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Posted: 15 Dec 2011, 16:29 

DiscoVision's rotted very early in the packaging, so if it's not rotted now, it won't rot. When I lived in New Mexico, I had virtually no problems with rot, even Sony DADC America titles were/are fine (I just played my DADC copy of Contact the other day and its still perfect). But now that I live in Missouri, with very high humidity, I've had some good discs rot, like my Japanese import 8-inch pressing of "Twist Of Fate" - it was perfect at first, now it's rotted. And I only bought it a year or so ago.

I have some early PAL discs that have turned a bronze color and have what look like coffee stains under the surface - they were clear and clean when new. I don't have a PAL player though, so I can't say if they would still play or not.

Rot always manifests itself as red & blue speckles. Black/White speckling is either tape master errors or pit defects due to a missing half-cycle of the FM carrier - that's a 'pressed in' or mastering defect and won't get worse. Snits (rolling black/white lines) are due to either surface dirt or dust/contaminates under the disc surface and are a pressing defect - and won't get worse.

Your ability to see any of the above defects depends on the frequency response of your player and television - and if you have a good comb filter. The better each is, the easier it is to see the defects. Also, some discs are just pressed 'noisy" and actually look best through a "Channel 3" RF input on a CRT set - the high frequency losses from the RF transmission make most pressing defects much less visible since RF is limited to only 330 lines horizontally and that's only if your set has a comb filter. If it's a notch filter set, then horizontal resolution will be around 3MHz, 260 lines or so. About VHD Video Disc quality.

Oh, and cleaning a disc with Windex won't hurt it a bit. I've done that for 30 years and never had a problem. Pioneer even officially recommended Windex or "Clean & Shine", which I don't think is made anymore.

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Posted: 30 Jun 2013, 17:04 

Steve Winwood has had a very profilic career to date having featured in classic bands such as Spencer Davis Group, Blind Faith and Traffic as well as going on to carve a very successful solo career.

I'm too young to remember what all the fuss was about in the 60's and 70's however with the aid of some laserdiscs I've been able to revisit this golden period along
with his later performance from the 80's and 90's which I do remember!

Spencer Davis Group "Keep On Runnin'" is on:
Beat Club vol.02: British Invasion 1 - Keep On Runnin' [SM048-3222]
Beat Club: History of: vol.1 ('60s) (1991) [PILP-1103]
VH-1: Rock In The UK/Psychedelic High (1993) [ID2732RH]

Spencer Davis Group is also featured on:
British Rock: The First Wave [SM058-3072]

Spencer Davis Group "Gimme Some Loving" is on:
Rock'n'roll Greatest Years: 66 (1966) [VAL-3110]

Spencer Davis Group "I'm A Man" is on:
Rock'n'roll Greatest Years: 67 vol.2 (1967) [VAL-3112]

Blind Faith 'Do-Waa' is on:
Superstars in Concert [SM068-3271]

Traffic full length concert live at Santa Monica 1972 is on:
Traffic: Live in Santa Monica [VALS-3250]

Traffic "40,000 Headmen" is on:
Casey Kasem: British Invasion (1986) [ID6190VE]

Traffic "Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush" is on:
Beat Club: History of: vol.1 ('60s) (1991) [PILP-1103]

Island Records 25th Anniversity promo LD which includes short overview of Steve Winwoods career in Spencer Davis Group, Traffic and as a solo artist:
Still Touching The Soul [CDV 009001]

You get to see snippets of several early concert performances as well as few glimpses of some of his videos such as 'While You See A Chance', 'Higher Love' and a live version of 'Back In The High Life Again'.

The ARMS charity concert is on:
The ARMS' Concert: Ronnie Lane Appeal for Arms (1983) [TE-D048]

It features Steve performing the following tracks:
Road Runner
Slowdown Sundown
Take Me to the River
Gimme Some Lovin'

Other promo LDs feature various videos from his later solo albums - none of which have ever been officially released on later formats:

'Higher Love' from Back In The High Life album (1986) is on:
3M Promotional Music Videos - Videobox Networks Inc: Disc 106 (1986) [VB106]
Audix Soundware Promo Music Compilation [T-06166]

'Finer Things' from Back In The High Life album (1986) is on:
3M Promotional Music Videos - Videobox Networks Inc: Disc 111 (1986) [---]

