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Posted: 30 Oct 2011, 12:48 

A useful list compiled by Tony Kwong ( tkmedia on LDDb) still maintained on AVSForum :

UPDATE : if the device is crossed then it has been moved to the Hardware Database. =>

Demodulators :arrow: See the Hardware Database list on AC3RF

ada RFD-1 (1c out)
B&K DT1 (1c, 1o, 1c out) [Manual]
EAD Smart Cable (demodulator on a coax cable)
JBL Synthesis RFD-1 [Manual]
Kenwood DEM-999D (1c out) [Manual]
Kenwood DEM-9991D (1c, 1o, 1c out) [Manual]
Lexicon LDD-1 (1c, 1o, 1c out) [Manual]
McIntosh RFD-2 (1c, 1o, 1c out, 1o out)
Meridian 519 (1c out, 1o out) [Manual]
Nakamichi DE-1 (1c out)
Pioneer RFD-1 (1c, 1o, 1c out, 1o out) [Japanese Manual] [Service Manual]
Sony MOD-RF1 (1c out, 1o out) [Manual] [Service Manual]
Yamaha APD-1(1c out, 1o out) [Japanese Manual] [English Manual] [Service Manual]
Yamaha APD-2(1c out, 1o out) [Japanese Manual]

Processor :arrow: See the Hardware Database list on AC3 and DTS

ADCOM GDD-1 (2c in, 1o in, 5.1out, 5.1in, db25 5.1 out) [Manual]
Angstrom Director 200
Angstrom 195
Chiro C-5.1 (1o, 1c, db25 5.1 out)
Denon AVD-2000 (2c, 2o, 1o out, 5.1out, 5.1in) [Manual]
Harman Kardon ADP-303 (1c, 1o, 5.1out, 5.1in) [Manual]
JVVC AC-3 Decoder Prototype
Marantz DP-870 (1c, 1o, 5.1out, 5.1in) [Manual]
McIntosh MAC-3 (4c, 4o, 4c out, 4o out, 5.1 out) [Manual]
McIntosh MSD4 (4c, 4o, 5.1out, 2ch in) [Manual]
Onkyo ED-901 (1c/1o, db25 5.1out) [Manual]
Parasound P/DD 1500 (1c, 1o, db25 5.1out, 2ch) [Manual]
Parasound P/DD 1550 (1c, 1o, db25 5.1out, 2ch) [Manual]
Pioneer Elite SP-99D (1c, 1o, LineIn1 L/R, LineIn2 L/R/C/R for ProLogic, 5.1out=L/R/C mono x2/L/R/LFE mono x2)
Pioneer Elite SP-D07 (1c, 1o, LineIn1 L/R, LineIn2 L/R/C/R for ProLogic, 5.1out=L/R/C mono x2/L/R/LFE mono x2)
Pioneer SP-D07 (1c, 1o, LineIn1 L/R, LineIn2 L/R/C/R for ProLogic, 5.1out=L/R/C mono x2/L/R/LFE mono x2)
Rotel RDA 980 (2c, 5.1 out, db25 5.1in) [Manual]
Sony SDP-EP9ES (1c, 3o, 1o out, 5.1out, 5.1in) [Manual]
Sony SDP-EP90ES (same as above unit but with MPEG audio decoding for EU)
Sony SDP-E800 (1c, 3o, 1o out, 5.1 out) [Manual]
Yamaha DDP-1 (1c, 1o, 5.1out) [Manual]

Preamp :arrow: See the Hardware Database list on Preamp
Adcom GTP-740 (4c, 1o)
Adcom GTP-750 (4c, 1o)
B&K AVP 1030 (5c)
Denon AVP-8000 (2c, 3o, 1o out)
Denon AVP-8000DTS (2c, 3o, 1o out)
Denon AVP-A1 (2c, 3o, 1o out, 5.1 in
Integra RDC-7 (5c, 3o, 1c out, 1o out)
Kenwood KC-Z1 (4o, 4o, 1c out, 1o out)
Krell Audio+Video Standard
Marantz AV-550 (1c, 1o)
Marantz AV9000 (2c, 2o, 1c out, 1o out)
Sherwood Newcastle AVP-9080 (1c, 1o)
Sony TA-E9000ES (3c, 5o, 1o out)
Theta Casablanca (AUX Digital input card, 2 AC-3 RF inputs)
Theta Casablanca II (AUX Digital input card, 2 AC-3 RF inputs)

