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Posted: 01 May 2021, 19:54 

The cdv 400, 475 and 786 are definitely better. They are more reliable than your current player. So you probably are able to find a working version. They are PAL only so cannot play the NTSC discs. (So it cannot play asian or american discs which are 89% of laserdiscs. But it can play all of the european discs including the ones with digital sound.

The 486 i'm not sure since I can't find much info about it. There is a Philips player called cdc 486 which cannot play laserdiscs so i'm confused. That player is a cd player that can play cd sized laserdics. It's confusing I know. But if there is a full sized player named 486 as well. I can say same things as I said about the cdv 400, 475 and 786.

Now the LDP 410 is the best out of those. For one it is the newest out of them. Since Philips started calling it laserdisc by this point. But more importantly from the little info I can find, it was a PAL/NTSC machine. So it can play all laserdiscs. (USA, Asian and all european discs both analog and digital ones) But since there is so little info I'm not 100% sure. Some sources claim it can and others say it cannot. But even if it cannot it is the best out of those players since it is the newest. With this thing you might not know. The Pioneer CLD 1450 is PAL/NTSC despite it claiming it was PAL only.

Now in my opinion the best philips player is the LDP 600ws. It was the last Philips player and I can confirm it was a PAL/NTSC player. So if you can get your hands on that get it. But the LDP 410 is the best out of your list. Especially if it happens to be PAL/NTSC.

Here's the source btw that claims the LDP 410 is PAL/NTSC
And here's one that says it's PAL only. At least google translated it to PAL unique.

I have to mention none of these players seem to be as reliable as Pioneer. And personally I would just get a Pioneer. But if you must have Philips this hopefully helped you.

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Posted: 01 May 2021, 20:46 

Yeah hopefully this helped your choice. And again I can confirm the 600ws is PAL/NTSC but cannot confirm the 410.

But I have to also mention that even the 600ws is missing some of the features the later pioneers have. It doesn't have AC3 RF so you cannot get that. (Though you need a demodulador which costs 100s of euros so this might not be a big deal) It also cannot switch automaticly sides which depends on you if that's a big deal.

if you happen to go with Pioneer make sure it's PAL/NTSC. The pioneer models I mentioned in my first post are all of the PAL/NTSC Pioneer consumer models. Avoid the CLD 1850, 2850, 950 and S315. They actually have the opposite problem to your current Philips. As they cannot play sound of PAL analog discs. All other players on the list should suit you fine. But just a quick warning on those Pioneer players.

It would be nice if you could give me a thanks. (If you can locate that yellow thumbs up button) Normally I wouldn't ask for a thanks but I honestly put quite a lot of research trying to help you with those players so it would be nice.

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Posted: 02 May 2021, 06:49 

Just incase you still want to fix your current player, I might be able to help you a little.

The player before your VLP 720 was VLP 600/700 (the only difference between 600 and 700 is that one of them has a remote). It is also known as the Magnavox VH8000 in USA. Technology connection youtuber has one of those and in his video he also mentions how his one is broken. His player seems to have the same problem as yours. But his player is even worse as it can only get unstable black and white image. Check out that part at 11:20 mark of this video

Anyway just saying that compared to that yours is probably in good condition. But recently there is a thread in this forum where someone was able to fix the VLP 600/700 model. I think the internals of the two players might be similar, so you might get some help out of this.

Here is the link to that thread

And here is the link where he tells how he repaired the machine

So if you try to fix this thing. Hopefully I was able to help you a little bit with this. I'm not sure if this guy who repaired the VLP 600/700 has the same issue. But it's probably the closest thing to a guide to help fixing your machine. And as you can see from this video below, his VLP 600 works just fine now.
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