday morning cartoons, and one of those stations was simply one hour of anime, initially it was Dragon Ball, and I think it was around 1994 or 1995 they dropped Dragon Ball and from that point on 7:30am there was only one "cartoon" show on for just a half-hour on Sunday morning, and that was Sailor Moon. But even back then in those days you had to pay close attention to the credits, if the station bothered airing the credits at all, to get a clue as to the country of origin for the cartoon you were watching.

Until Pokemon came out, all the by then big name stations still doing cartoons had mostly stayed away from anime as being a part of a their national network programming. Last anime before then any of them tackled trying to air was Fox showing Escaflowne as part of the Fox Kids Saturday morning programming, which they didn't even make it half way through before having to pull it due to concerned parental-type groups petitioning they cease airing it. Pokemon was initially thrown into the "why bother" 2:30p.m. weekday afternoon timeslot, that being the least desired afternoon time slot as grade schools don't let students out for the day until 2:30p.m, so wasn't like there were a lot of kids already home waiting to watch the show the moment it came on. But we all know how Pokemon went over. That went from being syndicated to a flagship showing for the Kids WB weekday afternoon and Saturday Morning national programming blocks.

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Posted: 15 Oct 2020, 23:46 

A lot of master copies for various Japanese programs (not exclusively just anime) were lost or destroyed as a result of the tsunami that hit part of Japan back in March of 2011.

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 Post subject: Re: Hot Sale On Rightstuf
Posted: 21 Nov 2020, 07:27 

The new Votoms set is $30 on Sentai's site. I believe some people here were wanting it?
Yes! And while that's a awesome price... all those DVD set releases at blowout pricing of $2.99 each are far more tempting for me at moment, I can't pass up on anime priced below the used market prices.

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 Post subject: Re: Bartender
Posted: 29 Dec 2020, 03:22 

Yeah I'm a lot more tolerant of old bad animation for w/e reason. Like take Marmalade Boy, that's a 76 episode tv shoujo that was churned out non-stop. It very much looks not great and I'm not surprised Discotek went with SDBD. I have the old tokyopop dvds.

I'll have to give Touch a look.
I got some young twenty-something who was streaming on Twitch into Marmalade Boy a few months back. He was asking his meager viewership to recommend him anime he'd never heard of to watch on stream, and he went with my suggestion and got him hooked on it. Anime doesn't have to look great to be great, it's like anything else, the story and characters are more important than anything else.

Personally only owned the first half of the series (box sets 1 & 2) from the original Tokyo Pop release, so splurged gladly on the far cheaper Discotek "Complete TV Collection: Volume 2" DVD release when it got discounted last year. It's a series I don't mind giving a general recommendation for since it has a pretty broad appeal if someone will simply give it a chance.

The quality of the animation isn't a deal breaker for me coming up in the 80's & 90's with Robotech and other non-Japanese animation. The market today spoils everyone with high expectations for cinematic quality animation out of virtually everything with few comprehending that not every studio nor production project has ludicrous amounts of money to invest in such a high quality production consistently.

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Posted: 29 Dec 2020, 03:32 

Did my annual watch of Satoshi Kon's Tokyo Godfathers on Christmas day.

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Posted: 01 Jan 2021, 07:13 

Just finished watching Hal on Blu Ray. Very pleasantly surprised by it too.

Thought it was going to be some old Mills and Boon saccharine soppy guff vomit but in actual fact it was a great little story slotted in to 60 minutes.

For 'modern anime' the animation standard was rather good. A few corners cut here and there but I guess it's understandable given it's not a big AAA cinema release? Some great art and voice acting on display here (though sadly let down by some lazy moments, maybe budget constraints? I don't know). The extras are nice too as you get to see how it was made. In fairness though with some of the ropey animation in places the team could have made an effort with the android design. It was a bit British Leyland.

That hits home man, the ever constant reminder of British Leyland lays at rest in my backyard. A motionless un-moving V12 reminder that I was utterly stupid, completely oblivious, and totally uninformed with my first car purchase. I had always thought Ford cars were the worst things on the road... but at least those things are on the road. British Leyland cars? No wonder you never see them! They're not rare, they're just all forever P.I.P. (Parked in Peace) at their final unexpected resting places where their misfortunate owners last parked them at leaving them stranded and bewildered as to what possibly broke this time! In the two years before I finally had to give up on it, due to the unfathomable constant repair bills, I had only managed to put just over two-hundred miles on the car... it spent almost eighteen months in repair shops in the two years I attempted to use it as my primary vehicle. Anyone want stylish looking 1970's lawn ornament? :think:

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 Post subject: Re: Hot Sale On Rightstuf
Posted: 03 Jan 2021, 22:41 

Heads up! Sentai is ending their holiday sale tonight (January 3rd), not on January 5th as originally had been advertised for whatever reason. :o

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Posted: 23 Feb 2021, 18:55 

He was also great as Dr. Jones Sr. in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I also liked the characters he played in Time Bandits, The Hunt for Red October, and Highlander I & II.

