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Posted: 19 Feb 2013, 18:57 

I have been reluctant to add all of the GM discs to the DiscoVision web site because I have no catalog or listing of all available titles. If someone has a complete listing of discs in the GM catalog, I'll add them to the site.

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Posted: 06 Feb 2014, 00:53 

Rolling Thunder (1991) [PILF-2019]

this is a great one.
done as a post apocalyptic film, has uncle Robbie telling stories to the kids about how it used to be before
it was too hot and polluted outside.

now they live in a cave and he tells the young mates about how it used to be surfing.

if you like films like endless summer then you must own this one.
from what i could find it was not released on DVD due to copyrights with all the music in the film.
some of the performers are:
metallica, pixies, deee-lite, sisters of mercy, happy mondays, merchants of venus, the heart throbs and Midnight oil.

lots of amazing footage of real surfers.
full screen 1.33 open matte or just academy ratio.
in english with Japanese subtitles.
if you can find it pick up a copy :thumbup:

the rein-o official signature:
:yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn:

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Posted: 28 Aug 2016, 08:29 

As collector of LD for a very long time, I bought many collections and thus met a lot of people ...
In the Eindhoven area I picked up many collections, from often former Philips employees, here I met the Blackburn plant manager, many people who worked in the Blackburn pressing plant, Laservision research people and sales persons ....

As all of you know the releases from the Blackburn are creap, so that part I skipped for most of it ...
My main interest is music, however some collectors want to part from it all iso cherry picking, so sometimes I got discs of other kinds.
What I noticed, the quality of non-commercial discs is often better compared to the commercial stuff.

Some of the non-commercial music releases I already posted in another tread, so in this one I want to focus on non-music / non-movie non-commercial discs.

Many of these discs I found were not interesting at all and I just threw them in the bin, the more interesting onces I kept ...

To kick-off : Famous blue Philips LaserVision label marked "mosaique et CDPP"

It starts of at :
frame 50 :
Images de l'archeologie - Paris 1985
frame 51 :
Centre de recherche sur les traitements automatises en archeologie classique
Centre de documentation photographique et photogrammetrique (CDPP)
Direction des bibliotheques, des musees et de l'information scientifique et technique (Ministere de l'education nationale)

frame 52 - 8900 : still frames of mosaique
frame 9025 - 37026 : still frames of archeological sites and finds in Italy, Greece, Albania, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Tunesia.
(From site pictures, to pottery, statues, coins, jewelry)
frame 37027 - 37253 : still frames with maps of all the archeological sites and some more textual information

In other words it shows Romain, Greec, Etrusk, Egyptian, ... sites and art.
I presume the disc was for museum or library usage.

You might say boring, true, not "an every day to watch" disc, but also not a disc to throw in the garbage bin, where to find such a vast collection of images (must have been a hugh effort to prepare and master such a disc with still images)

Please post yours - try to find time to make a review of some others ...

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Posted: 01 Oct 2021, 07:35 

hawkwind wrote:
Saw the cover on the right side of the main page here.

Well spotted!



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 Post subject: Inside Technidisc
Posted: 23 Mar 2022, 14:47 

The following is from a conversation I had with a former Technidisc employee. I made minor edits (readability), and it is shared with permission. This is strictly going off of that person's memory, so take from it what you will.

This was a large factory that had four different cleanroom modules inside of it. In front was the mastering module. It was both a cleanroom and it had filtered light. They had three other modules that were devoted to laserdisc and one to CD. Entire production lines from beginning to end inside each module. They had positive air pressure: each of the clean rooms was being pumped full of clean air from a HEPA filter. Any leaks will be pouring out clean air rather than letting dirty air in. They also had a giant library room full of rolling shelves that contained stampers in canisters. One item I liked was a very old laserdisc player that they had rigged up to play master discs. Because it was working with a mirror image of the data it had to play backwards. They had one engineer who actually knew what he was doing. And a bunch of potheads who did the actual work. Every once in awhile he would come in and check up on them and straighten out that work. Each of the modules was crewed by a different group. Laserdisc modules were ran by entire families. It ran 24 hours a day and they worked in shifts. Some would live at home while the others were working, then switch. Module one was ran by a man named <Name 1>. Module two was ran by a guy named <Name 2>. Automation ran mostly by pneumatics and Allen-Bradley ladder logic programmable logic controllers. Prices were hand operated, but they added automation piece by piece over the years.

When each of the laserdisc modules ran, they had a lady who sat in a room with about a dozen laserdisc players of different models. They would give her samples and she would sit there watching every disc playing simultaneously, looking for any kind of dropout. If she saw anything, production would stop and the issue corrected. Most of my laserdisc collection are vintage test discs. The engineers would grab samples to see if they were working or not and then throw them out and I would take them. Most don't have labels and only a few have jackets. Some were side A on both discs, but I usually didn't take those. I got a couple of good ones in my collections like the Star Wars set, take right from the factory floor. I think they caught a few people stealing the test samples and selling them at a local video store. I never sold mine. I just kept them to watch.