AV receiver/integrated amp :arrow: See the Hardware Database list on A/V Receiver
Denon AVC-A1 (1c, 3o, , 1o out, 5.1in)
Denon AVC-A1D (3c, 5o, 1o out)
Denon AVC-A1SE (3c, 6o, 2o out, 2x7.1in)
Denon AVC-A1SE upgrade (5c, 6o, 2o out, 2x7.1in)
Denon AVC-A1SR (5c, 6o, 2o out, 2x7.1in)
Denon AVC-A1SRA (5c, 6o, 2o out, 2x7.1in)
Denon AVC-A10SE (3c, 5o, 1o out)
Denon AVR-3200 (1c, 1o, 5.1in)
Denon AVR-3600 (1c, 1o)
Denon AVR-3600DTS (1c, 1o)
Denon AVR-5600 (1c, 3o, 1o out)
Denon AVR-5700 (3c, 5o, 1o out 7.1in)
Denon AVR-5800 (3c, 6o, 2o out, 2x7.1in)
Denon AVR-5800 upgrade (5c, 6o, 2o out, 2x7.1in)
Denon AVR-5803 (5c, 6o, 2o out, 2x7.1in)
Denon AVR-5803A (5c, 6o, 2o out, 2x7.1in)
Harman Kardon AVR-55 (1c, 1o)
Harman Kardon AVR-75 (1c, 1o)
Harman Kardon AVR-85 (1c, 1o)
Integra DTR-9.1 (5c, 3o, 1c, db25 7.1 in) (I believe this is only db25 5.1 in)
Kenwood KRV-990D
Marantz SR-14 (2c, 2o, 1c out, 1o out, 5.1 in)
Marantz SR-14EX (2c, 3o, 1c out, 1o out)
Marantz SR-14mkII (2c, 3o, 1c out, 1o out)
Marantz SR-18 (2c, 2o, 1o out, 1c out)
Marantz SR-580 (1c, 1o)
Marantz SR-680
Marantz SR-780 (1c, 1o)
Marantz SR-880 (1c, 1o)
Nakamichi IA-Tz
Onkyo TX-DS838 (1c, 1o)
Onkyo TX-DS939 (1c, 2o)
Onkyo TX-DS989 (5c, 3o, 1c out, 1o out, db25 7.1 in) (I believe this is only db25 5.1 in)
Onkyo TX-DS989v2 (5c, 3o, 1c out, 1o out, db25 7.1 in) (I believe this is only db25 5.1 in)
Pioneer SC-LX90
Pioneer SC-09TX
Pioneer VSA-AX10 (3c, 4o, 2o out, 7.1in)
Pioneer VSA-AX10Ai (3c, 3o, 2o out, 7.1in)
Pioneer VSA-AX10i (3c, 4o, 2o out, 7.1in)
Pioneer VSA-AX10i-N (3c, 4o, 2o out, 7.1in)
Pioneer VSA-AX5i (2c, 2o, 2o out, 7.1in)
Pioneer VSA-AX5i-N (2c, 2o, 2o out, 7.1in)
Pioneer VSA-AX5Ai-N (2c, 202o out, 7.1in)
Pioneer VSA-AX8 (2c, 3o, 7.1in)
Pioneer VSA-D10EX (2c, 3o)
Pioneer VSA-D10TX (2c, 2o, 5.1in)
Pioneer VSA-D2011-N (2c, 2o, 2o out, 7.1in)
Pioneer VSA-D7 (2c, 1o)
Pioneer VSA-D7EX (2c, 3o, 1o out, 7.1in)
Pioneer VSA-D8EX (2c, 3o, 2o out, 5.1in)
Pioneer VSA-D8TX (2c, 2o, 2o out, 5.1in)
Pioneer VSA-D9TX (2c, 1o)
Pioneer VSA-E06 (2c, 1o)
Pioneer VSA-E07 (2c, 2o, 1o out, 5.1in)
Pioneer VSA-E08 (2c, 3o, 2o out, 7.1in)
Pioneer VSX-05TX (2c, 1o) I can't find it anywhere!
Pioneer VSX-07TX
Pioneer VSX-09TX (2c, 1o)
Pioneer VSX-27TX (2c, 2o, 1o out)
Pioneer VSX-29TX (2c, 3o, 1o out, 5.1in)
Pioneer VSX-37TX (2c, 3o, 2o out, 5.1in)
Pioneer VSX-39TX (2c, 3o, 2o out, 5.1in)
Pioneer VSX-47TX (2c, 3o, 2o out, 7.1in)
Pioneer VSX-49TX (3c, 4o, 2o out)
Pioneer VSX-49TX upgrade (3c, 4o, 2o out)
Pioneer VSX-49TXi (3c, 4o, 2o out)
Pioneer VSX-59TXi (3c, 3o, 2o out)
Pioneer VSX-859RDS (2c, 3o, 2o out, 7.1 in)
Pioneer VSX-908RDS (2c, 2o, 5.1in)
Pioneer VSX-909
Pioneer VSX-909RDS (2c, 3o, 7.1in)
Pioneer VSX-99 (1c)
Pioneer VSX-D3S (1c)
Pioneer VSX-D606S
Pioneer VSX-D906S (2c, 1o)
Pioneer VSX-D99
Pioneer VSX-V555 (1c)
Sherwood Newcastle R-925RDS (1c, 1o)
Sherwood Newcastle R-945 (1c, 1o)
Sherwood Newcastle R-945mkII (1c, 1o)
Sherwood Newcastle R-945RDS (1c, 1o)
Sony STR-DA80 ES (1c, 4o, 1o out)
Sony STR-DA90 ES
Sony STR-DE915 (2o, 2o out)
Sony STR-DE1015G
Teac AG-D9100 (1c, 1o) (I don't think this one has AC3RF input)
Toshiba XB-1507 (1c, 1o)
Toshiba XB-2000 (1c, 1o)
Yamaha DSP-A1 (3c, 5o, 1o out, 5.1in)
Yamaha DSP-A2 (1c, 4o, 1o out, 5.1in)
Yamaha DSP-AZ1 (3c, 7o, 3o out, 5.1in)
Yamaha DSP-A3090 (1c, 5o, 1o out)
Yamaha DSP-Z9 (3c, 8o, 3o out)
Yamaha RX-V1 (3c, 7o, 1o out, 5.1in)
Yamaha RX-V1GL (3c, 7o, 1o out, 5.1in) I can't find it anywhere!
Yamaha RX-V1000 (2c, 4o, 2o out, 5.1in) (NOTE: RDS MODEL DOES NOT HAVE AC-3RF)
Yamaha RX-V3000 (not all models have AC-3RF)(2c, 5o, 2o out, 5.1in) (NOTE: RDS MODEL DOES NOT HAVE AC-3RF)
Yamaha RX-V3000GL (not all models have AC-3RF)(2c, 5o, 2o out, 5.1in) I can't find it anywhere!
Yamaha RX-Z1 (3c, 7o, 3o out, 5.1in)
Yamaha RX-Z9 (5c, 8o, 3o out, 7.1in)

Audionet MAPV2 (optional internal AC-3 Demod)
Classe SSP-25 Processor
Madrigal Proceed AVP Audio Video Preamp(optional internal AC-3 Demod)
Madrigal Proceed AVP2 Audio Video Preamp(optional internal AC-3 Demod)
Madrigal Proceed PDS Digital Surround Decoder(optional internal AC-3 Demod)
Parasound RFD-1 demodulator ("For Use Only With Parasound AVC-2500 or AVC-2500u")
Theta Casa Nova (optional RF demodulator)
Linn 5103 (4c, 1o)

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Posted: 12 Aug 2012, 07:06 

tomtastic, what's your system chain like?

