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 Post subject: Re: DA converters?
Posted: 17 Sep 2018, 22:22 

Yeah. I almost never used the audio out of my TV for anything. It’s good for taping stuff or...watching actual broadcast TV which I don’t recomend anyone do.

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Posted: 06 Oct 2018, 02:37 

The most despresing thing about large high end TVs is that they are mainly used by fans of football, the single worst game ever invented, in such an inebriated state they can barely see let alone judge video quality. After 10 years they have nothing but sports statistics and Bob Costa’s face burned into the screen. There’s 500 of those situations for every guy that owns a copy of Citizen Kane.

When I went to pickup my current main LD screen, Sony XBR-960, it was playing Veggie Tales off analog cable...stretched. I’ve been feeding it Criterion LDs for years now and I think it’s back to full health.

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Posted: 11 Oct 2018, 22:34 

Smart guys..

Really interesting what one says about redbook CDs having RF information that can't necessarily be captured in normal duplication.

It's what I've always felt, otherwise why do some CD players clearly sound better than others playing the same "digital" information.

There is this magic below PCM audio that computer nerds can't comprehend. That's why MP3 sucks so much, not everything in the world of music is quantifiable, even digital information, a lot of it is unexplainable "magic" that you "feel" and computers will never be able to translate well enough..

Digitisation of entertainment isn't really the enemy, it's computerisation of it.

The host of the show also didn’t really understand everything that was said. I’m pretty sure he still thinks there’s a file structure/type on the disc even after talking about it for an hour. I’m not sure he grasps that LD uses infinitely variable pits and lands.

CDs are digital but were made to be played on systems with almost no CPU power or storage in comparison to how much data was on the CD. There is no verifiable accuracy of data transfer like you have with almost everything else because you’re just playing one sample at a time with no parity bit or hash. There aren’t even two things in memory at once that you could hash. It just...blasts through the data, pretty much one sample at a time, like a dumb robot who knows exactly where to put every brick perfectly but doesn’t know what a house is so it can’t ever check its work.*

With an EFM wavefrom of the entire disc captured on an memory card you can use whatever means to read it you can build in software. A modern computer can easily see every bit on a disc at once this way. This is the point of digitizing the entire raw FM at as low of a level as possible. In fact it’s actually a stop gap solution until we can litterally map every pit and land in 3D, which requires flatbed scanners to perform as well as only scanning electron microscopes used to which...probably isn’t far off, honestly. You don’t need molecular accuracy to do an LD since everything is so huge on the disc. With sufficient technology though you could create an “image” of the disc that tells you every single thing about it, even the PH of the paper they made the sticker out of and the identity of everyone who ever left a finger print on it.

The reason two CD players sound different is because getting the original EFM is what part of the player does, the other %80 of the crap in there actually makes sound out of it. I’ve never compared two transports with the same DAC before and I don’t think I’ll bother. You have to have pretty huge errors to be audible. For the purposes of an ARCHIVE project though it’s important to preserve even what’s thought to be irrelevant. LD and the Doomsday Project specifically are a great example of this because that EFM waveform has SO MUCH stuff folded into it that if you just “capture it” or even remaster the original video from a film source you’re still missing much of what’s on the disc and once the EFM image is made you can develop the tools to decode the stuff even after the original disc is garbage. As the one guy said, to make a copy of an LD so accurate that you can reproduce the LD itself, not just the program on it...that’s the ultimate goal.

Very exciting times. And yes, these are smart guys for sure.

* There seem to be parallels between the original CD and SACD in that they’re both designed to play huge files on very weak computers, but in different ways, by only every handing very small amounts of it.

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Posted: 26 Oct 2018, 00:39 

There’s never going to be a filter setting for this because “unreleased” is much too fuzzy of a term for a filter setting. It has to be something verifiably true, like having Digital Sound or being 12”, without doing a lot of research and constantly updating as new info comes to light (see: the genuinely never ending conversations about aspect ratio and whatever “uncut” is). If the setting did exist then it wouldn’t be trustworthy and nobody needs that. The DB needs to be accurate more than it needs to be bigger.

