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Posted: 13 Sep 2019, 20:46 

PVMs aren’t the best displays for LD. That’s just gamer group think bleeding into home theater. Many consumer sets will dump all over PVMs in LD playback at 1/10 the price.

The reason being:

PVMs are for directors and technicians to work with. They do very little to the signal so that they can see any abnormalities. They don’t have great comb filters or any home theater related features at all. This works for classic games because you get the purest version of the picture possible.

When viewing LD or NTSC at all really one generally wants the image enhanced by the display. I’m not talking about motion smoothing or anything, nothing so gross. You want the scanlines reduced to as thin as possible. You want state of the art 3D comb filters to avoid motion artifacts, you want anti-bloom circuitry to stabilize the image, you want help with color.

The PVM will look fine, no issue. I watched Clifford on mine a while back. It’s just that those 27” Trinitrons on Craigslist for $20 will make LD look even better, also bigger, and then you can save hours on your PVM.

EDIT: I forgot to say, s-video will probably give the best results.

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Posted: 14 Sep 2019, 18:07 

He thinks he’s cool. That’s what’s amazing. He found something for nothing and is flipping it for INSANE markup and he doesn’t see why that outs him a jerk.

If your parents didn’t explain it to you then it’s too late. Obviously, you’re trying to defend yourself so that part of your brain never developed properly. If you really don’t see how charging a 20x markup on a recently acquired item you can barely identify grosses people out then we can’t explain it do you here.

If you want to blend in with decent society more easily I’d suggest keeping your finances more private. Nobody here wants to know how bad you’re ripping people off other people in the same scene. If you were ever part of any scene you’d know that already too.

You'd hate me if I told you how little I paid for these.

Hate isn’t the right word but I find this quote of yours very revealing of your unrepentant greed. You already assumed we’d hate for for not paying enough for something but you’re surprised that we think your a jerk for selling it for too much?

It’s pretty simple. If you did nothing you deserve nothing. If you had to crawl into a sewer to get these and then eat your way out again then $300 would be fair. Buying something, marking it up massively the next day is not doing something. You are not a bond trader. These are LDs and you’re not even an expert on that. You don’t deserve the money. That’s pretty much the irritant. You’re trying get something for nothing FROM US. Get it? Still don’t get it? Maybe you have an older smarter sister you can ask about this...? Do you go to church or anything? You must know somebody moral. Everyone does.

Anyway, next time do the research yourself or just be honest. “Hi, I created a account here just to make money off of it but I’m not using the LDDB shop because I need the larger audience of idiots on Facebook to get mad money. What do you think I can bilk these rubes for? Maybe $300?”

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Posted: 14 Sep 2019, 20:21 

You have to run it. LD players are giant fans and running them hugely helps with this exact problem. I know since when I got my LD-W1 it smelled like a 1978 Trans Am.

It doesn’t sound like you’ll be able to live with the smell that long so please sell the smelly thing to me since I can handle it and I’d love to have another 99.

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 Post subject: Re: My MUSE LD collection
Posted: 19 Sep 2019, 23:22 

The only way I can see being impressed with a bunch of LDs on a shelf is if you’ve never been to a museum of any quality whatsoever. It’s just mass media; even the “rare” stuff was made by the thousands and very very little of it is MUSE-only so it’s mostly just dirt common stuff in a weird uncommon format. Furthermore, all this guy did was buy stuff. I’m not polishing his knob for that and that seems to be what he wants since he contributes nothing but photos.

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Posted: 21 Sep 2019, 02:10 

The thread you linked is the best thing there is. It’s pretty massive and it’s a living document so read the whole thing.

As Rein-O has said, it helps if you have some kind of interest in video recordings. Music, for example, there are many many exclusive music titles on LD but most people don’t care about Clan of Xymox videos or late period Chet Baker. There are also quite a few documentaries about racing and race cars that are LD only forever. Anime is another specialty area with loads of LD only stuff.

It’s very hard to think of some basic super low hanging fruit like a full length live action Hollywood movie that is LD only because that wouldn’t have been a good business decision. Anything with a main market outside of Japan would also have seen a VHS release. During the DVD boom we saw the release of almost anything that wasn’t in rights Hell, including many things that skipped the analog era.

