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Posted: 17 Mar 2021, 08:16 

Thank you for your replies, you're very nice people at the end. And it's true, one can't compare the effort and resources of a comic-book issue to the one of a film. Actually I'm a very big fan of Roberto Rossellini films, and as you say, this ones were a whole historical movement by it self that can't be compare to anything we can do this days with the actual freedom of expression we have in most of the world. (Don't take me wrong, I know that there's still a lot of problems in the world to be resolved and this only apply mostly in what we call the First World)

By the way, if you are interest in golden era comic-book stuff, you should check out the marvel masterworks that has bean realising the past few years.

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Posted: 18 Mar 2021, 19:54 

Of course it's the John Byrne era she-hulk. As you may know Panini is the editorial that got the rights for marvel in almost all Europe; because of this, the publication of marvel comics is pretty good. We're only a couple of issues delayed respect usa publication and the quality of this ones are in my opinion even better than the originals, you know, better paper and plastic covers. For the old stuff they publish way less than what you can get in english, but they're making really good editions so I think it's worth it to wait two years for the next OmniGold of any series if the material is good.
On the other hand other usa editorials like DC or Image are not that lucky. In the case DC almost in every country a different editorial bought the rights for DC publishing and they are inconsistent as f**k, to give you an idea in Spain we've had three different editorials in the past ten years. Old stuff is almost impossible to get and the they only publish what they know is going to shell well of the new stuff, so yeah... pretty lame.
Last but not least I should talk about independent comic-book creators like the ones from Image, Dark horse or Boom studios. Since the publication rights are own by the authors, every single series is edited by a different publisher, and because of that, only the really huge comic books come through, like Saga, Paper Girls and things like that (Brian K. fan, sorry not sorry).
Most of as who really like independent comic books order directly usa issues from the Previews catalog, but their shipping methodology is really poor. For example, I've bean waiting for Adventure man #3 since it release and I already got the number 4, so it's a damn mess basically.

All of this is because USA comic-books are not trending right now, apart for some hard-cover specially published for a movie release or something, almost nobody buy this stuff monthly like me.

On the other side manga is hitting real hard right now, there's more publication than ever and the sells are actually really good. But to be honest, now days manga is not for me anymore. In high school I studied some Japanese and I even got the Noken 4 certificate but I got tired of the new releases. Don't take me wrong, manga it's not bad at all, as matter of fact I'm a good fan of the Gundam series (especially UC era) or the movies of Satoshi Kon, but anyhow I'm not so interested right now.

I've wrote all this real quickly so sorry for my broken English in advance.
By the way, I'm thinking of going abroad to the US once I finish my collage degree to work a couple months there and see how are things around. I was thinking of going to Dallas, Texas because of a scholarship I'm after.
Would you guys like to share your thoughts on the matter?

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Posted: 18 Mar 2021, 23:11 

Just out of curiosity, some spanish LD's are gold colored even if they were 100% LaserDisc branded, not CD-Video.

Here's a recent photo of my setup, the last one on the bottom is my PAL player with one of the Gold LaserDisc I told you, that one is American Gigolo. I can sow you some more if you're interested.

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Posted: 12 Apr 2021, 17:13 

So I was watching this show called Brooklyn 99 and I was very amuse by the fact that the main character "Peralta" still makes mixtapes and listen to cassetts. The thing is that after a couple of episodes I found one with laserdiscs and cool movie references so I felt in the obligation to post it here.

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Posted: 15 Apr 2021, 00:06 

That's so cool men, I've heard the japanese hiking is really incredible. So, there's no hurry, take as much time as you need. I mean, it's amazing that this huge job it have been done just by one person for all this time. Thank you so much.
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