I see what you are saying. You’re looking for what useful foreign versions of American and British movies. As Rein-O said, you have to be a fan of something first and then check on a case by case basis. Let's Get Lost (1988) [C59-6291] is an American movie %100 but never gets release here for some reason so the JP LD is the only LD (although there is a UK DVD). The Max Headroom TV series is a big one, same for quite a few classic TV series I’m pretty sure.

There is a thread here for “significant” LDs, you may find some good ones in there.

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Posted: 12 Nov 2018, 16:54 

Harmony Gold is a mistake.

Agree with you wholeheartedly. :clap:

After realizing that Robotech was a butchering of three completely different series, I just could not stand watching something that disrespected artistic integrity.

Anyway, moving on, I have been watching Knights of Sidonia on Netflix. Took me something like 3/4 of the first season to finally understand the plot better but now I’m hooked. :)

Putting three shows into one was the only way they could have sold those shows in the US at that time. I don’t hold the original concept in contemp. What HG has done in the subsequent decades is unforgivable though.

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 Post subject: Re: Greetings from Ireland!
Posted: 18 Nov 2018, 18:54 

I like your webpage. Rather, I like that you even have a webpage instead of linking us to Facebook or God help us another Youtubber. Keep it going and I’ll keep reading it.

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Posted: 26 Nov 2018, 17:10 

Nice, how's your Japanese? I've decided to finally learn it properly. After years of university lessons, a year on exchange and years working there I still can't watch a show without subtitles. Pathetic. My weakness is vocab (and laziness). I've started studying JLPT vocab daily with an app and my 1-2 year goal is to watch the entirity of my UC Gundam laserdiscs which span the movies to the 0083 OVAs..right now rewatching the subbed SDF Macross on DVD and picking out and noting SF and military vocab as I go. Should help with Gundam and the stuff I'll watch before that (Zambot 3, Heavy Metal L-Gaim). Basically want to own the LDs and watch every Sunrise show in my lifetime, pretty much the same dream I had since I was 15 years old...

Envious of your ability - Congrats on applying yourself and learning it properly.
I understand very few words is all I can claim. Would love to fulfill a dream and immerse myself in that culture and learn daily through that method.
A very unique culture. Your not too far away Down Under !
Enjoy Macross and all your old movies forper ! Live your dreams brother !

Cheers !
Yeah thanks, I squandered my chance of immersion by hanging out with Yanks, Poms and a German my first year there. I love you guys tho.

My third time there was for a long time, immersed but didn't study, just chased girls and listening and speaking got really good and natural but I never studied so my vocab still sucks. I can hear every sound and transcribe any speaker easy tho, I just don't know what they're saying...anyway hopefully that will change..

Speaking of Macross, I just watched episode 15..."Chinatown" and noticed some things lost from my memory..the 3 spies get drunk and shirk duty at the festival on the deck of the Prometheus.. cool. but then Claudia pays Fokker a visit in his quarters, a topless pinup adorns his wall, and then Fokker plays grab a** with Claudia before presumably getting some...extremely cool.

Some controversial themes for American kids in the '80s (Of which I was effectively one) tho..

So I brought up the same Robotech episode on Youtube. Seems the spies now get "charged" on "punch" and pretend to enjoy the festival to maintain their cover instead of actually getting into it (Japanese version). But to my surpise when Claudia visits Fokker it's all intact, the topless pinup on the wall, the grab a**, (but not the prolonged kissing scene that follows),.!

Really? The busty pinup on Fokker's wall in panties and nothing else got past US censors???!!! I find that hard to believe and don't remember it from when I was a kid , but there it is in the RT version on Youtube.