System chain? Not sure on meaning, but here's pretty much everything setup:


Primary Room:
Pioneer Elite VSX-53
Pioneer Elite DVL-90
Denon AVD-2000
HD PVR 1212
Mac Mini 2.3 4gb memory mid 2011 HDMI w' portable Blu-ray drive
running Plex Media Server
LG 65" 3D LCD

Front: Klipch RP-5's has internal powered 12"s 8" mid and horn
Center: Klipsch RC-35 dual 6.5's and horn
Side: cheap 4" JBL's on stands
Rear: RP-3's has internal powered 10's 6.5 mid and horn
Rear Sub: Klipsch KSW 15" internal powered


Room 2
Sony Receiver, it's 10 years old but still kickin' not great but works
52" Sharp LCD
Mac Mini late 2009 running Plex
Xbox 360

Front: Trap 15's bought on eBay for cheap, they're like club speakers, metal handles. Temporary till I get more RP-5's
Center: something cheap from thrift store, sound comes out of it.
Rear: same as above, I got center and two surrounds for about $15, and they fill this room okay.
no sub yet, so 5.0 system.

Main server rack:
Xserve hosts everything with 2TB storage
additional 6TB storage via eSata card more storage on the way. Two 4 bay enclosures so 4x3TB+12x2=24TB total, ahh can't wait to get all the drives...
24port Gigabit hub, I have both rooms and all desktops hard wired, laptops and portable devices are wireless.
Backup Power Supply, good for 45 mins.

Also have a Mitsubishi HC 1600 projector, it's 720p and a portable tripod screen, about 110". Don't use it much. Don't have a dedicated room for it. Also made a custom 15' screen with two queen-size sheets for outside. It's cooling down, so should be ready for a movie out on the deck. I use my Macbook Pro to play movies out there running Plex.

For LD transfers, I have LD PCM, AC3, DTS (actually I need to unplug the DTS now and run right to receiver since it isn't compatible with HD PVR) to Denon AVD-2000, Optical out to HD PVR, I also have Directv Optical to Denon AVD sharing same output to HD PVR, switchable on front panel of Denon. That way, no unplugging when recording something else. USB out to Mac mini from HD PVR. Then it's looped out from HD PVR to receiver for pass thru. Watch while recording, or not. LD/Directv share same input on receiver, have to switch sound on Denon to pass thru optical between the two. Works good like this, so I might leave it. No unplugging and I think these two will be what I use HD PVR for anyway. I also have HDMI hooked up on Directv to receiver so I can bypass the components to HD PVR altogether and the same with LD, I have Svideo ran to HD PVR and composite going to receiver, so can bypass HD PVR too.

Always looking for more Klipsch speakers, especially RP-5's, RP-3's, KSP-400's, KSP-300's. Built in powered subs are awesome, great mid range and 6" horn's for crystal clear highs. Like to get Klipsch THX Sub, $1500 retail each though. Or RSW 15. Pretty rare and never see on eBay. KSW 15's are hard to find now too.

Not sure if that's what you meant but I don't think I've ever put down what I'm running anywhere so there it is. I'd love to hear what laserbite34 has going on at his flop across the pond! I see all that old tech in his pics and I can just smell the electronic burn of cinema euphoria! :D

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Posted: 02 Apr 2013, 14:46 

The part VNL-1779 costs $4.25 from Pioneer. I have a post about this talking about the shipping charge ($14.46) which I think is too much. Oh well, it is too bad I am reading your post now. I ordered the VNL-1779 part from Pioneer on 3/30. If I had known that you needed the same part, I could have added it to the shipment with no increase in shipping charge and sent it to you by USPS. It will cost you $4.25 for the part plus $14.46 shipping plus $2.95 for shipping and handling plus any sales tax to order the part from Pioneer. With New York sales tax, the part cost me $23.58.

I have the same problem that you are having except it is with a CLD-D406 player. The player will play side 1 okay. The pickup will then go to side 2 and play it okay. The problem comes when the pickup tries to get back to its side1 position. The pickup stalls on moving along the track in many places and will not get to its side 1 position without outside help. I have a spare CLD-D406 player that seems to have good gearing in the optical pickup except that the pickup cannot detect an LD or CD when there is one on the tray. I think that the disc sensor is part of the optical pickup and the pickup assembly is listed at ~$135 which is much more money then I spent on both players. So repair of my parts player will have to wait for a long time.

The 2 CLD-D406 players I have I won off E-bay. Both have and have had the same problem with the gearing being broken on the optical pickup. I do not know if both had the gearing broken during shipment or were originally broken before shipment. I did not return either of them as the shipping charges to return each them was about equal to what each cost. For example, it would have cost about $20 to ship one back and then I would have been refunded about $20 from the seller. I say this about shipping of the 2 players because I have 2 Sony LD players that I won off E-bay. Both were shipped to me and both have had no problems. No breakage of gearing or any internal parts and both worked out of the shipping box the day I received both. Do you suppose that the design of the pickup assembly is "more rugged" on the Sony's than the Pioneer's and is capable of surviving shipment better (granted the player's packing is big variable here)? I know that this sounds heretical to Pioneer fans; but, it is just an observation of mine.

