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Posted: 08 Jun 2020, 08:52 

Welcome to the madness Stanley,
You seem to have a collection to be proud of already!
Whats your favourite LD you own?

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Posted: 08 Jun 2020, 09:16 

First, Last and Everything LD please

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Posted: 08 Jun 2020, 09:35 

Welcome mate! :thumbup:

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Posted: 08 Jun 2020, 10:27 

Hello :thumbup: .

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Posted: 08 Jun 2020, 16:04 

Definitely Brazil (cut and uncut) :)

The Brazil boxset sure is one of my favourite lds. I picked up the Japanese Indiana jones boxset not too long ago. Havent watched any yet but the box itself is beautiful. A faux leather finish with golden embossed lettering. It certainly feels like when they released boxsets like these, they were meant to be the definitive releases to have in your collection. An aquisiton to be proud of. You certainly wont get that kind of packaging on the bluray boxset.

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Posted: 08 Jun 2020, 16:12 

That MCA Brazil is a cut that isn't on the Criterion DVD, I don't know if its actually released on DVD or Bluray.
Had it years ago and remember it being a different cut but don't remember the differences, could have been the US Theatrical or something like that.

Nice little collection.

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Posted: 09 Jun 2020, 13:34 


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Posted: 09 Jun 2020, 15:37 

Welcome to the club duderino.

Well, not all comedy but a good time is guaranteed for all.

A Classic: Wizard of Oz, The: The Ultimate Oz - Collector's Edition (1939) [ML103990]

Not that its stoner related but Dead Man is a great movie and a soundtrack that allows your mind to do all the work since there is little dialogue.

I'd also mention any classic animation like Looney Tunes, Disney (esp: Alice in Wonder Land & Fantasia), Winnie the well as things like Heavy Metal (1981) [74656]

Don't forget Pink Floyd's The Wall as well as their concert stuff like Pulse.

In that vein check this out:
Paul McCartney: Rupert & the Frog Song (1985) [PA-86-M037]

How about:
Kids (1995) (Uncut) [LDVM6311]

Also, personally I enjoy all the Nature and Space stuff from Lumivison especially IMAX features:
Ring of Fire (1991) [LVD9509]
Floating World, The (1989) [LVD9024]
To Fly (1976) [LVD9113]

The Mind's Eye series is a trip as well:
Gate to the Mind's Eye, The (1994) [ID2926MM]
Odyssey Into the Mind's Eye (1996) [MLV49877]

These are also pretty chill:
Anima Mundi (1992) [ID2609MM]
Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance (1983) [ID5304PA]
Microcosmos (1996) [10480 CS]
Ansel Adams: Photographer (1981) [ID5339PA]
Isao Tomita: The Planets (1991) [ID8421DB]

Seasonal Stoner ideas:
Nightmare Before Christmas, The: Deluxe CAV Laserdisc Edition (1993) [2774 CS]

Gallagher: Melon Crazy (1984) [LV2339]

I hope you feel better soon ;)

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Posted: 11 Jun 2020, 00:48 

How about the rather superb BBC TV series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Also Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii, a great one on LD (various editions issued) & the DVD can be picked up fairly cheaply & has the original version plus the so called Directors Cut - four guys when they really were on top form.

Hope your issues improve for you, take care.

Cheers :thumbup: .

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Posted: 11 Jun 2020, 00:59 

I agree. This would be hard to determine. I’d assume that most of the current probably gets used up spinning the discs and the heat shed from the transformer power supply.

Verdict: not worth researching or doing.

Turntables run great on batteries...LD players may not make as much sense. You may end up needing 120 watt hours to watch a single movie...and that’s in CLV...minus the display. I’m OG but I’d go with memory cards or even laptops with DVD drives.

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Posted: 11 Jun 2020, 04:56 

What’s the vernacular name for stoner minstrelsy? That’s sort of how I feel about some of these movies and also maybe this thread.

To answer the original question, it’s hard. Nothing from decades ago can compare to Reno 911 or Trailer Park Boys. They are like the high fructose corn syrup of stoner entertainment.

I guess...Tommy? It depends on what kind of experience you’re looking for. The ultimate weed show for me is clearly a tie between Star Trek the Next Generation and Cosmos. If you just want to trip balls then I guess movies like Kids and Brazil are good but to me I’m either looking for something pleasant or quietly philosophical. Galaxy Express 999 or Richard Feynman lectures on Youtube.

But LD is expensive and the discs take up too much room in the van so I don’t know if it matters.