Robotech was sold to non-network affiliated UHF stations here. There is no such thing as “US censors” honestly. In a situation like that it would have been totally up to whatever junior league program manager the station had. I’ve heard stories of stations choosing to not air the kissing between Claudia and Roy in the south for obvious reasons but that’s it (ie: in 80s Alabama in a 9” b/w TV you can’t even see the pinup but an interracial kiss is demonic to them). The only process that exists to take something like that off the air is if citizens complain to the FCC and they decide to contact the station about it. There is no list of seven dirty words in Washington DC, it’s totally a complaint based system. Any decent sized network of course has a hugely complex list of things that they will and won’t do based on corporate legal policy (which is why they think it’s so hilarious to write jokes that barely stay within the confines of that) which is determined by lawyers and past experience but not really the law except for kiddie pron and whatever falls under the anti-sedition act.

I’m a DJ for a college radio station. I can’t say “sh!t” on the air because it’s the policy of the station that no DJs will swear. My music can say it all show long as long as the show is between 10:00pm and 6:00am but since I’m in Ann Arbor the basically reality is that few people who listen to a station that low powered do so in order to have something to complain about. If I said something disparaging to a specific group of people based on age, race, sexual orientation, disability, etc you can be SURE there would be a complaint but the occasional f-bomb drops at noon and I don’t think anyone has complained in decades.

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Posted: 14 Dec 2018, 21:12 

In almost every situation, if they don’t have the negative (or don’t care to find it) then Blu-ray is totally pointless. I have Flashback 2012 on LD and BR and IMHO most of us here have LD setups that would make the LD look better than the BR does. When they only have an LD master there really isn’t anything that a huge publisher can do that hardcore fans can’t do themselves at home.

SDBR makes perfect sense to me if the show is going to be packaged as cheaply as possible or if they only have a Betacam or D2 master. A proper anime BR like Discotek’s Unico will make you feel like you’re finally getting glasses you’ve needed your whole life. If they just quadruple the pixels of the same source then...well, your TV already does that for free.

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Posted: 15 Dec 2018, 21:36 

It'd be silly if they did.

Although I've been curious about something. I've seen a lot of receivers provide multiple audio inputs under the same label, ie. something like RCA L/R, digital coaxial AND optical all under "DVD" which presumably means that changing the receiver to that input will simply receive all of them. Since I would imagine it'd be a bit of a mess if it tried to output the sound from all the sources at the same time, is it up to the source itself then? My player has RCA out only, but if I had digital out as well, how does it determine which output it's using?

On my Harmon Kardon you can set the input source separately from the video source so you can have any audio input on any source. You can do this manually or you can have it auto poll with a preference for digital. I do it manually because the logic of why I may want one input or another is never going to make sense to a robot but basically if Video 1 is an LD player you use that input’s analog inputs plus Coax 1 or Optical 1. Then if you put in Speed it will pick the digital out. If you put in Discovison Jaws there is no digital so it will switch to the analog. The problem is that if you want to hear commentary or whatever on the analogs and that disc has digital sound it won’t let you use the analog until you turn off the auto polling so I just leave it off.

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Posted: 19 Dec 2018, 10:02 

CED players were built like childrens toys except not as well. Very very low end on the scale of AV gear. Utter crap for the time. Almost no metal. Terrible video and audio quality.

VHD players are much better in that they actually resemble real gear but they are still really pretty cheap all around.

Even the worst cheapest loudest LD player is like five notches up from any VHD deck in robustness of build, mainly just because of the energy that's in a 4800 RPM 16oz disc. You %100 have to use metal in an LD player! :)

However, many many notches above that the X-0 is like professional lab equipment from Horiba or ETAS. Stuff that's built to stay on 24/7 until its obsolete decades later and gets recycled. On top of that it has single chips in it that probably cost more than any VHD deck. Its the opposite of cost cutting, it was engineered beyond opulence on purpose so its like an MRI machine and a swiss watch at once. To be bonkers. There is no VHD deck operating at even half the OT level of the X-0. Its like Wendy and Marvin (VHD) vs The Wonder Twins (average LD player) vs The Beyonder and The Anti-Monitor (X-0). You could buy a CAR for the price of one of these things. A crap one, sure, but a car, like a Suzuki Alto or something.

