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Posted: 28 Jan 2021, 19:40 

FLASH SUM means the firmware checksum is wrong. I never quite understood the reason why they built the checksum routine in the firmware but it's there as well as the IC manufacturer ID check which makes it impossible to use fully compatible AMD chips instead of hard to find Fujitsu ones. There are usually 2 reasons why the machine flashes this message: Either someone had tried to alter the contents of the flash memory (firmware code) or there is a problem with the flash chip itself. Since it is totally impossible to operate the machine in this state it is equally impossible to say what is the root cause of the problem without actually inspecting the hardware. Being a 919 the machine was most likely hardware (!) modified years ago to be "code free" (something I'd never do an never did back then, hardware mod that is) so it might be that the hardware mod had malfunctioned in some way thus rendering the flash useless as it usually cannot function on its own if there's an issue with the mod.
If you can take the top cover off look at the board on the left (with DVDMAIN printed on it) and check if there are some weird looking multicolored thin wires coming from its bottom side, the one you can't see without flipping the whole board over, to the front panel.

If your player is unmodified original region 1or 2 machine there is definitely something with the power distribution.
There is a way to read code from and write new firmware to the DVL series flash rom IC WITHOUT taking it off the board and actually without even disassembling anything at all.
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