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Posted: 24 Jun 2021, 09:51 

I've gone all out and gotten a Sony HIL-C1 MUSE player, with the original remote and manual. It's currently broken, though I am looking forward to going on the journey to fix it.

Hello! :wave:

You should be able to find some great help here with that Sony machine. I think a couple of folks here either have one or could offer some sound knowledge to hopefully get your Sony up and running. Best of luck!

Here's some threads to get you going:

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Posted: 11 Jul 2021, 18:09 

Check all surface mounted capacitors for leaking on the small boards in the pickup assembly.

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Posted: 06 Aug 2021, 05:29 

Are we sure that a cap should go there?
Yes- see my photo here:

Cap list I wrote down a while ago (double check it):
C1, C2, C14, C15: 10uf 16v
C13 4.7uf 16v

C5, C6: 22uf 6v

C1, C2, C3: 10uf 16v
C4: 47uf 16v

Also note that I told you wrong cap value for the missing one in photo. It is 10uf 16v.
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