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Posted: 17 Jan 2020, 21:39 

Unless you have a UPS or a really good surge suppressor then unplugging old stuff is the safest thing to do. Aside from power fluctuations though leaving it plugged in forever is usually fine.

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Posted: 17 Jan 2020, 21:57 

I unplug most things I'm not currently using. I have so much stuff a lot of it is packed away.

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Posted: 18 Jan 2020, 01:16 

If your power supply ever fails due to something like this, it doesn't necessarily mean your player is dead and gone. It could be as simple as replacing a fuse. Either way it is probably more repairable than a dead optical pickup.

I leave my players unplugged when I'm not using them.

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Posted: 19 Jan 2020, 04:19 

Are you sure your player isn’t out of whack? I very rarely get bad discs, but then I tend to stick with sellers I know I like, usually sellers in Japan or the better shops here in LDDB. If you’re buying from all these different sellers and getting bad discs on a regular basis then frankly I suspect something on your end. Are you only buying super early Discovision or CDVs or something? Do you have more than one player to test? If you’re buying basic movies from the peak of LD like Terminator 2 and Forest Gump and Speed and stuff and it hasn’t been stored in super nasty conditions then bad discs really should be 1/100 max, probably not even that

LD is honestly a pretty reliable format with the rot prone stuff being fairly uncommon and usually known and easy to to keep clear of. I’ve been collecting since 92 and defective discs aren’t even something I think about. There are a couple of known rotters I have avoided but in general I just buy whatever I think looks cool realizing super early titles will be more rot prone. LDs are in no way prone to warping so if they are warped then somebody warped them. They will not do that if properly stored. Also, shipping destroys more LDs than anything.

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Posted: 19 Jan 2020, 04:21 

Well I think you need to try and pickup some discs or lots locally then you can be happy and have a bunch of discs.
Once you have a lot then you can start to pick and choose on ebay what you really want or focus on collecting.

I know I've seen sellers just put a stack and start to take pics and remove the top disc/vinyl LP and go to the next, so it may have been the
dipstick dealer who was doing that??

Also its hard to play test a 5 dollar disc when you are reselling.
Personally I'm selling off some discs and I do play test my stuff but I only have a handful on ebay now.

Rot is one thing, warped is another but from what I'm reading you had 20 in a row????
Can't remember your other posts, how many discs do you own and how many players, are you sure your player is OK?
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