'Freedom Overspill' from Back In The High Life album (1986) is on:
3M Promotional Music Videos - Videobox Networks Inc: Disc 108 (1986) [vb108]

'Roll With It' from Roll With It album (1988) is on:
3M Promotional Music Videos - Videobox Networks Inc: Disc 121 (1987) [---]

'Don't You Know What The Night Can Do' from Roll With It album (1988) is on:
3M Promotional Music Videos - Videobox Networks Inc: Disc 122 (1988) [---]

"One and Only Man" from 'Refugees Of The Heart' album (1990) is on:
Laser Juke: Music Compilation Series [13.20.02]

"Spy In The House Of Love" from Junction Seven album (1997) is on:
ET/VideoLink Hot Hits: Number 1057 pending submission also mentions the possible existence of the following title:
Stevie Winwood: Live in U.S [WV038-3025]
I've never seen it or know anyone else who owns it but it would be amazing if such a title does exist, particularly if it was a live concert from the 80's.
Since no one else has it added to their collection after all this time it seems likely it probably got cancelled.

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 Post subject: Re: Indonesian laserdiscs
Posted: 14 Aug 2013, 05:16 

Indonesian laserdiscs seem to be very rare but I found someone selling this Indonesian LD which is not a Karaoke LD.
My girlfriend will buy it for me.

Here it is:

Warkop are a comedy group from Indonesia and this is a disc containing some of their sketches I assume. I am sure it is not
funny ( from a Western point of view ) but at least it is a real Indonesian title.

I will also try to find other titles but that is not easy at all.

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Posted: 01 Nov 2013, 05:00 

It must have been: Europe: Europe in America (1987) [080 370-1]

The big brother of a friend had a PAL LD Player home with a few discs.


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Posted: 06 Jun 2014, 22:43 deserve your name well my friend ....astonishing....where did you get all these hk releases ?

Hi exinferis,

I got them from many different places over the last few years. Many of them came from a seller in Texas. A lot of the early ones I picked up from a seller in Chicago several years ago. I have also obtained quite a few of them at various times from several lesser sources in Hong Kong itself. When I joined this site in 2005, I had no Hong Kong releases whatsoever in my collection. In fact, I had almost no imports at all, but I was well on my way to having all of the U.S. releases I wanted to own. Then, I encountered the seller in Chicago, which was a pivotal moment in my collecting experience. This guy was a serious collector like myself, and he liked a lot of the same types of movies I liked, namely horror, sci-fi, action, and mysteries/thrillers. Also, like me, he had a love for low-budget movies, especially in the aforementioned genres. His collection was about the same size as mine, roughly 3000 titles at that time. The biggest difference was that, unlike my collection, his was loaded with imports. He started listing things for sale that I never knew existed :o ! My collection began growing by leaps and bounds again, after I had gone through a period of dormancy during the early new millennium. My interest was renewed again in my collection! It was like a doorway to another world had opened up, and I had discovered this hidden place full of treasures I never even dreamed of before! It was an adrenaline rush of excitement like you can't imagine!

I had several telephone conversations with this guy, and during one of them, he told me that he liked Hong Kong discs better than Japanese ones. I was confused by this, as I knew the well-deserved great reputation that the Japanese releases have long had among serious collectors. I asked him why he liked the Hong Kong discs better, and why he had so many in his collection. He told me that there were two reasons. First, unlike the Japanese discs, almost all of the Hong Kong ones were either in English, or had English subtitles. This was due to the fact that Hong Kong had long been a part of the British Empire. Second, he told me that he believed that Hong Kong releases were among the very rarest discs ever made. He told me that there were many Hong Kong discs in his collection of which he had never seen another copy in 20+ years of collecting! :o This guy had been very much a world traveler, which I most decidedly am not. He went on vacations to Hong Kong, and many other places in that part of the world. Many of his discs were personally bought by him at video stores while he was vacationing there. He had begun collecting DVDs instead, and decided to sell off his laserdisc collection. I started buying everything I could afford out of his collection as he made it available for purchase. After a year or two, sadly, it became all too obvious that his vast collection was dwindling away to only a shell of its' former self :( . The best titles he had were all gone. The good news is that most of it was now part of my collection :thumbup: ! In fact, my collection has now, I believe, far surpassed what his was in its' prime.