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Posted: 28 Jan 2014, 18:36 

Sorry to zombie up an old thread, but my perspective seemed a relevant contrast to some of the sentiment here.

I own a McIntosh MLD-7020 as my primary/only LD player, and it was the third player I've owned in my history as an LD hobbyist. (The initial ones were an intro-level Pioneer (I forget the model number, it was a $300 special at Magnolia Hi-Fi back in the mid-90s, didn't even have digital outputs), then a Pioneer DVL-919 that I acquired in the early 00's.) The McIntosh MLD-7020 came into my life in early 2011, and I chose it not because of the mystical McIntosh mojo (as difficult as this might be to believe, I was naive to that at the time). Instead, it was a purely pragmatic decision, where that model became the best candidate when deciding to purchase an LD player with better PQ than the DVL-919.

This was after much research on the cost-performance benefits of the various models (CLD-97, CLD-99, X9, S9, X0, etc.), where I finally settled on the CLD-97 equivalent as my personal sweet spot (plus it helps that I'm charmed by its brick-like form factor). Sure, the X9/X0/etc. have indisputably better PQ, but for me the cost bump was past the point of diminishing returns. Once I decided on the CLD-97/MLD-7020, I needed to consider: (1) I already had an investment in a considerable number of DTS/DD LDs and an RF decoder, and (2) you might find this lame, but my custom-built AV cabinet only has 18" of width clearance; with the wood panels installed, the CLD-97 exceeds that by a quarter inch or so, while the MLD-7020 has some room to spare. Plus, it's trivial to find glowing recommendations for the MLD-7020 online. One could argue that they're all brandstruck, but given the glowing amount of feedback there is online for the CLD-97, I don't think that's the case.

So I kept watch for a while, and when I found an MLD-7020 (with original remote and manual) via eBay for $800 that was local enough for an in-person pick-up, it seemed meant to happen. For comparison, at the time the going price for a CLD-97 was about $600+, depending on condition.

Even if the prices cited in this thread are accurate ($400 vs. $800), I don't think the MLD-7020 is that much over-priced, if at all, at least for someone who wants a unit with a built-in AC-3 RF output. While I don't know what today's cost is for having such an upgrade custom-installed in a CLD-97, I suspect that after paying for parts and labor, plus shipping/transport/insurance both ways, plus the time/cost involved with properly packing a big LD player for foolproof shipping, plus inconvenience, peace of mind, etc., any difference would be in the noise. Of course, if you want a Pioneer, this isn't a Pioneer (at least on the outside), but for me, having the exact functionality I wanted as an out-of-the-box turnkey purchase was worth the price bump.

As I mentioned, I was naive to McIntosh's snob-appeal at the time, and it's actually become a minor embarrassment, as friends will come over and say, "Ooooh! A McIntosh! I didn't know you were into that kind of thing." While I have no issue with AV components that look good (and the MLD-7020 certainly looks good, especially with its lights aglow), conspicuous consumption is the last thing on my mind when it comes to my HT setup. In fact, I'm fairly brand-loyal to Pioneer, so the McIntosh seems awkwardly out of place among all the other Pioneer components that surround it.

All of that said, I totally love this LD player. It's solid, it plays well, it's quiet, it has great PQ (given that it's LD, of course), it has terrific SQ, it's not too exotic to find parts for it, it doesn't need a voltage transformer, and its presence in my home theater has elevated my enjoyment of laserdiscs more than ever before. I tried out some low-level video processors, to see if I could eke out some better video performance, and nothing passed a blinded A/B test. My only gripe is that I wish its fluorescent display was Pioneer Elite amber instead of McIntosh cyan. If I ever find the opportunity to salvage the display from a non-working CLD-97, it would be a fun project to swap it out.

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Posted: 14 Jan 2016, 06:40 

I'm using this page as a base:

We will adjust/enrich the list as we go.
Just post an update to confirm or insert a new one and I will update the main list.

For now it has Hi-Vision LD Players, LD Players, Combi LD+DVD Players, LD-G decoder, Karaoke Modules.
We could add MUSE decoder/converter and other exotic devices as well.

Confirmed device/remote pairs will be turned to GREEN .

[+] = Has been added to the hardware database



MODEL Reference / REMOTE CONTROL reference (Manufacturer Part Number)