The real collectible gems were the radio CDs. Back then they would mint CDs with a collection of songs for the radio stations to play. We would get one CD with 15 songs. 5 rap, 5 rock, 5 country. They would ship them to radio stations, and they would only use the five tracks they needed. Whatever the top songs at the time were, they were on the playlist. Near the end we made a few CD-ROMs. There are a couple of collections of women in swimsuits as JPGs. Plus we made the Rush Limbaugh Mega Dittos screensaver CD. Last time I visited the old Technidisc building, it was a warehouse for cellphones.

Fans of the format have been trying to decipher Technidisc mint marks further. Do you happen to know any more detail on this: 025-085-649C 5H9H# ? We know 025 is Image Entertainment, 085 is August 1995, but no clue on other numbers. I’m guessing it has something to do with the day or possibly the modules you are talking about.

No because they moved stampers between modules. I think those numbers were used for what shelf it was on in the storage area, but I don’t know if there is any other meaning. I know they would make three or four stampers for every job incase one had a flaw they would switch to the next. So that might have been the way to tell the different stampers apart.

Did you ever notice that some laserdisc manufactured there have metal that goes all the way to the edges, and some have it that only goes partly to the edge? The last few years module 2 got a sputterer for metallization, replacing the vacuum chamber. So any disc that did not go all the way to the edge was from the sputterer. The German manufacturing video had a big metallization chamber that looks a lot like the one in module 1.

Did Technidisc use injection molding?
We had two large hydraulic injection mold presses that could do laserdiscs. We had seven small ones for CDs and later bought a faster one for CDs that could produce faster than the other ones combined. The modules had the press at the far end. Automation would reach in and grab the clear disc. An operator would stand there with an air hose with anti-static air and blow on the disc. It would then be picked up and put on the drum for the metallizer. Once they had a full drum, they put it in the metallizer and ran it. From there they were unloaded and ran through a conveyor belt that put on the glue and other side. They were then pressed together. From there they went outside of the cleanroom to a finishing room. There was a lady that would grind the edges smooth, stick on a label and put in a white sleeve on a cart. These carts were then shipped out of the building to a different facility that would put them in the packaging and ship them wherever.

I remember one time they were taking some samples off to an electronic show, then realized the width of the tracks was badly out of range on the samples. It was too late to make replacements, so they had to stand there and say “Our discs are just like these, but they will be right.” We had one engineer who was fixing stuff. He would come in and see that everything was working right. Then go away for a few months and things would slowly get worse and worse. He’d come back and set everything right again. He was one of the engineers at Technidisc.

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Posted: 24 Mar 2022, 22:23 

hawkwind wrote:
24 years ago I bought a used industrial LD player at a pawn shop. There was a disc inside titled "Windows 95". 1 or 2 sided CAV talking about the new Microsoft software...

That's the kind of sh!t that needs to be preserved. :mrgreen:

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Posted: 29 Mar 2022, 15:16 

A thread about industrial LDs would be nice

We have a few!


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 Post subject: Re: What are you reading?
Posted: 07 May 2022, 16:38 

hawkwind wrote:
The Complete Book of Oscilloscopes, second edition

I love it. That's up there with Peppa Pig's dad's favourite convention. :lol:

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 Post subject: Re: Those Chevrolet LDs...
Posted: 21 May 2022, 22:48 

Blam1 and others know more about these.
I think those double side 1 discs are to correspond with books for teaching the programs on each side.
Why one is white and one is yellow.

Had a bunch of these years ago and they were really cool but only have 2 now and need to rip them and upload them to youtube as they have
some really cool programs, got the device but need to get time to do it.

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 Post subject: Re: Those Chevrolet LDs...
Posted: 23 May 2022, 11:07 

We have some listed, but not these ones yet!

Cadillac Service Roundtable: Cadillac - A Heritage (1979) [GM-143]
Chevrolet: Pro Serv - Service Department Administration: Service Supremacy (1979) [GM-147]


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Posted: 30 Aug 2022, 23:00 

Well that's not bad, I got a package 9 or 10 months later from Canada and this was almost 20 years ago.
Media can take up to 6 weeks I believe, but since they are now always short handed it could take longer.

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Posted: 07 Oct 2022, 20:28 

For some reason I don’t like this thread.

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Posted: 07 Nov 2022, 00:48 

I can't upload PDFs, so here is a Google Drive folder where I will put them: ... share_link

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Posted: 09 Dec 2022, 14:47 

Some interesting stuff there to add to my watch list. I do hope you played those Laserdiscs on the almighty beauty that is the R7G? :D

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 Post subject: Re: Surfing stuff on LD...
Posted: 01 Mar 2023, 23:49 

I like surfing documentaries and I'm trying to put together a list of releases on LD. Does anyone see a title missing?