So yeah, by one measure the X-0 is the "best" and therefore could be compared to the "best" VHD deck but in reality the best VHD deck is probably about as bad-ass as a karaoke combo LD machine, if that. Its like saying a Formula 1 car is like a Tardis because they both represent the cutting edge in their respective classification of vehicle, one being a plastic car and one being a time machine. You can't be the Michael Jordan of sport fishing or dressage, there isn't one.

VHD wasn't around for long, had no market to speak of, and died before any major innovations could evolve as they did with LD and VHS. VHD really is the CED of Japan in more than one way. If either of them had lasted very long we could have seen the equivalent of VHS's HQ circuitry, etc but that stuff takes a healthy market to grow in. The difference between a VP-1000 and a DVD-919 is *crazy* but that took 15 years to happen.

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Posted: 28 Dec 2018, 06:48 

...the movie that asks the most depressing question of all time, “What if Noah faithfully built the ark and God just let it rain for all eternity and everything died?”

Please excuse my total ignorance of other things film/director-wise etc. associated with this comment, but what if god did just let it rain? a water planet? What of aquatic creatures (it almost certainly wouldn't be a case of "everything died")? Actually, I'd really like to see what the evolutionary outcome of Cephalopods as the dominant life-form on this planet would be...

The film is one person’s answer to the question, but presumably it’s made more to be a metaphor for god’s silence re: many other films.

Because it’s so common (and awesome) to juxtapose totally disparate concepts in anime (ie: Pinocchio in space, trains in space, pirate ships in space, Ulysses in space, etc) I assumed this was a sort of Noah Ginga Densetsu kind of thing. But I don’t think it is at all.

I watched this movie like 50 times, over 15-20 years before I realized that they were literally on the actual Ark, and the man wasn’t paraphrasing Genesis, it was his actual history. It wasn’t a crashed spaceship from an earth like planet. Its Earth. God never showed up. All the animals finally went extinct when everything on the Ark died. He perhaps got bored with this experiment and moved on to something else.

It’s that sort of ish that absolutely blows my mind. The director had a Christian past and this film clearly is him sort of working that out. To feel abandoned by God is pretty heavy thing I guess. Up until this movie I had never heard or considered the concept of Noah’s Ark sinking. It’s a great “Shaka, When the Walls Fell” sort of philosophical metaphor useful for describing great ideas failing, like the USSR. Sure, the USSR itself sucked but when it died so did the dreams of millions of well meaning comunists and that has to suck.* When you buy into something very heavily despite its flaws, and sure enough it’s the flaws that killed it in the end...that’s the darkest pit of deepest despondency right there. To be betrayed by your belief in something. But since this betrayal isn’t of one person but of all life on becomes weapons grade depressing, actually. Even Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here is less depressing than the concept of Noah’s Ark sinking. It’s the ultimate!

The reason I think new anime sucks almost axiomatically is that I haven’t had an experience like that with very many things made outside of the late 90s or earlier. It’s not that you necessarily need an emphasis on roadshow releases and cel paint to make good anime...but when they left it was in fact a generational turning point. Like if you were a cool creative young person in Japan in 2004 you just went and did something else. When Nausicaa was topping the Animage character poll (say, 1983-1992) anime was a sword thousands of young Japanese would gladly fall on if it meant taking the art form to whatever its next level would be. Unless you have some way of tilting the table I don’t see why anyone would want in on anime in 2018. It’s the thinnest pacifying gruel by now. People shouldn’t be excited to see anime because it directly feeds them an IV of whatever their thing is. We should be exited for it to show us stuff we never could have imagined in our wildest dreams.

