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Posted: 05 Feb 2019, 03:04 

Zeta, what would you say are some of the best looking anime discs of GOOD movies/oavs? Disregarding DYRL and GITS as I already have those.

Let’s just make this thread about good picture quality anime LDs regardless of the quality of the program since it’s unlikely to get out of hand either way.

The aforementioned Ghost in the Shell: Premium Box (1995) [BEAL-921] set is a good one. While they did use cels on this movie the master was digital so it has that going for it. It’s also multilingual.

Picture quality on Macross The movie : Perfect Edition (1984) [BEAL-448] isn’t super awesome, IMHO but it’s pretty good. It’s certainly a must have disc. The CAV functionality alone makes it an essential Macross fan item. A movie worth watching at 1/8 speed if there ever was one.

Bubblegum Crisis: Complete Collection (1987) [BVLL-539] is one I picked up a few years ago having completely missed it back in the day. Picture quality is WAY better than the 80s pressings or the Animego versions. Everything is included, even the Bali video. Even the book is good. Easily one of the best box sets out there. Again, video quality is as good as it gets here. I can’t stress that enough.

One of the biggest box sets out there that isn’t a TV series or sports is Ghibli Ga Ippai Collection (1996) [TKLO-50180] . Again video quality here is superb. Publius was under the impression that the remaster was done in HiVision for a never released edition on that format (lord, can you even imagine what that would have cost? Then or now?) but only a regular NTSC release made it. There isn’t a lot of printed material in the white satin wrapped box with foil letters but what is inside is every Ghibli movie then ever released plus Nausicaa, the TV special I Can Hear the Ocean, the On Your Mark music video, a ton of random TV promos they did. There is also a Making Of for the movie Only Yesterday and a literal fireside chat with Miyazaki and the actual holy s**t OMG Akira Kurosawa. Damn! This is my favorite box set ever. The covers are all new. Whisper of the Heart and On Your Mark have their theatrical 5.1. Dolby tracks now. All discs have new art. Mononoke isn’t on here since that came out later. IMO it doesn’t belong here. It belongs in some Blu-ray box that begins with that movie, IMO.

If you get a first print version of Mobile Suit Gundam: Memorial Box Part 1 [BELL-1201] it will come with a big outer box to also house Mobile Suit Gundam: Memorial Box Part 2 [BELL-1202] giving you a massive box. This was, amazingly, the first time the TV version of Gundam was ever for sale. (Most fandom was and is focused on the compilation movies). Being released in the Winter of 98/99 you’d be right in assuming they made an HD master for this and use the same thing for the DVD. The covers are VERY pretty in this one. All new cel art (digital cels anyway...) which was also reused for the DVDs but here it’s all square and massive like it should be. This show doesn’t have the most amazingly clean animation ever seen but the video quality of this release is as good as it could possibly be, I’m pretty sure. The packaging is first rate as well. One thing I like about Bandai’s Gundam TV release is that in the gatefold there are chapter marks and screen shots of every episode on those discs so if you’re looking for that scene where your third favorite character dies is way easier to find than it would be with more modern packaging.

Speaking of Gundam, video quality varies with theatrical and TV releases. Char’s Counterattack kinda sucks, sadly. Usually the OVAs are pretty nice. With 0083 they made a big deal about using D2 tape and it’s in CAV so quality is super high. Every episode is available individually starting with the Boobytrap long Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory vol.01 (1991) [BEAL-421] . The earlier OVA, 0080, has a different sort of feel to it. Whereas 0083 was about quick action and...a lot of robots...0080 is more subtle. There’s a lot of detail to the backgrounds and stuff and it shines as an LD in a different sort of way. That word people use a lot here, “filmic” really applies.

I’m sure we can add a bunch more.

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 Post subject: Re: PILA 1150 and 1151
Posted: 06 Feb 2019, 17:52 

That’s weird.

You can tell a CAV disc from a CLV disc just by looking at it. CAV’s have a “Pac Man” look as the wasted section gets longer and longer on the larger laps. CLVs are just one big spiral but with more texture than a CD.