It would be easier if you said you wanted to find a title where the LD version was still the best version, that is to say movies where the only releases are Beta, VHS, VHD, CED, and LD in which case a well captured LD version would be more valuable to the world than the other formats. I think there’s a David Lynch movie like that...another thing would be to get better versions of something because of the content, like THX1138 since that got all f-ed up on DVD.

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Posted: 22 Sep 2019, 19:23 

Good news! I was hoping I was wrong when I wrote that.

In reality 99s have crappy spindles and those dying will cause us to eventually have way more spare doors than there will be working 99s.

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 Post subject: Re: Finally upgraded my TV
Posted: 25 Sep 2019, 02:27 

One of the things that really screws with a low end LCD is stuff like LD crosstalk. It sees it on the signal and so tries to render it but a CRT will basically just ignore it.

What you’re experiencing is something I’ve tried to explain to a million people over the Internet. It’s very hard to communicate that before people try spend money on fixing problems introduced by 21st century stuff, maybe first try matching the display to the tech it was designed to run on it. Almost ANY CRT will be better than a cheap LCD for SD viewing. Before buying a $1000 Bravia try a $20 Trinitron.

To experience an even more massive version of this effect trying watching a really nice black and white movie on your new CRT.

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Posted: 25 Sep 2019, 18:01 

Noobs who buy things for a crazy price the second they see it might want to know that that item wasn’t listed five minutes ago but actually five years before they even knew it existed. That’s the point of it.

I love how many sellers and single posters don’t want it. I’d assume anyone who is a smart buyer would feel exactly the opposite.

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Posted: 25 Sep 2019, 18:07 

drorabaugh wrote:
If this feature is implemented, I hope display is optional. As a seller, I don't see the point.

Does being a seller actually make you unable to see the point or do you very much see the point and realize it works against you?

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Posted: 26 Sep 2019, 01:03 

So I go into the pawn shop and I see that Roland 808 there and it’s $1800 and I just decide this time I’m going to get it.

I say, hey, I’ll give you $700 for it. And he’s like, it’s a CLASSIC. It’s worth twice what I’m asking! So I say, if it’s worth so much then why has it been there every time I come in this store for the last seven years? You clearly can’t move it in a reasonable amount of time so it’s either window dressing to keep the shop looking good or you really want to sell it and you’re just hoping to cash in on the right idiot on the right day. It ain’t happening, sell it to me. End of story, I paid $900 and a dumpster full of alarm clocks. I got to keep the dumpster. .

This story is a fabrication but to anyone who “can’t see why” they’d want the info it is the perfect parable. Knowing how long he’s been sitting on something unable to get his gouging price is one of the most powerful bargaining tools there is. That’s why ebay has had it since they only auctioned stamps.

Sellers who want $1800 for a copy of Sixth Day they found in a crap bin at Hard Off! 16 years ago won’t want you have this tool. I’m a little surprised that some are so transparent or disingenuous about it. I’m not super concerned about it really but some people are and they’re kind outing themselves because there’s no honorable reason I can think of to be against. “To much info”? It’s the Laserdisc DATABASE for friggn crassness hazzen sassen. There’s usually only a single sentence description for an individual LD. “NM+ w/ obi” isn’t exactly a tidal wave of data.

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Posted: 26 Sep 2019, 03:14 

I’m not in that market or that income bracket, high end auctions. Nobody who buys $28M Ferraris or (probably) fake waterlilies hangs out on web forums either so that wish is a bit unlikely to come true.

None of that matters at the moment as the conversation is about obfuscation of info commonly available when buying all sorts of things from all sorts of places. The conversation seems to have quickly become a sellers vs the world situation which I wouldn’t have expected. I expected crickets if anything.

So why all the action? If you’re not deliberately manipulating the market through false scarcity then how else can that info hurt you or any seller? It’s nice that you have so many wonderful facts about yourself to relay to us but we aren’t talking about your feedback or how you pack things.

The fact that the LD world is small is irrelevant. Gouging is gouging. If it takes tricks to make people believe high prices makes sense...maybe they don’t make sense.

“Why can’t all the people (I’m profiting from) just get along?” This is what I mean about honesty and actually saying what you mean and “honorable” behavior. I don’t know what you charge for stuff or what the markup is because I don’t buy that stuff but it must be huge for you (all the transparent sellers who showed up for this thread) or you wouldn’t be here crapping on it. It’s clearly not nothing. It’s clearly a more important topic than I thought because it got the sellers out to campaign against it.