* this subject is covered in Pet Shop Boys song My October Symphony

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Posted: 31 Dec 2018, 22:19 

Sadly most of the people who originally fueled the LD market are already dead. You can’t pay for a Pioneer Elite player or single movies from Criterion for $100+ with your first job. It was well off 80s middle aged people who are 70-90 years old now. I have no idea who bought thie $700 box sets of TV anime made for eight year olds. I’m glad they did, of course. :)

Furthermore these customers dumped LD to heavily invest in DVD and then Blu-ray if they lived that long. They do not care about The Sixth Day on LD one stupid little bit since it’s on Blu-ray now, assuming they even care about crap films like that after 30 years of collecting Criterions. The ones who are buying most of the LD stuff now are like me, too young to afford it at the time and catching up. (Almost nothing I’m catching up on is worth anything anymore).

Then you have the 90s kids with their “rarity”. Being a “collector” wasn’t even a thing back then. It was about having a library of movies that would last forever, not some kind of reality TV investment that you can flip for quad the cash. Paying $1000 for a crappy movie that nobody has any intention of viewing...that’s all new school thinking invented by “fans” of LD who didn’t know it existed until it died and became “valuable”. That stuff will die last of course since nobody even cares if sealed discs play but it will die. Just because 90s kids never grow up doesn’t mean they will live forever and the kids who are 3 years old now will never grow up into someone who pays $1000 for an LD. They will have their own crazy stuff to do. Hopefully it’s more intelligent and rewarding than LD gouging must be.

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Posted: 02 Jan 2019, 01:58 

mimylovesjapan wrote:
I never watch TV. Only movies or animation (not on TV, but only on LD, DVD or BluRay).
My screens are not connected to any device allowing to watch channel. Don't want to be brainwashed.

We are friends. We are true friends.

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Posted: 03 Jan 2019, 16:41 

Technopolice 21C anime received recently its new digitally photographed and remastered DNR-ed Bluray, you know what, the VHS / LD are way beyond better! What do you feel when you see the superimposed cels trembling over the backgrounds? what a disaster

That’s the way old anime looks. Crappy. Frame jitter. Dirty cells that have air trapped under them. Massively inconsistent color. If you need the blurr of LD to enjoy cartoons made 30 years ago on slave wages then by all means dig in. I don’t mind all the flaws BR brings out but then I usually buy theatrical releases on BR. TV anime and most OVAs are really going to show their seams at 1080p. It’s got nothing to do with the mastering most of the time.

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Posted: 04 Jan 2019, 17:40 

Technopolice 21C anime received recently its new digitally photographed and remastered DNR-ed Bluray, you know what, the VHS / LD are way beyond better! What do you feel when you see the superimposed cels trembling over the backgrounds? what a disaster

That’s the way old anime looks. Crappy. Frame jitter. Dirty cells that have air trapped under them. Massively inconsistent color. If you need the blurr of LD to enjoy cartoons made 30 years ago on slave wages then by all means dig in. I don’t mind all the flaws BR brings out but then I usually buy theatrical releases on BR. TV anime and most OVAs are really going to show their seams at 1080p. It’s got nothing to do with the mastering most of the time.

I think im getting older :) ...but anyway a proper remaster shouldnt be using an analog photocamera again (like in 1980) for each cel instead a digital one? think it is because telecine machines no more exist

What they will be dealing with is the original negative if they are lucky. The cels have all be hauled away for disposal or stolen and on eBay now not to mention the backgrounds and shooting script. Sadly many times the original negative is lost so they have to deal with the master tape which for Techno Police was probably umatic. D1 didn’t exist yet. I don’t know about Technopolice specifically but the original negative is lost for many many classic shows.

They don’t use the same telecine as the 80s since that would probably output composite or YC video made for analog tape formats of the day. Whether or not they played it at real time or if they scanned every frame one at a time...these days it probably barely matters but I confess I don’t know a lot about that process.

