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Posted: 18 Feb 2020, 22:24 

Hi all,

I wanted to post to this thread to tidy up the discussion for future searchers seeking to repair. It took me a while because the replaced belt VEB1184 came from an eBay seller in Singapore. Seen in the picture below the replacement is the upper one. Definitely smaller in diameter.

I removed the old belt, cleaned the pulleys with alcohol and affixed new one making sure not to get lithium grease or finger oils on it. Re-assembled everything back to the original positions. As noted by Idfan, you do NOT have to remove the carriage assembly. Only do this if you are confident in your skills, note where all of the screws come from and are very careful with the wires. The only reason I can see to remove the carriage assembly is to do a slightly better job at greasing up the tracks and gears. Belt is very easy to replace at that point but not worth the construction effort.

With the new belt in place it worked instantly to fully load and play LD and CD!

Good news I have an extra VEB1184 compatible replacement belt for anyone with a unit in this class that uses a single belt loader design. This would be many of the later model CLD Elite and non-Elite models. PM me if interested.

Cheers and thanks for the help!
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