I suspect it won’t be implemented to calm down the huckersters. It’s not going to make or break the place. I’ll never think of some of these shops the same way again though. You guys really don’t understand how to argue your cause for beans.

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Posted: 26 Sep 2019, 20:36 

No, it serves no significance. Quite frankly, it will raise additional issues for sellers, like more questions from anal retentive buyers. If they see a laserdisc in a store for years, it will give the buyer more incentive to contact the seller and lower the price and such.

I truly believe that an optional "make offer" button is more ideal.


Beyond parody, beyond cliche.

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Posted: 27 Sep 2019, 01:26 

There is nothing machiavellian about my choice to wish an opt out option for the proposed changes to listings.
If a title has been listed for over a decade or only a few weeks, what's the difference to anyone ?

Again, pretending to not understand something. I’ve already explained it very well, I think. I don’t believe you don’t understand it. Should I? I chose to believe your are an unrepentant capitalist rather than a complete idiot. Don’t be insulted, those are the choices you gave me. But because you are repeating this lie that you don’t get what good the info is...I don’t trust you.

You DO know what good it is, that’s why you’re here complaining about it. Right? Am I wrong about that? You or another seller repeatedly saying you don’t get what good the info is while campaigning against it is hurting your cause. When you do it again with your next post you will hurt it even more.

If you’re sitting on a $1000 disc for five years then we can see what you see, that it’s only worth $1000 to some person who hasn’t yet seen it. Everyone who’s in the actual LD market is passing it by. We wait for you to lower the price. Amazingly some sellers do this already, since lowering the price of stuff that won’t move is retail 101. You can’t buy a new 1997 Escort from the Ford lot today. They lower the price instead of raising it. Your car lot would have a 1983 LeCar on it for $345,000 and you “wouldn’t see why” people were torn between thinking it was a joke or a scam.

If you sit on something with an insane price refusing to sell it for anything less then YOU are the one who need to learn about “letting the market play out”. If you have the only copies in the world and you won’t sell it then YOU ARE GUILTY OF PRICE FIXING. Not guilty in any court but guilty in reality. You control the price. You’ve frozen it at what you want it to be. You and LD_fan or whatever his name is with all the music videos.

All that stuff about people buying “you”. They buy your hype, clearly, but you’re just shipping around other people’s art, adding a firehouse tax of unknown magnitude. It’s not like you’re hand assembling custom brassieres or something.

I feel like a friggn idiot for typing all this since I don’t buy expensive LDs. I don’t even know what they are because I don’t care whatsoever for hype for value. The whole scene deeply offends me. But I’m sort of on the side of the sellers. I honestly hope admin turns it off because we need these carnie crab in a bucket sellers more than we need another bargain and it only hurts the dim bulbs that get hoodwinked into paying big money for crap. The thing is, I just can’t let the kind of BS I’m seeing in this thread go unchallenged. It’s so obvious and so smelly.

A while back the head of the Amway tried to win the Michigan governorship. Dick Devos. His horrible wife Betsy is now Secretary of Education. One of the things he actually campaigned on was repealing the “truth in pricing law” which basically said that everything in Michigan has to be priced and sell for the price that’s on it. He lost! And why not? It doesn’t take a Richard Feynman so see that he’s a) head of a legal pyramid scheme and b) price tags protect customers. He was as transparent as glass and so are the sellers in this thread. You guys really screwed yourselves, IMO. You should have left your post counts at zero.

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Posted: 28 Sep 2019, 16:22 

My grandpa was my favorite person in the history of the world. He didn’t care about a lot of the stuff I did but then I didn’t survive the Depression as a child in Chicago by looking for money on the ground. I didn’t get drafted and shipped to New Guinea, I didn’t get malaria. My first son lived. Old people don’t care about a lot of stuff because it takes until you’re old to figure out what your priorities really are, if you ever do.

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Posted: 04 Oct 2019, 22:53 

Yeah it was a gateway anime for many. I was never a huge fan. As fighting shonen go I enjoyed Yu Yu Hakusho a lot more. I'd rate Rave Master higher as well.