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Posted: 05 Jan 2019, 04:58 

I’m with speedyink. DVD menues that essentially control the customer drive me f***ing NUTS. Litterally every single day I swear at a DVD or BR since I have a kid and he watches movies every day.

Most recently, The Snowman and the Snowdog. It’s nice because it auto repeats...except it always auto repeats. Over and over. INCLUDING THE ADS every time. It never actually stops.

Many times with Disney movie they give you the DVD and the BR. Usually the BR takes longer for the main load but is less annoying than the DVD.

I love being forced to watch a trailer for a movie “coming soon” in the summer of 2004. I love being forced to watch that ad even though I saw the movie in 2004 and bought the eventual DVD. Still, 14 years later that ad keeps coming up.

The hubris of these publishers is enough to make someone gag.

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Posted: 06 Jan 2019, 23:28 

i appreciate in some classic anime HD remasters that the cels in first plane lose integration with the watercolor painted backgrounds, and they move a bit over them. (excuse my English:)

Yeah, of course. So I don’t get why you’re complaining about it. Do you want them to scrub it out or do you want them to get into a time machine and watch the camera technician in 1982 and make sure he does a better job? They can’t reshoot it. Do you want a remake? I don’t get it.

There are ways of eliminating these sorts of errors but then you irritate the people who don’t want their old shows Special Editioned. This is very invasive work to do and IMO in poor taste.

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Posted: 11 Jan 2019, 17:41 

xtempo wrote:
It seems odd and slightly random to see AKIRA there but otherwise I find satisfaction it as an otaku.:D

It’s weird that it took so many years to show up.

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Posted: 18 Jan 2019, 18:24 

Obviously you have to check out every solution with a movie this hard to get but honestly CED isn’t any better than VHS, it’s worse than some VHS even. I’d see about fixing the DVD. If it’s a new transfer then that probably has the best video by a mile. If you’re going to capture an ancient source the VHS is probably going get you the same or better results than the CED. CED royally sucks when it comes to video quality. It’s tied with VCD for worse format ever, IMO, and maybe even not as good as that. It’s probably even worse than VCD.

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Posted: 22 Jan 2019, 21:23 

I’m not seeing any activity from the loading mech in the video. Don’t worry about lasers and stuff until you can get a disc in there.

I don’t know much about the 925 but it doesn’t look much different from other Both Side players.

The drawer should open, you put a disc in, then the spindle moves up into the disc lifting it and clamping it at the same time. Then the spindle motor spins and only when the disc is up to speed can anything be read.

From the video I’d say your load step isn’t even happening and it’s setting the code for that or the spindle isn’t turning and the current draw is setting the U0. One or both of those. I wouldn’t worry about reading anything now. You need to get the loading working. You’re not yet at the point where the laser integrity matters.

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Posted: 28 Jan 2019, 18:05 

It could be something I like more but really its just going through the motions pretending to be 2001 or Solaris or whatever. It has the trappings of the real ish but not the meat of it.

I'm only hard on it because its Star Trek which is, net, the greatest scifi thing there is. There are places ST could never go (2001, Solaris, Bladerunner, Angel's Egg, Slaughterhouse 5, 12 Monkeys, A Boy and His Dog) but in its main work, which is promoting an optimistic vision of a better future more engaged in its destiny, no one else can compare. So that's I rag on the little things. I'd still way rather watch Star Trek: The Motion Picture than see probably anything scifi released this year.

I have similar thoughts about Gundam, which I think is ST's only competition in this area. I dunk on Wing or Seed not because they are bad anime exactly but because they are waste of Gundam.