Dealing with that seller was a valuable experience for me, not only because of all the marvelous treasures I got from his collection. I also gained a wealth of knowledge from him as well. I always remembered what he had told me about Hong Kong laserdiscs. As my collection continued to grow, I found that what he had said to me was absolutely true. My experience with Hong Kong laserdiscs was exactly the same as his had been! I can also say the same for Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and China. Every time I acquired a new piece from one of these Asian countries, I came to this site and checked for a listing of it. Almost without exception, I found that there was no record of it here at all :shock: ! It was obvious that these discs were quite rare indeed, and no one here in the hardcore laserdisc community even knew about them :shock: ! I remembered another thing that the Chicago collector had told me, and I believe that it is probably true. He told me that at some point in the late 90's or early new millennium, a large number of Hong Kong laserdiscs were destroyed :o ! He said that they were shipped back to Mainland China, where they were recycled for the raw materials from which they were made :thumbdown: ! If this is true, what a tragedy that so many wonderful treasures were lost forever :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: ! It became my mission to obtain as many of these rare discs as I could, and to document the existence of them here. I want to preserve information about these rare releases on this site, including pictures of what they looked like, so all collectors will be able to see and enjoy them. To me, this is a vital part of preserving the history of this grand old format for future generations. It's a little like archaeology, preserving the fossil record of the dinosaur bones that remain, so that people will remember that these rare animals once walked upon this earth! So, for now, I am trying to do my part to keep history alive here for the future. I encourage you to do your part as well, by submitting information about any such rare discs that you might encounter in your travels. :thumbup:

Best Regards,
David :wave:

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Posted: 11 Apr 2015, 05:16 

I have found half of the answer to the questions here. There is a display box for the 50 discs in the set.

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Posted: 11 Apr 2015, 05:17 

The label

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Posted: 02 Nov 2015, 04:59 

Do I have to repeat what I said? Mastering isn't only about compression of dynamic range. A whole lot more can be applied in the process. And of course color grading has to be done in films. The negative footage is pretty much never a reference for any feature film.

If anyone says that mastering should be improved then I have no objections whatsoever, but saying that mastering for post-vinyl formats would be "unnecessary" is just plain stupid.

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Posted: 17 Jan 2016, 15:36 

maybe because they barely made single layer efficiently produced. Dual layer, dual side DVDs all had issues in the early days.

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Posted: 23 Sep 2017, 16:27 

admin wrote:
Next artist scheduled for signature will be the 2000's JPOP band "Do As Infinity" coming to Singapore in September.

Nailed it!


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Posted: 26 Oct 2017, 18:01 

The composite output of my Pioneer 704 looks FANTASTIC straight into my Sony 4K (55" 810C). The Video essentials moving zone plate test is ridiculously clear on all the problem areas. I was floored. The comb filter and upscaling on the Sony is amazing.

I've used a Panasonic DMR-ES10 with component out as well as a Sony RDR-GX255 with HDMI output and the bare composite into the Sony 4K wins head and shoulders above both. No comparison. Also, my Onkyo is supposed to upscale analog video to HDMI but that has never worked consistently and when it did the PQ was not great.

I was looking into getting one of those Leitch DPS units but after getting the new TV and seeing the results I had no desire to buy anything else to make LDs look better.

EDIT: Actually, I lied the composite is currently going through my Onkyo TX-SR705 and being output by the Onkyo as composite into the Sony 4K. However, I did initially test it straight in and it was superb (still is too!).


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 Post subject: Re: VCD section
Posted: 27 Oct 2017, 12:36 

No date release on discs or cover. "For sale and rental in Singapore only" on back cover.
Barcode: 8 888837 006202

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Posted: 28 Oct 2017, 20:42 

The following applies to the majority of Sony AVR's. Check your owner's manual if you have a non-Sony AVR.

On my AVR (Sony DA3300ES), there are a number of inputs on the back. For the DVD input, there are usually 2 analog audio jacks, a composite video jack and a Toslink/coaxial input for digital audio. When there are signals on the DVD inputs, the AVR will take the digital audio over the analog audio for sound. If there is no digital audio, the AVR will switch to the analog audio. For the Sony, this is its normal operation.

Sony SDP-E800:

The E800 has an analog input on the back and you switch to it using the button on the front. Say you have an LD connected to the digital 1 input. This will give you digital sound when you press the digital 1 button on the front. If you want to play an LD without digital sound, you are out of luck with this setup. To get around this, connect the composite video and analog audio outputs of the LD player to the analog analog and video jacks on the back of the E800. Now, connect the front L and R outputs on the back of the E800 to the analog inputs that you are using for the E800 on the back of your AVR. Now when you want to play a non-digital sound LD, you press the analog button on the front of the E800.