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 Post subject: Re: NEO GEO (Owners Only)
Posted: 28 Jun 2021, 06:53 

Own a AES, but the previous owner swapped in a Japanese BIOS, a detail he failed to mention when he sold the system to me. So even though my only two games are both US/NA releases, they only display Japanese text. (sigh)
Also have a NGPC, and a nice little collection of fourteen games for it.

Prices are way to high on most everything video gaming now. I'm actually considering selling some of the games for some of the platforms in my collection just because I may never get the sort of money they're presently commanding ever again.

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Posted: 28 Jun 2021, 07:13 

This site would explode if it offered VHS and DVD. The average IQ would also drop 10 points though so while I’d like a few more users I hope we just stick to “failed” discs of some kind. I don’t want to talk to Black Diamond Disney idiots and mall otaku.

Something will come along some day. Interest in physical media doubles every year.

As the censoring and deletion of the past continues interest will increase in any published material from the past.
I completely agree with you. It's tragic to see so much useful data content being literally erased from existence, which is precisely what's happening. It's like the fiasco with Macromedia/Adobe Flash Player, which has rendered thousands of live and Web Archived websites un-viewable. We all knew Google/Adobe kept issuing notices that Adobe Flash was going to no longer be supported, but I never imagined, nor apparently did anyone else, that they literally possessed a 'kill switch' to force everyone's computers to either uninstall or permanently disable Flash Player, but they did!

And I ask, what purpose did that even serve? Why was it a priority on the part of Google to literally kill millions of installations of a program they abandoned? If anything that should have been a wake up call that Google exerts far to much control over the computers of everyone using their software.

I'd be terribly worried about continuing to publish public documents in the Adobe PDF format were it not for the fact there are, thankfully, several different 3rd-party PDF file reader programs freely available.

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 Post subject: Re: RHEA GALL FORCE
Posted: 08 Jul 2021, 05:33 

This is the what the Central Park Media (U.S. Manga Corps) 2003 release of Rhea Gall Force looks like. I don't know if they re-did the transfer for this release versus the previous release they did in partnership with Nutech two years prior in 2001 or not though.

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Posted: 27 Nov 2021, 04:26 

Speaking of watches, if you're buying one, don't buy Timex. They are really lousy "quality". Yes, they invented Indiglo technology. Yes, they have some nice looking watches. But, the battery in a Timex frequently outlasts the mechanism/components of their watches, which is simply due to sorry build quality. Timex doesn't even care about this issue, as it has been a issue with their watches going all the way back into the 1990's.

If you want a inexpensive analog watch, buy a Casio or a Fossil, or literally any brand other than Timex.

There's a expose documentary on Heritage Auctions & WATA. Quite the sophisticated money laundering scheme going on with that organization. Sure, some games, sealed & graded, do legitimately go for absurd sums of money, but they also actively engaged in artificially inflating the prices on quite a lot of those record setting auctions by means of using a NFT Hedgefund owned by Heritage Auctions. As a video game collector I found it to be wholly sickening. Anyone keen to watch the documentary may do so here, it's a real eye opener.:

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Posted: 08 Mar 2022, 08:11 

My primary hobby was collecting and playing video games. I rarely have time to play video games anymore though, and the market prices for used stuff has basically forced me to abandon the hobby. Still by th odd new game at or just below MSRP, but the era of finding deals is extinct.

I moved into collecting anime, on DVD primarily, in 2007 when publishers began going under and stores were dumping titles at fire sale prices. I still manage to buy anime on average once a month, not big purchases mind, but even with anime the market is changing in strange ways where there are already titles which have gone OOP selling for hundreds of dollars now. Really this is no different than the LD market, save for market penetration of DVD being much higher with players still present in mainstream retail at highly affordable prices. But I am watching the market swing dynamically as DVDs are slowly being eliminated from the new product release format, and Blu-Ray just isn't capturing the market like DVD has done.

On top of these market changes, like others here my finances are just plain bad. I own three cars, all of them broken down. As last month I'm back to being unemployed... again. And as at least one other person has noted, the hunt for reasonably priced foodstuffs is the new reality of the present. Just can't seem to get ahead in life in things that actually matter to personal preservation and existence. I haven't had a annual income greater than $10,000 (USD) since the year 2016, honestly if I were not living with my parents I have no clue what i would do. I' trying to contend with selling off all of the stuff I have stored in one of the cars so that I can sell of that car, which obviously a broken down car isn't going to sell for much, but it will be one less mental frustration serving as a constant reminder that I'm a failure at life in general. But yeah, I was employed with a seasonal temp job (sadly part-time only) December through 3/4's of February else I'd be fantastically broke at present moment, surely Uncle Sam will resolve taking away my abysmal gains when I file my taxes this month to remind me how woeful my job hunting has actually been.

So yeah, employment issues, and thereby personal financial issues, are the new "hobbies" in my life that have taken over the hobbies I once thoroughly enjoyed.
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