Bali High

Big Wave

Blazing Boards

Chrystal Eyes

Endless Summer

Endless Summer 2

Follow the Sun

Follow the Sun 2

Free Ride

How Zit Bradda

Rolling Thunder

Surfer Magazine

Tubular Swells

Wave of the Future

Not a subject on DiscoVision even though "Skateboarding" was. Not a documentary, but the movie Surf Ninjas was funny...

Hi hawkwind,

I'm not sure whether you wanted to include Japanese imports on your list or not. In the event that you do, have you considered "Wet Lips" (TE-D039)? It's a title that was not released in the U.S. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a copy of it a number of years ago. I wasn't even sure exactly what it was at the time, but I just picked it up anyway, which I do on occasion when I think something might be rare and/or unusual. That certainly was the case with that particular piece! It turned out to be a short documentary on surfing. The cover picture on the LDDb listing page is from my copy, which oddly enough is a sample copy. I didn't notice this at the time I got it. I only discovered it after Julien had a discussion here about Japanese sample copies, and I spotted the small red label with the three sample Kanji characters in the upper right corner of the jacket. This does seem to be a pretty rare title, as I have never seen another copy of it in the years that have passed since I got it. Anyway, if you want to include Japanese releases, you might want to add that one to your list.

Best Regards,

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 Post subject: Re: Surfing stuff on LD...
Posted: 02 Mar 2023, 03:19 

Ok Hawkwind....
You struck a cord. Rolling Thunder is an ultimate fav of mine.
Also, being a huge fan of Dick Dale, the surfing genre rocks imo !

Thanks for the thread man !

Cheers to the membership !

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 Post subject: Re: FBI WARNING
Posted: 24 Mar 2023, 19:22 

Thats funny….I worked in Hollywood ..40,yrs…Remember Aaron boat etc?…he was busted with 17 pirate (Directv)boxes at his BH that time(mid 90s) ,I worked at Warner Bros,,.half the lot had. pirated cards…actors…producers…directors etc,.etc…a guy in facilities hit the cards and a security guard delivered…....theyre stoned../cold…Hypocrites…the lot of em”…

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 Post subject: Re: Is this a good deal?..
Posted: 05 May 2023, 03:32 

hawkwind wrote:

It's only :US $26,899.99

Lol, sure, total bargain :lol:

For real, if it weren't for the .99 at the end, I'd wonder if they got confused between yen and dollars.

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 Post subject: Re: ??? Taiwan LD...
Posted: 04 Jun 2023, 07:40 

hawkwind wrote:
Can't find this one in the Db.

Not surprising... Chinese/Thai/Vietname/etc. usually are an issue to catalog properly!

And this one was imported to Singapore (censorship sticker on the back).


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 Post subject: Re: ??? Taiwan LD...
Posted: 06 Jun 2023, 17:10 

I have 11 Taiwanese discs - all were pressed by known entities; Pioneer Japan, Kuraray and one from PDO UK.

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Posted: 21 Jul 2023, 02:01 

hawkwind wrote:
For USA you forgot, "M" and "X"...

... I was quoting the official website. But if you look for "Deep Throat", it is indeed RATING: X.

They decided to now show ALL ratings on the main page!


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 Post subject: Re: Surfing stuff on LD...
Posted: 08 Aug 2023, 03:11 

Nice list - was hoping one existed. I just watched Crystal Eyes – it’s super good!

Missing on the surfing side there’s ‘Adventures in Paradise’ with this weirdly metal cover:
And might as well add windsurfing?

Free Ride (1977)
Blown Away (1986)
Jumping Take Off (1986)
Island Breeze (1984)
Wavesailing Gals (1985)

(among many others I’m sure)

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 Post subject: Re: Surfing stuff on LD...
Posted: 09 Aug 2023, 02:33 

When I read posts from this thread I hear DICK DALE playing in my head doing riffs !
Hats off to the king of surf music !

Cheers to the membership !

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 Post subject: Re: Surfing stuff on LD...
Posted: 28 Jan 2024, 08:05 

Found 2 more that might make it to the list:

Just Surfing [PCLP-00155]
Surf Hits: vol.1 Jungle Jet Set [PCLP-00156]


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Posted: 01 Feb 2024, 03:49 

I don't think 2.35~2.55:1 was required but it boosted tickets sales with their panoramic screens, triple-synced projectors (Cinerama, Kinopanorama), 70mm reels (Super Technirama, Super Panavision, Ultra Panavision) to bring an experience that felt different from TV sets.


A French man did this first. Abel Gance’s Napoleon had its ending projected onto 3 different screens.
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