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Posted: 12 Feb 2019, 00:22 

While I would love to see an adaptation of a film like Akira, I know already after seeing some of the crap they have made that it will be garbage.

What exactly do you want out of a live action anime adaptation? Why start with Akira if it’s not going be Otomo’s art style? Or that OST? Or those cool tracing motorcycle lights?

I’m asking this because while many works translate from one art form to another (such as all the great movies and anime based on books) I genuinely have no interest in seeing the same thing all remade by some opportunistic white people 30 years later in another country. Why? What do you want out of it? What did Akira fail to do on...honestly ANY level that would lead to to wanting a remake of any kind, let alone from the clueless grindhouse of anime remakes? What can James Cameron put in Akira that makes it anything other than an insult to the original? You know he’s just going to set it in LA and make the main characters marines and/or go underwater with it or something else he’s done before only this time it’s more expensive. What’s more desirable? Bastardization or mimicry? Is there another choice?

To me quality isn’t even a factor. Good or’s already artistically bankrupt. “Good” CG isn’t going to save it. Remakes are fine if they have some reason to exist other than “some people don’t watch anime” which isn’t a good reason. Why sell Akira to people who don’t like Akira? People who don’t like anime don’t get to see Akira. People who don’t like classical music don’t get to enjoy it. Making a rock opera out of The Barber of Seville isn’t a way to broaden the market for Rossini. It would just be a way to give some uninspired composer a starting point for his hackery.

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Posted: 12 Feb 2019, 08:35 

I don’t know why the distinction is so important to you guys. I buy things if they exist in BR but honestly I kinda avoided DVD except for really critical stuff so I’m buying a lot of classics for the first time now. Even if I had a DVD I don’t usually feel the need to upgrade unless the thing is special. I don’t buy Casablanca every time it comes out. There’s no point. Even LD does a pretty good job with b/w. I just got a huge box set of Universal Monsters movies in DVD and I’m fine with that forever. For something like Blue Planet II or even Unico I really want the BR.

Blue ray really kicks a**. It sucks you feel you were screwed by the home video industry but...we’re here! At the finish line! Why quit %99 of the way back there at DVD which honestly kinda sucks when you can quit at Blu-ray which is the first format (RIP HDDVD) to relatively preserve everything you could want from 35mm while delivering crazy great audio?

You don’t have to keep your sets matched, you know. You can just throw them all together. It’s fine.

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Posted: 13 Feb 2019, 21:39 

I did see Boy and the World (2013) and that felt like it had the spirit of Tezuka or someone like that. The next great wave of cool stuff is happening right now someplace most likely and we just aren't cool enough to know what it is yet. It probably won't be from Japan though.

Wow, that looks really dumb. An art house try-hard waste of time.

Is that supposed to be anywhere near as cool as super high frame hand drawn combat sequences of gorgeous mecha with gritty war story backdrops from the 80s in Japan?

Don't make me laugh, if that is anywhere near "a next great wave of cool stuff" I'm completely right, the world of popular culture already peaked 30 years ago.

What rank were you discharged at?

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Posted: 14 Feb 2019, 07:03 

There was a BBC show in the 80s that many people enjoy for the different reasons. Its full of terrible FX but it also has those Guide animations by the guys who would eventually create Max Headroom (I think) and those are ageless.

But yeah, the first three books are the meat of it.

The second book is called The Restaurant at the End of the Universe because it takes place there, which is a time traveling restaurant that goes to the chronological end of creation to entertain its guests and then flies back after there's nothing left, every night. There's a rock band that is so loud they can't play on the same planet as their speakers. One of the guys in it is dead but because he owes taxes his body is being dragged along in stasis to allow the band to tour. There is a factory that makes entire planets to order and in fact made Earth. This all had to be done with the same budget as Doctor Who so...its extremely bad looking. Like, I'd expect better FX live on stage from high school kids. I love those animations though.

There is also a film that for some reason never generated sequels. I personally liked it but I later learned I'm wrong and stupid, I guess, because everyone else hated it. I think most would agree the Guide animations were good in that one too.