You may ask how is the above possible. I found out that when you press the E800's analog button, the red carrier light in the digital out of the E800 is turned off. The lack of the carrier causes a Sony AVR to switch to the analog audio.

As of this writing, I have not tested the above thoroughly yet. Maybe someone else could verify the above.

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Posted: 07 Nov 2017, 21:23 

There is something about those discs ! ! ! ! !

I love and do relate to that post signofzeta ! ! !

Awesome thread, very insightful.......
Remember mates, the unexamined life is NOT worth living ! ! !

Cheers to the membership !

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Posted: 26 Nov 2017, 09:59 

Frame two: notice the loss of detail on the hat in the Onkyo frame.


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Posted: 16 Jan 2018, 23:16 

Yeah, side changes are substantially worse on the W1 than any other player by a mile. It depends on what side you are on and where you are headed but I think Side 2 to Side 3 is the slowest.

Mine recently broke (!) and I haven’t had time to look inside.

Yes, the 2-3 side break is the longest. When I'm playing a 3-sided title, I put the second disc with side 4 up and then tell it to play ABD. This leaves the player mechanism upside down cutting down on the time to flip it back over for side 3.

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Posted: 08 Feb 2018, 01:53 

It's still the only way to capture a laserdisc image of a laserdisc as there is no way to link up a laserdisc player to a computer.

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Posted: 01 Apr 2018, 07:19 

Have you ever considered just taking some good photos and putting them on a blog with a written commentary? I don't understand why these need to be presented in a video format.

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Posted: 16 Apr 2018, 21:22 

Regarding newer 4k TVs, specifically Sony brand...

I used this site as a starting point for my settings:

They have extensive information and tests for calibrating your TV/monitor. Where a lot of the info you see online is questionable I trust these guys due to the level of detail and extremes they go to with product testing.

Anyway, I've been tweaking settings back and forth for a while on this TV and feel like I've found the ideal settings for LD on this display (Sony XBR55X810C). This TV has memory for each input so you can set the Composite input correctly without affecting other inputs.

Aside from the actual picture settings which I made with Video Essentials, there were a few settings that I had not initially utilized until recently. Those settings being the "Motion Flow", "Cine Motion", and any kind of Noise Reduction.

Re-visiting the site linked above I was drawn to the section on 24p playback and motion interpolation. I had avoided these settings previously because I don't like the soap opera effect (SOE) and don't want to be adding fake frames that don't exist.

Then, after reading the individual sections by clicking on the "learn more" links I realized what this was; an inverse telecine circuit! As you can see in the review, my TV handles 24p over 60i. It is a 120Hz display so it will deal with anything you throw at it.

Basically, by setting "Motion Flow" to "True Cinema" and the "Cine Motion" to "High" you are detecting 24p content that has been telecine-ed to 60i, it reconstructs the original 24 frames and then uses the 120hz refresh to do a 5:5 conversion also preserving the original 24 FPS of the film. This has made a significant improvement in clarity and motion for me.

Sony has used these terms in previous models and they have not always had the same effect. They have, in the past, been synonymous with the SOE. Depending on your model the above info may not be accurate. I can tell you that on my display I'm not seeing the SOE and watching a LD feels normal.

In addition to that, which is huge, there are built-in noise reduction circuits for "Random Noise" and "Digital Noise". I've set "Digital Noise" to "High" and that has greatly improved titles that aren't as clean as some of the latter releases. Cleans them up really nice without artifacts. I don't notice any improvement with the built-in VNR on the CLD-D704 but I think that only applies to S-Video output anyway, which this TV does not have. If I toggle it on/off it doesn't seem to negatively affect a title that already looks decent so I leave it on for now (I'm watching the Connery Collection, Goldfinger and it looks great zoomed in).

Blacks are like midnight.
Colors and resolution are insane.
Motion is accurate.
SW zone plate is clear when still.
Zoom works great.

My only complaint is that there is overscan. I can't see the edge of the SW test plate in any direction. Feels punched in. Has nothing to do with the bezel (at least on the L/R sides). It isn't terrible but it ain't right either :(

Here is a cell phone photo of the screen so you can draw your own conclusions:

Sony XBR55X810c Composite Input.jpg

I hope that has been informative and maybe even helpful.