[+] HLD-X9 / CU-HLD003 (VXX2437)
[+] HLD-X0 / CU-HLD002 (VXX2147)
[+] HLD-1000 / CU-HLD001

[+] LD-S9 / CU-LD020 (VXX2464) + CU-CLD134 (compatible)
[+] CLD-R7G / CU-CLD150 (VXX2541) + CU-CLD134 (compatible)
[+] CLD-3760KV / CU-CLD145
[+] CLD-R6G / CU-CLD140 (VXX2416) + CU-CLD134 (compatible)
[+] CLD-100K / CU-CLD137 (VXX1672)
[+] CLD-D606 / CU-CLD135 (VXX2412)
[+] CLD-D505 / CU-CLD135 (VXX2412)
[+] CLD-R5 / CU-CLD134 (VXX2400)
[+] CLD-R4 / CU-CLD134 (VXX2400)
[+] CLD-C3 / CU-CLD134 (VXX2400)
[+] CLD-K99V / CU-CLD130 (VXX2364)
[+] CLD-K8V / CU-CLD130 (VXX2364)
[+] CLD-K22G / CU-CLD129 (VXX2279) + CU-CLD130 (compatible)
[+] CLD-K66G / CU-CLD127 + CU-CLD130 (compatible)
[+] ??? / CU-CLD128 (VXX2280)
[+] ??? / CU-CLD126 (VXX2277)
[+] CLD-2750K / CU-CLD125 (VXX2114)
[+] ??? / CU-CLD124 (VXX2268)
[+] CLD-59 / CU-CLD121 (VXX2243)
[+] CLD-79 / CU-CLD120 (VXX2255)
[+] PAC-PC1 for CLD-A100 / CU-CLD118
[+] CLD-PC10 / CU-CLD118
[+] CLD-99 / CU-CLD117 (VXX2224)
[+] CLD-V700 / CU-V117
[+] CLD-D515 / CU-CLD116
[+] CLD-D925 / CU-CLD115
[+] ??? / CU-CLD114 (VXX2241)
[+] CLD-C5G / CU-CLD113 (VXX2240) + CU-CLD134 (compatible)
[+] CLD-D504 / CU-CLD112 (VXX2244)
[+] CLD-R4 / CU-CLD111 (VXX2245) + CU-CLD134 (compatible)
[+] CLD-C3 / CU-CLD111 (VXX2245) + CU-CLD134 (compatible)
[+] CLD-Z1 / CU-CLD110 (VXX2169) + CU-CLD134 (compatible)
[+] CLD-HF7G / CU-CLD109 (VXX2127) + CU-CLD134 (compatible)
[+] CLD-HF9G / CU-CLD108 (VXX2126) + CU-CLD134 (compatible)
[+] CLD-S270 / CU-CLD106 (VXX2115) + CU-CLD134 (compatible)
[+] CLD-S104 / CU-CLD106 (VXX2115) + CU-CLD134 (compatible)
[+] CLD-D406 / CU-CLD134 (VXX2400)
[+] CLD-C1 / CU-CLD105 (VXX2114)
[+] CLD-V850 / CU-CLD104 (VXX2068)
[+] CLD-53 / CU-CLD103
[+] ??? / CU-CLD102 (VXX2071)
[+] CLD-K33G / CU-CLD101
[+] CLD-V2730K / CU-CLD100
[+] CLD-K88G / CU-CLD099
[+] CLD-D703 / CU-CLD098 (VXX2257)
[+] CLD-D704 / CU-CLD098 (VXX2257)
[+] CLD-2950 / CU-CLD097
[+] CLD-1950 / CU-CLD096
[+] CLD-950 / CU-CLD095
[+] CLD-S260/SD / CU-CLD093 (VXX1921)
[+] CLD-02 / CU-CLD093 (VXX1921)
[+] CLD-05 / CU-CLD092 (VXX1922)
[+] CLD-O7G / CU-CLD091 (VXX1891)
[+] CLD-97 / CU-CLD090 (VXX1850)
[+] CLD-K55G / CU-CLD089 (VXX1860)
[+] CLD-A100 / CU-CLD085 (DXX2108)
[+] CLD-D503 / CU-CLD084 (VXX1836)
[+] CLD-D502 / CU-CLD084 (VXX1836)
[+] CLD-2850 / CU-CLD081
[+] CLD-555 / CU-CLD079
[+] CLD-1700 / CU-CLD077
[+] CLD-1800 / CU-CLD077
[+] ??? / CU-CLD076 (VXX1604)
[+] ??? / CU-CLD075 (VXX1761)
[+] CLD-K77G / CU-CLD074
[+] CLD-K11 / CU-CLD073
[+] CLD-700 / CU-CLD072
[+] CLD-800 / CU-CLD072
[+] CLD-01 / CU-CLD071
[+] CLD-1750 / CU-CLD071
[+] CLD-52 / CU-CLD070 (VXX1731)
[+] CLD-D501 / CU-CLD069 (VXX1732)
[+] CLD-D750 / CU-CLD068 (VXX1721)
[+] CLD-D702 / CU-CLD068 (VXX1721)
[+] CLD-D701 / CU-CLD068 (VXX1721)
[+] ??? / CU-CLD067 (VXX1732)
[+] CLD-M301 / CU-CLD064 (VXX1735)
[+] CLD-M401/CLD-M403/CLD-M450 / CU-CLD063 (VXXX1736)
[+] CLD-98 / CU-CLD062 (VXX1672)
[+] CLD-939 / CU-CLD062 (VXX1672)
[+] CLD-959 / CU-CLD062 (VXX1672)
[+] CLD-757 / CU-CLD062 (VXX1672)
[+] CLD-737 / CU-CLD061
[+] CLD-535 / CU-CLD060
[+] CLD-600 / CU-CLD059
[+] CLD-95 / CU-CLD052 (VXX1546)
[+] ??? / CU-CLD051 (VXX1542)
[+] CLD-990 / CU-CLD050
[+] CLD-200 / CU-CLD049
[+] CLD-31 / CU-CLD048 (VXX1530)
[+] CLD-1190 / CU-CLD048 (VXX1530)
[+] CLD-1090 / CU-CLD048 (VXX1530)
[+] CLD-1091 / CU-CLD048 (VXX1530)
[+] CLD-1600 / CU-CLD048 (VXX1530)
[+] CLD-V840 / CU-CLD047 (VXX1604)
[+] CLD-1590K / CU-CLD046 (VXX1603)
[+] CLD-V720 / CU-CLD046 (VXX1603)
[+] CLD-F7 / CU-CLD045
[+] CLD-F1 / CU-CLD044
[+] CLD-K1100 / CU-CLD043
[+] CLD-K700 / CU-CLD042 (VXX1787)
[+] ??? / CU-CLD040 (VXX1541)
[+] CLD-2090 / CU-CLD039 (VXX1536)
[+] CLD-3090 / CU-CLD038 (VXX1538)
[+] CLD-313 / CU-CLD037 (VXX1470)
[+] CLD-919 / CU-CLD035
[+] CLD-616 / CU-CLD035
[+] CLD-980 / CU-CLD034 (VXX1442)
[+] ??? / CU-CLD033 (VXX1442)
[+] CLD-K1000 / CU-CLD032
[+] CLD-K600 / CU-CLD032
[+] CLD-110 / CU-CLD031 (VXX1410)
[+] CLD-1580K / CU-CLD030 (VXX1383)
[+] CLD-2080 / CU-CLD029 (VXX1418)
[+] CLD-X919 / RPX-1025
[+] CL-X919 / RPX-1025
LK-V37 / No remote control, using the remote of that attached player
LK-V38 / No remote control, using the remote of that attached player
LK-810 / ???
[+] CL-X90 / CU-CL003 (RPX-1012)
[+] CLD-J700 / CU-CX002
[+] X-L7 / CU-CX002
[+] ??? / CU-CLD027 (VXX1268)
[+] CLD-303 / CU-CLD026
[+] CLD-3080 / CU-CLD024 (VXX1351)
[+] CLD-1400 / CU-CLD023
[+] CLD-1450 / CU-CLD023
[+] CLD-500 / CU-CLD022
[+] CLD-909 / CU-CLD021
[+] CLD-100 / CU-CLD020
[+] CLD-E130 / CU-CLD020
[+] CLD-K80 / CU-CLD019 (VXX1269)
[+] CLD-K50 / CU-CLD019 (VXX1269)
[+] LD-S2 / CU-LD019 (VXX1370)
[+] LD-X1 / CU-LD018
[+] CLD-92 / CU-CLD018 (VXX1268)
[+] CLD-1070 / CU-CLD017 (VXX1249)
[+] CLD-1570K / CU-CLD017 (VXX1249)
[+] ??? / CU-LD017 (VXX1293)
[+] CLD-2070 / CU-CLD016 (VXX1254)
[+] CLD-3070 / CU-CLD015 (VXX1244)
[+] ??? / CU-LD015 (VXX1142)
[+] CLD-360 / CU-CLD014
[+] CLD-770 / CU-CLD013
[+] CLD-E110 / CU-CLD013
[+] ??? / CU-LD013 (VXX1129)
[+] CLD-970 / CU-CLD012
[+] CLD-1200 / CU-CLD011
[+] LD-W1 / CU-LD011
[+] CLD-K8 / CU-CLD010
LD-K17 / Remote control sold separately
[+] CLD-1030 / CU-CLD009 (VXX1122)
[+] CLD-3030 / CU-CLD008 (VXX1133)
[+] LD-S1 / CU-LD008 (VXX1038)
[+] CLD-99S / CU-CLD007
[+] LD-838D / CU-LD007 (VXX1030)
[+] CLD-77 / CU-CLD006
[+] LK-700 / CU-LK006
LD-S1 / CU-LD005 (VXX1016) + CU-CLD109 compatible
[+] CLD-1050 / CU-CLD005 (VXX1058)
[+] LD-8200D / CU-LD004 (VXX1040)
[+] CLD-1010 / CU-CLD004 (VXX1040)
[+] CLD-70 / CU-CLD003
[+] CLD-909 / CU-CLD002 (VXX-582)
[+] CLD-901 / CU-CLD002 (VXX-582)
[+] LD-9200D / CU-LD001 (VXX564)
[+] CLD-900 / CU-900
[+] CLD-7 / CU-CLD001 (VXX1006)
[+] LD-7100 / CU-7100
[+] LD-7000 / CU-7000
[+] CLD-9000 / CU-9000
[+] LD-1100 / CU-1100
[+] LD-700 / CU-700
[+] LD-1000 / CU-1000
[+] ??? / CU-V157 (VXX2616)
[+] ??? / CU-V155 (VXX2553)
[+] ??? / CU-V154 (VXX2543)
[+] ??? / CU-V152 (VXX2453)
[+] CLD-V5000 / CU-V151 (VXX2368)
[+] ??? / CU-V132 (DXR1025)
[+] ??? / CU-V128 (AXD1254)
[+] ??? / CU-V124 (AXD1222)
[+] LD-V1012 / CU-V122 (DXR-1015)
[+] ??? / CU-V120
[+] ??? / CU-V117 (VXX1314)
[+] ??? / CU-V113A (DXR1036)
[+] ??? / CU-V113 (DXR1006)
[+] ??? / CU-V111 (VXX1217)
[+] ??? / CU-V110 (VXX1191)
[+] ??? / CU-V109 (AXD1046)
[+] LD-E100 / CU-V103 (DXX-1027)
LD-V2020 / ???
LD-V530 / ???
LD-V540 / ???
[+] ??? / CU-V102 (DXX1033)