Rurouni Kenshin is one of the bigger gateway anime that one I liked and two I got into it when it was fresh in the US. Cowboy Bebop is amazing and in this weird spot where it is probably both simultaneously underrated and overrated at the same time but I did not watch that when it aired on CN. Trigun sucked.

I was 12 or 13 when I discovered Dragon Ball, Kinikuman, and Fist of the North Star. This was all around 85/86, I had a friend who’s family traveled between Japan and the US a lot so he always had the latest manga and occasionally even a cel or a drawing from a show. I loved Dragon Ball and still do for art, the humor, the world it takes place in. (I got out at Freezer, by the time that happened we had tape trading down to less than a week delay from broadcast. By then US fandom was pretty large, the cons drawing 5000 people probably.)

Then a decade later it finally hit the US and it was everywhere. Fist and Kinnikuman never took off here. The most popular DB stuff seems to be crap like Brawly which was honestly just Jump treading water to keep making money. The best stuff is from the beginning right up to where Goku does the kamehameha from heaven with Gohan. That was sooooooooooo cool. We didn’t have Steve Universe and all that well informed s**t like that back then so honestly I was totally blown away by it. On US TV the good guys never died or cried or pooped or anything. They just won all day. It was a paradigm shift. Anything could happen in Dragon Ball. In American cartoons (actually animated in Japan largely) the characters only wear one set of the clothes, whatever the toy wore. Even Quick Kick and Roadblock at the North Pole on a movie budget.

All three of these series typify the Jump comics spirit of teamwork, making allies of your enemies, etc, but in different ways. Dragon Ball was the only one drawn properly from day one though. These days I’m more into Kinniuman than any of them.

Btw, “Tournament” is officially a genre of anime according to Netflix, these shows are largely responsible.

Epilogue: the same time I discovered these shows I saw Transformers: The Movie in the theater and Nausicaa on video as well as Dagger of Kamui, Ralph Bakshi, and I was already way into Macross. It was a pretty intense time.

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Posted: 05 Oct 2019, 05:11 

I had a guy offer me something and before I could respond he bought it at full price. I’m not a professional seller so I guess I wasn’t fast enough to satisfy people super impatient about getting stuff TODAY that’s been sitting on eBay for 20 years.

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Posted: 05 Oct 2019, 07:15 

Dragon Ball sort of invented it so you wouldn’t haven been tired if it yet.

Well, Kinnikuman did it earlier and pretty much the same way but that show only made it outside of Japan in the form of video games and tiny eraser dudes.

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Posted: 06 Oct 2019, 15:06 

Please put replacement ECs back in. This is a $700 box set made of the highest quality materials. They didn’t use ECs to “save money”. They were trying to spend money.

If I had to guess I’d suspect that the paper ones you used are a few mm too big but either way ECs are the ticket. Every noob collector thinks they are junk and then has to learn the hard way years later that they are the best. Over and over again we’ve seen this here. The first well meaning idiot I remember doing it was me back in 1992.

If you never crumple the things they are easy to deal with. JP ones are rarely very crumpled. American ones are usually pretty bad.

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Posted: 09 Oct 2019, 02:18 

That info wouldn’t necessarily be proof of anything. For one, it would only matter for LDs made from theatrical prints and even then it would only be totally definitive proof if every print was the same which in reality they sure aren’t. By 1994 if anyone was making a ground up restoration they’d be making a new print for it in which case, considering 4:3 was the home video standard, they could very well have chosen to leave the whole frame visable even when it was or wasn’t on the theatrical release. The Abyss special edition, for example. Old LDs with weird aspect ratios are that way because they were at mercy of the best print they could find which may have been a cropped version dubbed in German or whatever. Personal prints are used a lot in the early days of home video and those could have all sorts of copying mistakes in them but if all the OGs are lost the seeing the original ratio listed on IMBD is going to do...what for you?

I sort of care about info like this but the more I look into it the more I realize that the hard data some of you guys are wanting may not exist definitively. The more you look the less there is to believe in. You have to believe in there being a %100 totally correct ratio and there really isn’t one on a lot of things.

That being said...does anyone have a correct list of which Looney Toons are supposed to be wide? That is super confusing to me because Warner sometimes crops things to wide and sometimes gives you a choice, some shorts look like they were designed to work either way. Year of release isn’t the same as order of production so when they go by whatever date in their mind marks the cutoff between wide and 4:3 Toons it’s often wrong.