Having been a fan of both Who and Hitchhikers for a loooooong time I can't even imagine where I'd tell anyone to start. I was preconditioned before I was critically minded! I've always loved it, since I was about 6 anyway, so now anything new is like buying your favorite band's new stuff. Its just cool to see them still doing it but it will never effect me the same way. Most would agree the best stuff is Tom Baker and Peter Davison. Before that is great, I love them in b/w as well, but after Davidson it just suuuuucked. The original end was a mercy killing. The 2005 reboot really surprised me. I'm so used to reboots being bastardizations but they really did make something with the same spirit as the best of the original and I hope it runs another 50 years.

Maybe watch City of Death?

This counts as high budget footage for Who since its on location even though its literally just two people in almost normal clothes taking mass transit in Paris like millions of people do every day. THIS IS THE MAGIC OF DOCTOR WHO!

BTW, the girl here eventually married that jerk Richard Dawkins back when he wasn't quite so annoying. Both were pals with Douglas Adams.

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Posted: 19 Feb 2019, 21:53 

Great find!

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 Post subject: Re: Importing a LD player
Posted: 20 Feb 2019, 00:14 

I have a 115 V adapter that outputs 137 V when measured with a voltage meter, which is 37% more than japanese 100 V equipment expects to get.
So I bought a dedicated 100 V adapter, which outputs 101 V when I connect a voltage meter to it. Better play it safe. They are harder to find, that much is true.

Depending on how you measured it and the vintage 137VAC may be fine. Test it with a player plugged into it and running and see what it drops too. This is the nature of old school transformers...

To answer 666’s post, don’t waste your money if you already have a 240-110 converter. The difference between 120 and 110 and 100 is irrelevant. Most power supplies are manufactured exactly the same between US and JP. If you just bought a rare as hell high end turntable from the 70s that would be something different but disposing of an extra 10VAC is no problem for an LD player. It won’t even be measurable on the other side of the DC bus.

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Posted: 20 Feb 2019, 02:41 

Yeah, Harmony will do Play, Skip, etc. on almost any Pioneer. Good luck on Open/Eject or Audio button support though. Display probably works.

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Posted: 21 Feb 2019, 19:54 

I’ve watched Toast of London on Netflix five times through, the whole thing. It makes me laugh like crazy.

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Posted: 21 Feb 2019, 22:18 

OMG I'll have to check that out.
Just watched a few seconds on youtube.

I have to admit, it is in fact one of those shows...where you take a real life comedian and base a sit com on his actual life ala: Maron, Lady Dynamite, Everybody Loves Raymond, half the shows on TV in 2017, etc but since it’s Matt Berry it’s so weird you can’t even tell.

Also check out Snuff Box, which is another show of his where he and an American are royal executioners, hangmen, in modern day Britain somehellhow.

And Garth Marengi’s Dark Place which spoofs Stephen King and crappy 80s horror.

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Posted: 25 Feb 2019, 01:19 

It’s a brand of universal remote. You buy it, put codes into it, use it. If the device is supported then then you’re good. I don’t know what else to say. I suppose you could email them to verify that your specific device works.

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 Post subject: Re: Ripping LDs
Posted: 26 Feb 2019, 21:51 

I hate to be the forum language lawyer but Laserdiscs are not “ripped” they are recorded or captured, please. :)

I made that by playing my CLD-99 into my DVD recorder and then dragging the VOBs into YouTube. The recorders HDMI output is even better than the DVDs it makes so I’ve been meaning to try capturing the HDMI with my Elgato doodad but these look so good I guess I haven’t bothered.

Considering how bad DVD often is with action that one turned out pretty well. I use the highest setttings which I think will only put one hour on a DVD-R.

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Posted: 02 Mar 2019, 16:37 

The 960 digitizes everything it sees. It can’t display LD resolution, it fully digitizes everything you put into it. If you feed it a 240p Genesis, or a 480i PS1, or anything else, VHS, Beta, Laser, they are all fully digitized, deinterlaced, scaled, and sent to the CRT at the same resolution, 1080i. In a way this is the TV’s greatest weakness and the same one flat panels have.