[LD+DVD Combi]
[+] ??? / CU-DV051 (VXX2647)
[+] ??? / CU-DV049 (VXX2643)
[+] ??? / CU-DV048 (VXX2642)
[+] ??? / CU-DV036 (VXX2627)
[+] DVL-919 (US) / CU-DV030 (VXX2609)
[+] DVL-919E (EU) / CU-DV029
[+] DVL-909 (US) / CU-DV028
[+] DVL-919 (JP) / CU-DV027 (VXX2603) or any model from CU-DV012 (VXX2625) to CU-DV027
[+] DVL-H9 / CU-DV027 (VXX2603) or any model from CU-DV012 (VXX2625) to CU-DV027
[+] DVL-909 (JP) / CU-DV027 (VXX2603) or any model from CU-DV012 (VXX2625) to CU-DV027
[+] ??? / CU-DV026 (VXX2602)
[+] ??? / CU-DV022 (VXX2599)
DVL-909 sold in X-HT501 set / CU-DV021
[+] ??? / CU-DV020 (VXX2576)
[+] ??? / CU-DV019 (VXX2572)
DVL-909 / CU-DV018 (VXX2549)
[+] DVL-91 / CU-DV017 (VXX2562)
[+] DVL-K88 / CU-DV015 (VXX2536)
[+] ??? / CU-DV011 (VXX2532)
[+] ??? / CU-DV008 (VXX2540)
[+] ??? / CU-DV004 (VXX2398)
[+] DVK-900 / CU-DVK003 (VXX2598)
[+] DVK-1000 / CU-DVK001 (VXX2467) or CU-DVK002 (VXX2468)
[+] DVL-9 / CU-DV002
[+] DVL-700 / CU-DV001 (VXX2399)