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Posted: 01 May 2018, 01:10 

Hello All,

TLDR: I'm looking for the Videodiscovery Math Sleuths laserdisc and teacher's guide.

I've been collecting laserdiscs since 2013 and my father has poked fun at me for doing so occasionally. However a few months ago, out of the blue, he tells me he was on a team for making a math themed educational laserdisc. :o I have been doing weeks worth of research on the product and it seems it was a market flop. It is not even listed in the LDDb.

My father was hired as an "Instructional Specialist" as he was a mathematics professor at the time at a local state university. Essentially he overlooked the curriculum side of the production.

Videodisc overy was a Seattle educational company who distributed their video curriculum on Laserdisc instead of VHS. They were able to utilize the barcode reader to jump around the disc quickly.

I have his acceptance letter, student resource guide, and the promotional pamphlet, but my father and I would love to find the actual laserdisc and watch it. If anyone know how I can get my hands on the disc please let me know.

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Posted: 20 May 2018, 22:33 


I started working on a scratch built AC3-RF output board 10 years ago but never got anywhere with it when I couldn't get it to work. So a couple of months ago, I got the itch to finally get it done and found that I had my mute control transistor wired up incorrectly. :problem:

So here are some images of the board and the player that I used for the experiment (a Pioneer, CLD-2090 clone in case anyone was wondering ;) ).

Schematic that I used to create the board

Top view of the board

Bottom view of the board

Size comparison of the scratch built board and a BDE custom made board w/ surface mount components

Solder points in the player for the board (+5V = red, -5V = blue, GND = green, Mute = yellow, AFM = coax wire)

The board installed w/ all wires connected

Wide view showing the board and RCA jack

RCA jack internal view

RCA jack external view

The player playing an AC3 disc w/ Sony SDP-E800 showing a lock ("discrete" indicator lighted)

So now that I have successfully made this board a reality, now it's time to make more of them so I can get the rest of my players up to the AC-3 RF spec. My next version will be on a board half the size (this one was bigger than it had to be but I was learning along the way so I needed space to figure it out).

Hope everyone enjoyed the images. It's quite exciting that I can now make these boards from scratch since all my past player retrofits were always from DIY kits that unfortunately are no longer available to purchase.

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Posted: 23 May 2018, 16:07 

When buying a certain box set it was a dollar to yen price, for example 120,000 yen was 120 dollars.

120,000 yen is closer to $1200
Yes, sorry it was early.
12,000 would have been 120.00

And as zeta said, its all true, the Aliens have taken over the LD market :lol:

But seriously, these things are worthless to others, only the very special few who troll the internet or ebay.
If you take these to an auction house or flea market you will be lucky to get a buck each and that will be after someone cherry picks those
titles to sell on the internet since they have a little more money than the fleamarketeer who has no internet connection and are just going day
by day making endsmeet.

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Posted: 09 Jun 2018, 03:52 

He was on 9 days ago but hasn't visited the forum since April.

I'm closing his shop since he can't be contacted.


This is a shame and technically he can be contacted. I personally PMed him on FB to tell him this post was here and he apparently is choosing to ignore it. He did respond to my PM so he is aware, this goes back weeks.

He did contact me after receiving "Shop was closed" notification and I pointed to this topic as the main reason (+ unanswered PMs).

=> PUBLIUS, could you step in and get everything back to normal?


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Posted: 19 Aug 2018, 15:59 

I think the 2009 batch of DVL's were the last ones Pioneer could economically build - there are several LD-only IC's which even if they still were available new wouldn't meet ROHS specs.

You might, just might be able to build 1000 for $1000 (edit: each!), but there probably aren't enough people willing to pay that much.

In a decade or two someone might bother to build a one-off machine to scan a Laserdisc and do the equivalent of a Kyroflux - assuming I'm still around I'd be up for helping with that. ;) (and if I'm not hopefully the code I've written will be useful regardless...)

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Posted: 23 Aug 2018, 16:47 

Again, I love how this fantasy is going on when most collectors won't spend more than 5 bucks on an LD and even more just
have these expensive titles in their wishlist and will never really buy it.

Then how can you expect anybody to spend one thousand dollars on a player when you never did when they were new.

Hell, they can't even spend 300.00 on a nice 97 now, and you think they will spend 1000+ on new players??????????
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