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 Post subject: Re: Belt for CLD-R7G
Posted: 06 Nov 2020, 00:32 

Buy a SCQ3.8 if you want to have one sitting around. It’s the same mechanism used for the CLD-D504/604/505/605/406/606 US models.

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 Post subject: Re: Belt for CLD-R7G
Posted: 12 Nov 2020, 02:27 

If you want the VEB1184 get it now as other threads stated Pioneer laserdisc support has ended. The SCQ3.8 is a generic belt and always available.

OK, that's great to know the VEB1184 belt also fits the CLDR7G as it also fits my other player the DVL-909. :thumbup:
I thought this belt only fit certain Pioneer players and not the R7G?'

Belt VEB1184 is this only for the tray mechanism or does it also fit for side turn mechanism on both players R7G and the DVL-909?


The mechanism for the R7G is the same one they started using in LD players with the CLD-D604, no belt for turning the mechanism, laser movement gear just rides a track to the other side.

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Posted: 12 Nov 2020, 03:40 

Radiance XS is over 12 years old now. You will see some units failing as any 10 plus year old electronics. You can still reach out to Lumagen support and they will sell you a replacement power supply and repair your XS for a fee if it breaks. Just keep in mind, this was a $4,500 device when new, replacement parts and repairs aren’t going to be cheap. You can buy an aftermarket power supply at your own risk or try to repair the original one. It’s a switch mode power supply, it can’t be many more than just a single capacitor in there. I would just get the replacement from Lumagen. It can’t be much worse than $60-80.

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 Post subject: Re: Lumagen XS-3D scaler
Posted: 13 Nov 2020, 23:34 

Tonight I watched an LD with the new tweaks on my telly.
Previously I had all enhancement features enabled but DNR disabled, picture was soft and I saw clouding smear on the screen.
Tonight watching the LD with all enhancement features disabled, I got a more clean and crispier picture.
The Lumagen XS-3D is a great scaler providing great improvement. :thumbup:

I don't recommend watching LD without a scaler not hooked up to a flatscreen TV, colors and details will look washed out, skin tones would look brownish or orange.
Explosions and fires will look funky showing red hue.
The scaler remedies these problems :thumbup:

If you still use a CRT, this is the best sidekick for your laserdisc player.

It was a real treat watching a laserdisc movie with the Lumagen on flatscreen TV :D

Good to hear you are getting a good result now :thumbup: Although regarding you comment about flatscreen TVs, they are of course not all made equal as if you were to splash out on one of the more recent OLED models from Sony, Panasonic etc. a fantastic image is possible from LD by hooking directly into the TVs composite input without any need of an external processor, and I think you'll find that there are several members on here who will verify that.

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 Post subject: Re: Belt for CLD-R7G
Posted: 14 Nov 2020, 11:43 

I have taken apart my DVL-909 and I'm by no means a skilled electronics repairman, just an amateur that have progressed over the years by dissasembling multiple players to get to several parts. If you take your time you will get to the belt without too much of a problem. The CLD-R7G ain't that complex, like many older players are. I believe I have read the CLD-R7G has an Epsilon turn mechanism. Briefly browsing some service manuals for other players with an epsilon turn mechanism, I cannot find a belt part number. It may not have a belt for the turn mechanism at all.
Remember, the DVL-909/919 have two separate optical laser mechanisms that flips around in addition to changing sides and The CLD-R7G has only one optical laser mechanism.

The part number for the turn mechanism here is VEB1184, the same as the loading belt part number.

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Posted: 21 Jun 2021, 14:38 

Don't touch your TV settings when calibrating for laserdisc if you have a scaler and you use the same TV settings for other sources; just change your scaler's settings. The results are always a function of your player's, scaler's, and TV's settings, but there are multiple solutions to the puzzle. You can get good results without impacting other sources by adjusting only the scaler to fit the other two.

Think of it this way: the numbers in your scaler's menu don't have to be the same (indeed shouldn't be the same) as other people's: they just have to be right for your player and your TV. That's why calibration exists.
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