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Posted: 02 Nov 2022, 18:33 

takeshi666 wrote:
noogie-man wrote:
I don't collect movies anymore

Then why are you looking for a laserdisc!?

Perkele, I only want Commando for it's brutal stereo sound! :thumbup: ;)
If I can switch between analog and digital audio then it's even better.

Some stupid movies you only watch on LD. :thumbup:

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Posted: 02 Nov 2022, 18:36 

ldfan wrote:
I've never seen this movie even though it's from my generation. Is it even good? ;)

I bet you'll even like Bennett aka Wez?
He'll help you let off some steam. :lol:

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Posted: 20 Nov 2022, 18:03 

@ jakeheke
Iscan DUO isn't it very old?
Older than Radiance XS-3D although DUO has a better comb filter?

@ laserfanhld-gb
Do you have a link for the Italian shop?


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Posted: 08 Feb 2023, 18:46 

I think my copy of The Faculty is sought after because people seemed annoyed on reddit when I posted it and then a guy made fun of me for how much I paid for it and I don't know how he knew what I paid for it since I accepted a best offer. I thought that was suppose to be private information. Then other people claimed someone else paid a lot more for it so someone said I didn't really overpay. Also this ld doesn't pop up often. Wow, I went back to my reddit post and several posts are missing. The one person who made fun of me for buying for it the price I bought it for which they shouldn't have known since I accepted a best offer and another post telling me someone paid I think around 500-600 bucks for it which is cray-cray to me. :lol:

Those who pay 5 to 600 bux for a laserdisc are stupid people! :roll:
They are real f*cknuts. :crazy:

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Posted: 07 Apr 2023, 13:37 


I have new paper innersleeves, maybe should use these instead.

The so called smudge on disc surface also sometimes looks like a foggy layer of stains.
Using the softest cloth and gently wiping from center hole to outer edge should remove stains.


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Posted: 20 Apr 2023, 15:40 

Yesterday I watched Way of the dragon the japanese laserdisc with english dubbing.
A movie with awesome fights.
Master used for this LD isn't the very cleanest version, there's lots of distortion and other issues but it's still fun to watch.

My japanese LD seem to be the international verison of 99min, has anyone seen the real japanese version which is approx 90 seconds longer than INT version?
Tried to find info what differs between both versions doesn't say anything on IMDB.
I hope there's an extra fighting scene in the longer version not just a boring dialogue scene?

Fight between Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee was awesome!! :thumbup:

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Posted: 17 Jun 2023, 20:07 

You have a switch on the back PAL - AUTO - NTSC
See which setting of the three is enabled?
Best to use is AUTO if you use discs from both color systems?

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Posted: 18 Jun 2023, 11:13 

I have a DVL-909 which is the predecessor, this player has both PAL/NTSC playback.

Your DVL-919, on the front right corner, does it have a logo printed PAL/NTSC ???
Perhaps your player is a straight NTSC version, an import from USA or Japan if it doesn't have PAL system ?

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Posted: 14 Dec 2023, 23:08 

Checking ebay for players and found the lesser model of CLD-R5
What's so industrial about this player?

Is it more durable than an R7G?
Are there less components to brake on the 5R player like brittle M-holders?
I might get one of these if they are any good on playback performance?

It has the button fine wide on front panel, what does it do?

Does it have the same power supply as on CLD-R7G which is 120V ??

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Posted: 15 Dec 2023, 11:26 

I have seen plenty of R5 on fleabay listed as industrial players, sellers tries to scam potential buyers?

The link was only to show what player I was talking about.

Fine wide switch, could it be only to improve widescreen playback for sharper image?

Anyone here owns such player?
Does it perform well?

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Posted: 15 Dec 2023, 12:52 

Then not so good player, thanks for confirming.

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 Post subject: Re: The Sticky 3M
Posted: 01 Jan 2024, 19:07 

My Japanese Cyborg is sticky around the edges and this is a Toshiba disc. :?: :idea:
The disc gets sticky inside plastic condom :thumbdown:
It plays perfect though :thumbup:

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Posted: 22 Jan 2024, 19:46 

Did you buy Crapshow on LD? :think:

So far I have never had bad luck buying sealed discs.
Knock on wood.

Well then, I would try the lotto, if you have luck on your side you will be winning, its worth the risk!!!![/quote]

Unfortunately I'm not that lucky to with the big buck on lottery. :thumbdown:
I always say WTHell :wtf: when I most of the time only win 3 bucks only to buy a new ticket :yawn:

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Posted: 05 Mar 2024, 21:43 

rein-o wrote:
Oh no, see, I have the discs, you have the xmas list.
They are listed on ebay, if you haven't bought them you don't like what I have.
Tanks ;)

Yo, you got PM.
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