[+] PD-707V / CU-PD009 (PWW1007)

[LD-G Decoder]
[+] LG-1 / CU-LG001 (VXX1781)

[+] CO-V12 / CU-V126
CO-V50 / From CU-V101 to CU-V126


[+] LA-210 / RC-522
[+] LA-3500 / RC-520
[+] LA-3100 / RC-517
[+] LA-3000 / RC-502


[+] CDV-750 / RC-750

[+] CDV-185 / RC-5480


[+] LX-120 / RAK-LX305W
[+] LX-121 / RAK-LX305W
[+] LD600 / VEQ1509
[+] LX-300 / VEQ0765
[+] LX-600 / VEQ1509
[+] LD700 / VEQ1434
[+] LX-900U / VEQ1433
[+] ??? / VEQ1379
[+] LX-1000 / VEQ1185
LX-2000 / VEQ1183 // Can't find a LX-2000... typo?
[+] ??? / VEQ1715
[+] LX-H180 / VEQ1714
[+] ??? / VEQ1125
[+] ??? / RAK-LXQ18WH
LX-K750 / ???
[+] LX-K380 / RAK-LX301W
[+] LX-K550 / RAK-LX017WH
[+] LX-K700 / RAK-LX307W
[+] LX-K770 / RAK-LX139W
[+] LX-K780 / RAK-LX174WH
LVD-Z1 / KENWOOD compatible

[MUSE Decoder]
[+] TU-AHD100 and TU-AHD100N / TNQ10454


HLD-2000 HDL-2000 / RM-2000

[+] HIL-C2EX / RMT-M28
[+] HIL-C1 / RMT-M18
[+] HIL-1000 / RM-2001A

MDP-V70G / RMT-M40
MDP-A30 / RMT-M37
MDP-A10 / RMT-M34
MDP-U330P / RMT-M32
MDP-U50G / RMT-M29
MDP-RC20 / RMT-M26
MDP-A10 / RMT-M25
MDP-U10 / RMT-M24
MDP-RS10 / RMT-M23
MDP-U30 / RMT-M21
MDP-U300P / RMT-M21
MDP-A7 / RMT-M20
MDP-600 / RMT-M19A / 1-693-095-81
MDP-A1 / RMT-M19B / 1-693-095-91
MDP-555SA / RMT-M17
MDP-U3 / RMT-M16
MDP-650D / RMT-M14
MDP-K15 / RMT-M13
MDP-K5 / RMT-M13
MDP-455 / RMT-M12
MDP-455SA / RMT-M12
MDP-K8 / RMT-M11
MDP-405 / RMT-M10
MDP-L405 / RMT-M10
MDP-999 / RMT-J999
MDP-911 / RMT-J911
MDP-711 / RMT-J711
MDP-605 / RMT-S605
MDP-601 / RMT-J601
MDP-555F / RMT-J555F
MDP-555 / RMT-J555
MDP-333 / RMT-333
MDP-111 / RMT-111A
MDP-11 / RMT-11
MDP-290 / RMT-11
MDP-9 / RMT-9
MDP-201 RMT-801 + RMT-101 compatible
MDP-801 / RMT-801 + RMT-101 compatible
MDP-AV1 / RMT-101

CDP-301V / RM-D301V


CDV-S100 / RS 100


CD-V900 BK / CD-V900

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Posted: 31 Dec 2016, 06:13 

Hi everyone,

Thought it was time that I showcase some work I did about 12 yrs ago when I was really serious about maintaining my LD collection and wanted to have an army of players capable of outputting Dolby Digital for today's AV Receivers' that do not have an AC3-RF Input.

Thus, I went on a buying spree back then and purchased four AC3-RF Demodulator boards from BDE Electronics out of Australia. The boards made their way into various machines over time and my plan was to keep moving them into better players as I acquired them. Anyway, this thread is about the conversion I made to my CLD-D701 so here we go w/ some pics......

AC3-RF Output Board

The two boards as connected in the player

The AC3-RF Demodulator w/ RCA jack connection

Coax cable connection on the bottom of the AC3-RF Demodulator

The RCA jack for the new "AC-3 Digital Output"

Of the other three boards I have, one of them is currently inside a Denon LA-3100 (701 / 702 clones), a third one is waiting for a home inside of a CLD-D703 and the fourth one (just recently removed from a 2nd Denon LA-3100) is going to be stored away for now until I find a new player for it. I plan @ some point to have a set-up w/ a CLD-D703 (modified) and CLD-D704 (stock) that would connect to a Sony SDP-EP9ES as a digital switch box and then connected to a Denon AVR-2808CI. In addition, another set-up I have will also have a similar set-up comprising of two Denon, LA-3100 (one modded w/ just AC3-RF and one w/ AC3-Digital) connected to a Denon, AVD-2000 as a digital switch box and then connected to a Denon AVR-3805. Thus, I'll have two home theaters with a two player set-up that would work in tandem so I won't have to get up and swap discs for the typical two disc movie w/ full Dolby Digital 5.1 compatibility.

