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Posted: 28 Jan 2020, 16:51 

Well this is going to be a bit longer so let´s do it step by step.

First of all, why do I bought the PAL player. It was from a move sealing and cost me only 15 euro, I would bought it even if it was broken. Unexpectedly it works great but it doesn't have digital audio, which suck a bit but in the other hand it reads CDV too. That came really handful actually because i really want to stop using my dreamcast and saturn to play cd video (you know, that lens are really fragile).

In second place let's talk about the sony player I've found, well after a lot of guessing checking out the almost erase label of the front i think that it's a MDP-650D. The price would be 80€ (88$), the store claim that the price is high cause the player have RGB output, but as far as i know the signal recorded on laserdiscs was a composite one, so I don't know if they're lying to me or what, cause it doesn't make a lot of sense.

On third place, about the French market. It's a lot easier and cheaper than the spanish, but i would like to stay local because of high shipping extra costs. The problem it's that find anything on any kind of local retailer it has been hard as hell, no one know anything about laserdisc here, even "profesional" retro stores are really lost.

Maybe the next time i have a little trip to the uk i should buy something there and ship it back by myself.

Btw, you guys are being really helpful, the spanish forums are not as near as active as this one, even when it's about trending topics.

Unfortunately CDV (CD Video) is not the same as VCD (Video CD). CDV is analogue picture and is in effect just a LaserDisc with CD form factor. VCD is just digital video stored on a CD encoded with MPEG-1. It would surprise me if a player without digital audio will read a VCD. Some DVD players can read VCDs though so perhaps you should look at finding a cheap one if you want to stop using your Saturn/Dreamcast for it?

Here is information about the MDP-650D written when it came out:

As you correctly said, LaserDiscs only store composite picture. However, having a TV in Europe that supported NTSC in the 1990s was still quite rare, so the player had a feature where it could decode the NTSC using an internal decoder and output it over RGB SCART. However, the comb filter in a modern TV is *likely* better than the one in a LaserDisc player from the early 1990s, so this feature is not likely to be useful today. It's not a lie, but it's also not amazingly useful today.

As for that price - well, it's not the cheapest price I've seen, but if the player works, I would say go for it. Anything you get over the internet when you include shipping or travel costs to collect it is likely to cost that much.

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Posted: 16 Mar 2021, 17:44 

I seriously doubt anyone ever looked at the spines all together until at least 2005 because there were no completionists. Not even Criterion themselves. It’s not Dragonball manga, it’s a library. Getting all of them is an idea newer than The Criterion Collection.

Can you imagine...back in the day, some 1980s Limited Run style collectard trying to get every Criterion? He’s paying $100 a movie for stuff he’s too dumb to understand and has no time to watch anyway but he can’t stop buying them or else there will be a gap...”I finally got both versions of Ghostbusters but I’m still going to have to come up with $60 for Ikiru!” It would cost thousands per year to buy these new.

As for missing numbers, this is common in any series. Things get planned and then cancelled or delayed.

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Posted: 16 Mar 2021, 21:38 

Then again I remember when collecting you skipped all the X-men until 93? when the Cockrum stuff came out, that Giant size and new characters started it
off again.

Skip the fat and keep the good stuff, even when collecting bubblegum cards you only collect the valuable ones or the teams you like not the sucky teams.
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