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Posted: 23 Dec 2018, 00:14 

T2 boxset in "Dobermann" (1997):


...and you can see other laserdiscs - few second before, "Natural Born Killers", for example.

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Posted: 25 Sep 2021, 20:36 

Yesterday I wrote an article about various versions of The Thing:

as this is THE place to find info about laserdiscs, I wonder if an owner of the Signature Collection could help me.

I'm trying to find out if the AC-3 track is the "real" one using the 4-track stem (or the 6-track magnetic tape master).

The best way to understand it would be to capture the AC-3 track itself, but I don't know if there is someone with the knowledge AND the technology AND the will to do that! :angel:

But there is another way to find it out; a surround system is needed, though.
Select the AC-3 track, and just go around 15m, when "Superstition" is playing; check if the song is playing from the surround speakers continuosly after Naul's shot, or just briefly only when the meeting room is shown.

Thanks in advance!

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Posted: 12 Nov 2021, 14:56 

Good, I have to sell several hundred copies... waiting for them to reach 100€ each and sell them as a lot! :D

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 Post subject: D-Theater and D-VHS demo
Posted: 27 Nov 2021, 16:04 

If someone is curious, I've found this:

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 Post subject: Re: The Matrix LD vs DVD
Posted: 25 Jul 2022, 16:35 

I resurrect (pun intended) this thread because I've found that The Matrix laserdisc screenshots from a TV, taken with a camera or a phone, are pretty different from the screenshots taken from a capture, that are very close to DVD.

Examples (from top DVD, LD capture, LD photos):
(taken from this video )
(taken from this photo )

please disregard the aspect ratio and take only in account color grading.

The most probable answer for this difference should be the autowhite of the camera/phone used to take the photo/video.

Now, can anyone with The Matrix laserdisc take a look at their discs and confirm or confute this?
Or with the Region 4 DVD hippiedalek talked about here?

Because, if it's not due to autowhite, and not to the display (first OLED, second plasma), then ***maybe*** there are two different versions around?

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Posted: 11 Mar 2023, 18:13 

May I suggest to capture the same frames found on caps-a-holic?

Even if not exactly the same frame and/or not all of them, it could help to get the difference between laserdisc and digital video (DVD/HD-DVD/BD/UHD-BD)


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Posted: 13 Nov 2023, 21:20 

Agree with signofzeta pretty much on everything; in particular, keep your laserdisc player "alive", playing some disc sometimes during the year - if you keep it in storage without use, it most probably will suffer of... something!

The only thing I do not agree is about lens cleaning; you can do it, but YOU MUST use isopropyl alcohol ONLY, AND NOT the usual alcohol you have at home, AND ONLY if the player is otherwise working well mechanically.

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Posted: 05 May 2024, 09:51 

Hello, I completely forgot about this thread... :angel:

If someone is still interested, I'll manage to take some picture; by the way, it is NOT the one seen in the latest picture, but it was based on the Philips LDP600WS - think about a similar one, but with the size of HLD-X0 (more or less)!

IIRC this is the only prototype ever made, according to the project engineer who worked on it, Leonardo Chiariglione (yes, the same genius behind MPEG) - we talked about this years ago via email, but I can't find them anymore...

Anyway, I'm ready to part from it, and the money will be invested in a huge laserdisc capture project involving thousands title (more info soon).

How much should I ask for it?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

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Posted: 05 May 2024, 17:11 

Hello. Thank you for informing. I'm very interested in Analog HD because there are a lot of missing videos, photos and information (lost media). Can you share device photo? Also, what is the production date and features of the device? Is there a model name?

Away from home right now, but I'll post pictures ASAP (next week for sure, most probably on tuesday or wednesday)

Yes, it has a model number but can't recall it, as well as year of production; IIRC it was HD-MAC/PAL/NTSC laserdisc player, can't remember if he can play CDs as well; pretty sure it has SCART output.

I'll provide all the info I can along with the pictures: STAY TUNED!
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