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Posted: 07 Jun 2020, 21:59 

Hi everyone, guess I'll start this from the very beginning with my LaserDisc interest.

My first introduction to actually understanding or even knowing what LD was would of been at Service Merchandise, via store and catalog in 1989-90 in the US, specifically the states of PA & NY. Then around 1994, in PA mostly now, I started taking my local bus to the mall an frequenting Suncoast video. This allowed me to scan through all the different LDs there. Back in the era of VHS quality (an usually rentals at that), LD looked incredible for picture quality, audio, packaging, commentary tracks, everything! ha. Some of the boxsets I saw (Ex: Brazil especially...) and packaging pretty much mesmerized me back then.

For better or worse, the Xennial micro generation definition fits my interests pretty well (analog childhood, digital adulthood) across the board, obviously this included LaserDisc. I was somewhat of a Carl Sagan fan as a child and the Voyager Golden records seemed so cool, an to me, a LD was like owning a movie, tv show, whatever on that golden record for myself. From probably 1989-90 until 2016, I always wanted one, but finding a working model at flea markets locally or paying $50-90 S&H on some auctions really killed the appeal. Then in late 2016, by a pure fluke, I received a Pioneer LaserDisc boy have I made progress.....including a 2nd LD player, ha.

Now, full disclosure, I owned about 16 LDs before I received my first player, but now I probably have close to 200 with about 100 pictured to a minimal extent here. I especially focus on collecting B movies (horror, scifi, comedy), Criterion Collection titles, comedy (stoner comedy/parody) and anything associated with the Monty Python crew. :) Back during my teenage years, I was equally into anime, now I sorta have disdain for it, ha. I still collect Japanese Director Satoshi Kon's (RIP) works and some classics though (Ex: Akira, Studio Ghilbi).

Having reduced activity due to covid-19 and the world seemingly going somewhat mad, I had a bit of free time on my hands as of late an thought to myself, "I wonder, a LaserDisc collecting community has to exist somewhere online" an one duckduckgo search later, here I am.

Edit: Fixed various typos

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Posted: 13 Jun 2020, 04:30 

Really going out on a limb here.....

May fall under zeta's trippin balls genre !.

Also by the same creator (Rene Laloux)
These two films are both animated and highly original.
Gives credibility to the imagination and unlimited potentials therein.

Another title that comes to mind is Heath Ledger's last film -
The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnasses. Now that film obviously is from the mind of the Infamous Terry Gilliam.
Another from him is the "Zero Theorem", I do believe these two are also under the "trippin balls" genre category.

Just my two cents.
Have not posted in a bit.
This thread caught my eye and I did not note these titles among those mentioned.

Alright, alright, alright.....

Check ya later !

Going to be checking these titles out, great recommendations all!

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Posted: 13 Jun 2020, 04:50 

A 40” screen will need almost as much juice as the LD player, possibly much more, it very much depends on the TV itself. Below 20W isn’t realistic, even with all the power saving options on.

I don’t know about Yetti batteries but what I’m looking at is 120W 396 Wh, which is pretty much gone from your LD/LCD after a movie or three. Did you say you had four of them? That’s over $2000! I thought the cups were could buy a 2800W Honda generator for that kind of money....this is a phenomenally expensive way to take electricity with you.

Seriously, laptops make way more sense. Most have peak power demands under 60W and normal running just a fraction of that. The entire battery of a modern laptop is under 7000mAh and will play DVDs for 9 hours straight from an internal drive.

I have 1 Goal Zero 400 with 4, "ExpertPower 12v 33ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery [EXP12330]" tied into it along with 2 high efficiency Renogy 100W solar panels running in parallel. Through some lucky deals my whole setup was under $600 USD actually. :)
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