And yes the USDM one has HDMI. The TV doesn’t have to do anywhere near as much work to display things coming in that way.

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Posted: 10 Mar 2019, 15:16 

Do you have a caliper or micrometer to measure the hole? Maybe it’s slightly too small or has roughness to it.

The physical dimensions should be the same as any CD. Normally the only mechanical issue associated with CDV is that they spin so stupidly fast that it sounds like your player will explode. This and the fact that Western releases can’t be trusted pretty much keeps me away from CDV or 5” LD Singles. I just have a few anime related ones.

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Posted: 11 Mar 2019, 23:11 

Pretty much, but you have to consider that since LD was Multi-Audio to begin with Criterion was really just fulfilling the promise of the format when most publishers wouldn’t consider the expense. They weren’t in a position to innovate anything that wasn’t already built into the format and demoed by Leonard Nimoy in the Magnavision promo.

Criterion were the first to make spending money on special features a normal thing. Their main goal in the beginning was just putting out movies period and making things available that could normally only been seen in very limited engagements at very few theaters. Realizing that meant their movies would cost more I think they considered it an obligation to make the releases as good as possible. It was $150 for some of these things, which is a lot of money for movies almost nobody wanted to see. They made sure you had a good cover and the transfer wasn’t too messed up and if it was a release that would pay for itself and worthy bonus material could be found or created they’d try to include it.

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Posted: 12 Mar 2019, 20:36 

Regarding the audio, does this happen with both Digital and Analog sound discs? Have you tried flipping between the two while playing it? Also, are you using digital or analog outs when you experience this? What is your overall LD experience level? It helps to establish this when diagnosing things. Do you have other players to verify the quality of the discs? Does the issue happen more on side B than Side A?

Usually the video suffers in some way before the sound does unless it’s an audio hardware issue. If you haven’t spent 10,000 hours watching LDs though the video faults may be too hard to see.

What’s the history of your discs? Are they from different places over the years or did you get everything you have at once?

I’m just trying to eliminate the possibility that every disc you have is defective. That actually happens if the entire collection came from the same swap shed or open roofed storage RV.

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Posted: 13 Mar 2019, 19:18 

Who are these noobs who go their whole life without something and then once there is a soulless remake or a celebrity death they will pay ANYTHING to have this greatest thing ever?

To be fair, the LD isn’t very common as far as anime OVA LDs go but it’s’s also not very unique. I apologize in advance to hardcore fans of this show who didn’t even know it existed six months ago, but it’s just another OVA. Flashy and superficial like many others, no better or worse than many.

I’ve never owned it but I did buy the manga back in the day and I helped my then girlfriend build a Gally garage kit for a show but that’s the extent of my fandom on this and it should be the same basic way that anyone enjoys this show. It’s not...great. It’s just manga, ya know?

I absolutely refuse to watch that insane huge eyed CG monstrosity called Battle Angel. I’m honestly stunned that they use those giant eyes. That’s one of the most horrendous things I’ve seen in ages. It’s like seeing the Munsters in color and learning they are all green for the first time. You’re like...what idiot thought that was good?

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 Post subject: Re: How about a Discord ?
Posted: 20 Mar 2019, 23:04 

It’s the new way to suck forum traffic away, from what I can gather. Like Facebook but not as terrible.

Or it’s the new IRC. I don’t know. I’m totally ignorant!

Don’t care either way. I like forums and email. Forums and email rule all over this new ad driven crap.

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 Post subject: Re: How about a Discord ?
Posted: 21 Mar 2019, 19:15 

For me personally it’s just that I don’t need more or faster or easier interactions with people I need higher quality interactions with people. This forum lets us put all our thoughts out in well formatted posts that are actually worth something an hour or a year later, even Trippletopper because let’s face it he has created the most popular topics in the last year. :)

Think of all of Ty’s posts that keep coming up when you search for things and realize that if he had typed all that stuff into Facebook or whatever it would already be lost. When you make your posts on this forum you make it better and better. When you put it on FB it basically just starts trying to make ad revenue and if that fails it essentially disappears. People have abandoned forums for something much much worse.