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Posted: 10 Oct 2019, 01:03 

I’ve known some real collectards but never one who would lay his life down for shrink wrap. Impressive!

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Posted: 13 Oct 2019, 16:56 

The article seemed boring so I gave up.

From my own experience LD looks great on the one 4K TV I tried (Bravia circa 2017).

The only TVs that made LD look bad were 1080p or less LCDs, particularly non-Sony ones. If anything 4K will help save LDs usefulness because you don’t need any processing to make the signal look amazing.

I say this not as a person who has read a lot of stuff or watched a lot of YT videos but as someone who still has many displays of different generations still in use including a 27” JVC that makes almost anything SD look amazing, game or movie, with zero lag which is one kind of gold standard, an XBR960 which is possibly the best CRT for LD made, a 1080P Bravia, etc etc. In my opinion it is a tie between the HD CRT from Sony and their own 13 years newer 4K LCD. The tube is more subtle, the flat thing makes stuff pop more, both rule, IMO.

The issue is that in order to created the fuzz storm analog NTSC is supposed to live in you need more lines around the signal. CRTs don’t have lines that are as rigidly defined as LCD pixels are so you are quantizing stuff artificially in relation to the lines above and below it. I’m not describing this well but it’s something I imagined working out for LD fans and it seems to have.

Consider the Photoshop filter “Gaussian blur” and how it has to basically work at a lower res than the imagine (the chosen radius). That kind of thing. Hard to explain...

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Posted: 14 Oct 2019, 18:22 

A lot of people consider picture quality portability and price over everything else.

If I have a favorite anime disc I blew a weeks pay on 25 years ago then I’m going to love it forever. I mean forever. I have cels from that movie. I can draw all the characters. I’ve driven thousands of miles to meet the people who made it. I have the OST in my car. That kind of thing. He doesn’t mention that. Yeah there’s a BR, cool. Yeah I have it, but I haven’t moved house with it 12 times like the LD. It’s not The Thing. Only the LD is The Thing.

But if you’re only 22 years old then nothing like that could be true so why would they care about LD? Same with people who mainly love Terminator type stuff, they see nothing in a LD compared to BR.

When mail order was two way (one trip for money order, one trip back for the item) people would sometimes wait like two months for a LD to arrive. These days people have already forgotten what they watched two months ago. They sure aren’t going to want to own it two months from now.

If you know, you know. If you don’t know then I can’t show it to you.

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Posted: 17 Oct 2019, 19:11 

“Surround” is the brand name for home use, Dolby Stereo is for theaters. I don’t know when that distinction was made but I’d guess when the first home surround processors came out, when was that? Perhaps that was when they started putting the info on the discs. Before that there was no official way to use matrixed surround.

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Posted: 30 Oct 2019, 22:09 

It’s a very good player. Better than many Elite models that came before it.

You should hook it up both ways and judge for yourself which is better. We can’t tell you anything you can see with your own eyes looking at your own stuff in your own room. In period the s-video output was intended to be best but these days there are many ways of handling video better than the best stuff from back then so composite may very well work better on your setup.

Calibrate the display to the player using Video Essentials (1996) [ID3487ISF] and turn the brightness and contrast WAY WAY down and you’ll be happy with the image of this player on any decent TV. If you try to make it as bright as your Blu-rays so you can watch it on a 100” screen with all the windows open on a sunny day expect it to look like blown out aliased crap.

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Posted: 01 Nov 2019, 21:14 

I was right up there with you until all the gamer gate stuff plopped out.

You heard it here folks, it isn’t unchecked greed that’s causing Disney to eat the rest of showbiz, it’s actually feminism. Because feminism is a classic motivator of trillion dollar corporations. It’s the women who donate the $200M needed to make this movie and then they just roll it all into another more feminist sequel. I see it now. Makes perfect sense. Women have been pulling the strings on world events for millennia and now even the flawless genius of a fat pervert computer nerd like John Lasseter has been silenced. We’re basically screwed as a society now.
Of course it's completely ridicilous to think that it's intentional. But I do think there's some clueless hiring policies going on leading to this nonsense.

Oh, it’s intentional for sure. They’re commodifying dissent though, nothing else. They are following trends like they always do. They’re not in any way interested in affecting social change so don’t worry.
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