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Posted: 25 Sep 2020, 18:13 

I think someone needs to invest in tweezers or needle nose pliers.

Glad you fixed it enjoy the LD madness....

Nah, I have those already. The trouble is not just that it was a miniscule bit of plastic in a miniscule space (like, maybe 1mm across?) but also that it was way deep down in there (not sticking out of the surface) and was in VERY tightly. So there was absolutely no way of gripping it to pull it out. I tried to get purchase with a needle tip (map pin etc.) but it just wasn't enough to get a grip of and I couldn't pull it back without the plastic tearing. So I ended up just having to rip it apart and pull out tiny fragments one at a time. Which was extremely slow and annoying work!

But aye, whatever, got there in the end. It actually appears to have pretty excellent picture side by side with the CLD-2950, I think the seller knew what he was doing and had fixed it up rather well, apart from the obvious exception of the S/PDIF port (which he didn't use so just straight up didn't check at all).
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