This forum also has one owner which has its advantages.

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 Post subject: Re: How about a Discord ?
Posted: 21 Mar 2019, 20:08 

I understand. Again this is just me but I only have so much time to contribute so anything I put somewhere means it’s something I’m not putting somewhere else. I quit Twitter on election eve ‘16 and Facebook after the midterms and I’m getting SO much more stuff done.

Ideally what I would like to see is more forum traffic and thats something that’s hard to achieve with FB out there. Here like three people will worship photos of your collection but on LD Forever you’ll get a hundred Likes which will make your brain think that’s a better place of discussion when in fact it’s mostly a cesspool filled with horribly lit photos of crap LDs and transparent compliment fishing. The gratification must be INSTANT and therefore they don’t have time to even take a decent photo let alone write something worth reading.

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 Post subject: Re: How about a Discord ?
Posted: 23 Mar 2019, 06:59 

As a collector of many things I honestly consider a premium LD to be one of the absolute coolest things there is. Since peak LD was pre-public Internet there aren’t a lot of pictures of the really nice stuff out there and this frankly makes it so much more special when I finally get a copy myself. The mystery amplifies it all. If you really do want to impress someone with your LDs (or more likely, try to explain why you aren’t nuts for liking the obsolete boat anchors so much) you need to invite them over so they can see the stuff in person.

There’s honestly a barrier of sorts that exists between people who have only seen sub $100 titles and those lucky enough to have higher end ish. The lavish Japanese stuff and also a few US things like Pioneer Special Editions really blow the minds of even some long time collectors when they do see them. I remember having a discussion with a guy who thought some US item was the biggest box set ever...I don’t remember what it was, maybe the Star Trek movie box something, and it took some convincing to get him to realize otherwise. I was man, there’s a Kamen Rider LD box that is not only an entire season of TV but it has a complete set of trading cards and comes in aluminum flight case, presumably so you can strap it to the back of your motorcycle and fight crime without dinging up the sleeves. The Mighty Atom set was not only dozens of LDs but it has its own wooden shelf with glass door on it. It comes with its own furniture because it needs it! Star Wars CAV...phssh, please. It may as well be a 7” single compared to the UY box. If you know, you know, but you can’t really know LD over the Internet. It just doesn’t translate. That’s the coolest thing.

I’m not saying I’m against posting photos of things if there is some point to it, I do that, but I’m grateful that we aren’t knee deep in high res scans of every surface of every LD just to increase the good chemicals in some noobs brain for three seconds.

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Posted: 24 Mar 2019, 22:20 

If you have a DTS disc it’s DTS only or analog. If it’s PAL, if PAL DTS discs exist, then DTS would be it.

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 Post subject: Re: Macross memorial boxes
Posted: 09 Apr 2019, 01:10 

The contents of disc 11 in the 15th version:

1: no-super (no credits) opening
2: no-super ending
3: no-super opening (mini chara version)
4: no-super ending (Macross Special version)
5: plastic model comercials
6: line art archive

All in CAV, quality is very high. A frame-by-framer’s dream.

FYI: “Macross Special” refers to the way episodes 1 and 2 were originally broadcast as one hour long special and part of that was an alternate ending. In all other markets and in reruns it’s shown as two eps.

The plamo CM archive is ironically mostly if not all ARII kits and not Bandai

The line art archive is very big. If you have the mooks and whatnot you already have all of it but it’s still very impressive to see juat how much design work was done for this show.

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Posted: 12 Apr 2019, 15:10 

Is the live action content on the Daicon LD the same as on Otaku no Video? When I watched Otaku no Video in the '90s I pledged to become an Otaking and also imagined what it would be like if General Products actually existed, but they actually did..even putting out good..a definite holy grail of mine and many.

The live action part is different depending on if you got the VHS or LD version. IIRC one is a legend of orochi thing and the other is the legend of No Tenki, a parody SFX hero.

The only thing from these releases that’s in OnV is animated, the Macross stuff they are watching together on tape in one of the otakunization scenes in the first EP.
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