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Posted: 30 Jan 2019, 03:16 

I would recommend staying away from 2.0 unless you like a painfully obvious new CGI mixed with old CGI. The ruined the classic opening for some awful new CGI that doesn't work and the music is different. I would just get the LDs and the 2 disc DVD special Edition. If you have BD then only get the Japanese imports. If you just stick with the LD then copy it to the Harddrive or something so If you can't play the LD anymore you can still watch it.

Wow, glad I don't care for GITS. Appleseed is all I need! And the '80s comics and OVA only!

As a manga Appleseed is the best Shirow thing. The thing is, GitS the film isn’t a Shirow thing, it’s an Oshii thing. Shirow wouldn’t have the brains to make the GitS movie, as smart as he is. Oshii essentially pulled a Kubrick on Shirow’s King. The OG Appleseed OVA just sucks. I’m sorry, it sucks. It’s not it’s fault, it wasn’t planned well, but it sucks.

If I meet Oshii at any point I’ll be sure to mention that as good as GitS is, if he wants a REAL hit (which, oh, I’m sure he does) then he needs to have more frilly panties and collectible robot toys to make you and tasuke happy and less of like...accurately predicting the nature of cyber crime before the internet even went public. Too egghead! I mean, near the end of GitS I thought we were going to get some real mall otaku pleasing action when the Major changed to the body of a child but we didn’t even get to see her take a shower so what the hell, amirightoramiright?

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Posted: 30 Jan 2019, 19:53 

Yeah I always found Oshii pretentious. Patlabor 2 and GiTs are good examples of his pretention to me. I think I saw Angels Egg on a fan tape once. I can't really remember but I wouldn't mind watching it again. I can do art movies but why let him take over a franchise like Patlabor or a Shirow comic?

The Appleseed OVA from the '80s isn't even close to the manga but at least some of the look of the comics is there. The later CGI Appleseed is unbearable to me.

The best Shirow adaption is still Black Magic M66 imo.

You think anything aimed at a 100 IQ adult is pretentious. Anything trying to take anything to anyplace but stuff you memorized when you were 8 and toy tanks. What was your major, btw? If you have a BFA and you want to call Oshii pretentious that's fine. If you've never done anything in your life creatively that you're proud to call your own then maybe you don't have any scope of what you're talking about.

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Posted: 02 Feb 2019, 00:42 

It’s perfectly OK to do everything possible to jack up prices but anyone working the opposite angle is “negative”...negative because $6000 LDs are a good idea (positive, I guess) in the eyes of people who buy and sell them.

We can talk about how much The Sixth Day is “worth” (you know, it a positive way...which is defined by how much it’s value is positively incriminating during the thread) but we can’t question those claims of value without super collectors and wannabe super collectors trying to shut the coversation down because it violates their world view.*

It’s pretty easy to see the people who got into this scene late and for hype based reasons. He jumped into this thread to argue the “pro” for $6000 LDs. He’s politicking as much as I am, he’s just worse at it. He probably thinks I’m trying to tank his retirement plan. :)

It’s in no way whatsoever a matter of artistic preference, as people keep bring up. The bad taste I’m dumping on is the African dictator school of LD collecting. I own dozens of objectively bad movies on LD. We talk about those all the time here. Nobody talks about The Sixth Day. It isn’t popular. It isn’t taste bad or good, it’s a forgotten film. Only people who buy $6000 LDs even know what it is by and large. I’ll buy and watch objectively bad movies on all sorts of formats all day but I’ve never bought one to brag about it’s value. That’s just gouche in the worst way. Like dubs on a Dodge. If someone asked me if I wanted to see their collection of “late rare LDs” I’d say, no, show me your misspelled tattoos or your mini football hemlets. Something you really have passion for. :)

* That being pretty much, “I never really got into punk rock”

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 Post subject: Re: Best quality Laserdiscs
Posted: 05 Feb 2019, 02:07 

gypsy wrote:
Zeta, what would you say are some of the best looking anime discs of GOOD movies/oavs? Disregarding DYRL and GITS as I already have those.

I will make a topic for this.
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