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Posted: 11 Jun 2020, 07:39 

Really going out on a limb here.....

May fall under zeta's trippin balls genre !.

Also by the same creator (Rene Laloux)
These two films are both animated and highly original.
Gives credibility to the imagination and unlimited potentials therein.

Another title that comes to mind is Heath Ledger's last film -
The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnasses. Now that film obviously is from the mind of the Infamous Terry Gilliam.
Another from him is the "Zero Theorem", I do believe these two are also under the "trippin balls" genre category.

Just my two cents.
Have not posted in a bit.
This thread caught my eye and I did not note these titles among those mentioned.

Alright, alright, alright.....

Check ya later !

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Posted: 11 Jun 2020, 15:25 

I say go for it! Sounds like it will be a laugh. Something like an s304 would be perfect. Wouldn't wanna take my X0 camping! :lol:

But as rein-o said.. if you're going to do it, were gonna need pictures!

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Posted: 13 Jun 2020, 07:53 

Yep, thats 396 Wh x 4.

I just did some tests with a CLD-D503. It draws about 14 watts standing still, this is the PSU waste load more than anything I'd suspect. When spinning a 12" LD up to top speed it draws 85 watts (!) and eventually settles down to about 28 and then decreases to about 19 by the end of the side if its CLV, it will be 28 the whole side if its CAV.

With a 43" 4K Bravia measured on the same line I'm seeing about 100W at the beginning of the side and about 90 at the end.

So Gone With the Wind may only kill one battery. The Star Wars big box would wipe out the whole set.

Or you could charge your phone like 1700 times....or sell all the batteries on eBay and buy a generator...

But seriously, please do this and report from the field with real world results.

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Posted: 20 Jun 2020, 23:22 

The Mind's Eye series is a trip as well:
Gate to the Mind's Eye, The (1994) [ID2926MM]
Odyssey Into the Mind's Eye (1996) [MLV49877]

You will be wanting the Virtual Drug series too then!

Excuse to shamelessly plug my crappy blog. :oops:

Also in that vein: Grok Gazer: Todd Rundgren (1990) [ID2125LA] although it is basically just a color cycling screen saver.

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Posted: 21 Jun 2020, 09:37 

The whole Phantasm series is great while high, it might be the only way to understand the fourth film as well.

It has been, and always will be my favorite horror franchise, and it's something else to watch it while high on edibles (or if you want a really fun time, mushrooms).

Edit: Just saw you wer asking for Comedies, whoops. Phantasm 3 sorta has Evil Dead 2 vibes, but I wouldn't call any of them comedies.

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Posted: 21 Jun 2020, 10:40 

How the hell has this thread continued without the mere mention of Santa Flan, the patron saint of creamy desserts and CEO of the Everything Except Shoes corporation?

A film that features Mr T as the Incredible Bearded Lady, and two Rastafarian eyeballs disguised as milkmen!

Freaked requires a place on this film list.

Also, Curry and Pepper deserves a place on the list I think. An odd choice for a 'stoner comedy' perhaps but watch it and decide for.yourself. Great film.

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Posted: 22 Jun 2020, 15:05 

Really don't know why Jekyll and Hyde Together Again hasn't been posted.

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Posted: 24 Jun 2020, 02:59 

This is a purely subjective interpretation on my part.....

However ....

WHEN HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN is definitely a stoner movie.

Once again, possibly a "trippin ball" genre as well.
Roddy "Rowdy" Piper at his best....... er or "worst" from a certain point of view lmao !

Radioactive Dreams is right there also.
These stoner movies from the '80's keep bubbling up through my consciousness.......
I leave it to the membership to judge my contributions accordingly.....

Cheers mates,


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Posted: 24 Jun 2020, 07:56 

teddanson wrote:
My copy of Freaked is nuzzled safely in my collection, waiting patiently for the next moment it can suckle at the teat of my CLD-D925. :thumbup:

This post creeped me out man. Thanks man.

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Posted: 28 Jun 2020, 19:24 

Yup! Old stuff is made to last. This stuff we are talking about shows it.
LaserDisc still rule. Ha! ha!.
On my Quasar. The disc would not turn. So the laser could read it.
I took the top off. And find a small white wheel that was stuck.
Put a little baby oil on it. And all is good to go again.;)

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 Post subject: Techmoan on CED
Posted: 09 Jul 2020, 05:57 

I know we posted his LD, VHD, etc. videos but I'm not sure the CED one was posted in here:

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