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Posted: 25 Mar 2018, 12:54 

Any more of a background story? Really can't see those two being missed on YJP and going that cheap!

A few people on Facebook were very sceptical when the guy posted the initial details for those 2 selling for 200 yen each in Japan. I've bought loads of stuff from him over the years so I certainly believed him as he would have no reason to lie. He was just miffed he had missed buying them himself! The reason no one outside Japan noticed them was because they weren't listed on Yahoo. It was apparently some other online site within Japan. He didn't reveal the identity and I don't blame him. The seller who acquired them was from Japan so it all makes sense as he would have been able to see them without much competition. He certainly bagged a massive profit when he then resold them a few weeks later. The seller doesn't collect LDs and doesn't even own a LD player but they know that those late releases are very sought after internationally so they try to locate them to sell outside of Japan.

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Posted: 26 Mar 2018, 09:58 

It's amazing that so many here think yahoo is the only platform in Japan. I mean it was clearly stated the discs weren't sourced from y!jp then a poster here asks again "so yahoo?!!" :lol:

There's Mbok, Mercari, countless specialist web stores, then thousands of Hard Offs and recycle stores throughout the country.

I myself sourced most of my video game collection for next to nothing from suburban Japanese junk stores. Sold a PC Engine CD Rom2 and PC-FX for a 1000+% profit just yesterday.
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