Hope you enjoyed the pics.. :) I'll post about my 703 and M90 conversion when I eventually get it done.


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Posted: 31 Mar 2017, 19:47 

To me this is an OEM. But when it's clearly the same player on the outside - like the Halcyon player was - and the Magnavox equivalents too (of the Pioneer LD-700), a "Rebadge" tag makes sense. Or maybe Rebranding.

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Posted: 18 Jan 2020, 13:55 

Thanks man, all pieced together with used gear over a long long time, I love and appreciate each piece because they were hard for me to get..

Closeup of the hardware (other miscellaneous gear, genlock, tape deck, SACD player, MD deck all inside the unit behind the doors:

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Posted: 18 Jan 2020, 14:30 

i used to drool over this ad when i was a kid;

in adulthood, i ended up gradually piecing together a similar sort of system, that far exceeds it,
built around the very same superlative diehard workhorse TOTL PIONEER A/V receiver;

a year or two ago now, i came across a pair of POLK AUDIO R10 2-WAY mini-monitors
whose sound quality somehow manages to completely blow away every previous speaker system i've ever owned,
even those big PIONEER floorstanders seen above;

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Posted: 23 Jan 2021, 03:03 

So skimming through this topic I gather it is not real AC3 but fake AC3? Media Info is identifying as 384kb or 364kb with 48h and calling it AC3. I can't give the exact specifications right now because my computer is currently capturing another laserdisc. MediaInfo which I don't know how accurate it is calling it AC3 audio when I capture the Audio with Spdif or whatever it's called which is the Optical Audio. Optical Audio is not real AC3 audio so what it's picking up is not AC3? Even if it's fake AC3 or whatever this audio format that is being incorrectly identified in MediaInfo it sure does sound better than red, white cords. I do prefer the optical audio over the red and white but some movies don't like the optical audio. I can take a snapshot of it around 10pm after my capture is done. So around 10:05 or 10:10pm EST I can show you what MediaInfo is claiming about the capture. MediaInfo is calling it AC3. Maybe the capture device I'm using Hauppauge is making it fake AC3?

Nothing is “fake”. You just don’t have AC3. Your player won’t do Dolby Digital. We are %100 sure about this, question whatever the heck MediaInfo is.

Also, please do not “skim” a thread that multiple people spent actual time correctly writing for your benefit. It shows no respect for the effort they donated to you.

LD audio is a little confusing when someone first sees a later player but it took time to get that way.


Introduction, analog stereo from analog outs. Most discs retain the matrixed Dolby Surround from theatrical versions.

Digital Sound is added, now there are two soundtracks to choose from, only analog outs.

Digital outs start to show up giving you raw PCM of the Digital track from a digital out (SPDIF or TOSLINK, it varies). Analog outs will still do analog or Digital tracks.

Theaters start to get Dolby Digital movies. Pioneer figures out a way to squeeze DD onto the disc sacrificing only one of the analog soundtracks. Now users can use the standard Dolby Surround or Dolby Digital 5.1 if they have a RF demodulator.

DTS debuts in theaters, to fit this much higher quality 5.1 signal on an LD it takes the place of the normal Digital track meaning that the disc only has Dolby Surround on the analogs.

LD ends.


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Posted: 29 Mar 2021, 07:06 

Did you buy it this way or did it used to play fine and you now have issues? If you just bought it I'd return it. Someone would have to try to perform a complete alignment as either the laser is way out of alignment or the laser needs replacement.

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Posted: 29 Mar 2021, 17:52 

This is definitely an odd issue.

It plays CD's fine (which is always Side A) but LD playback on Side A is just crap but B is nearly perfect. I would assume nothing electronic is messed up since B looks great. Thus, I'm thinking it could be some additional mechanical adjustment just for the A side.

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Posted: 30 Mar 2021, 00:11 

A proud owner of this set again.

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Posted: 31 Mar 2021, 03:05 

The pictures are crosstalk issues, can be alignment or the laser going bad. You have to perform the alignment to see it the picture can be cleared. If the laser is going out you’ll never get a clean picture.

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Posted: 01 Apr 2021, 22:23 

The manuals section here has the service manual. You need to go there and look at the adjustment pages and see if you can do it. It does require test equipment.

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 Post subject: Re: What does U1 mean?
Posted: 02 Apr 2021, 19:24 

It uses VEB1184.

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Posted: 03 Apr 2021, 01:18 

I've done that. Referencing CLD-D406 and CLD-D604 SMs, they have the same base but different CD doors. I have a CLD-D604 tray I can sell, but someone here might have the entire assembly.

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 Post subject: Re: What does U1 mean?
Posted: 03 Apr 2021, 01:23 

Go to website and order a SCQ3.8 belt

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 Post subject: Re: What does U1 mean?
Posted: 03 Apr 2021, 04:37 

Full list of error codes always here => [GLOBAL] List of Pioneer Error Codes


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Posted: 16 Apr 2021, 04:30 

Hey everyone. I’m in the middle of repairing a 505 with a broken m mount. I tried gluing it back together and it seemed to work, but I was getting skipping/looping problems. I am a 3D printing enthusiast and I decided to go ahead and try my hand at modeling the VLN1700. My unit has the older gray model so that’s what I’m working off of. When I’m done with the model I will release it so others can improve it and/or use it to get their players working again. I’m not interested in trying to turn it into a business or anything, I just want us to be able to fix our players. Here’s a pic of my in progress model.
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