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Posted: 21 May 2018, 05:46 

It looks like my recently acquired SDP-E800 has a minor display issue as well. 8-)

In my situation, I get the following problem after it has been on for at least 30 to 45 minutes....

The "i" disappears when on Digital 2 and 3 inputs as well as the "a" on the Analog input (no issues on the Digital 1 since that segment is blank due to the way the input information is displayed). Once the unit cools down again, the segment returns as normal.

Anyway, I figure it's probably a cold solder joint (had a similar issue with my Pioneer, CLD-3030 and soldering fixed the display) so I will be opening it up soon and soldering all the connectors in that region of the display. I think this happens a lot on this model since it does heat up (as everyone has mentioned) quite a bit. I'll report back later on how this repair goes and post pics as necessary.


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Posted: 28 May 2018, 08:20 


As I mentioned in my previous post, here is the repair that I did on my SDP-E800's minor display issue (the missing "i" and "a" digit depending on the input selected). This repair will also fix any dimming issues as well (will have to solder more pins to the left and right of the one's I highlighted in the first picture).

After you remove the five screws holding the cover of unit in place, take a quick look @ the back of the display board and you will notice the row of pins I highlighted here....

Although every pin is not going to have weak joints, it's still a good idea to resolder all of them since one can make the case that if one already got weak the others stand a chance of going bad later as well.

Now, in order to make this fix easy, it's better to remove the display board from the facade so you can lie it down on a table for a more convenient angle to solder.

So the next step is as follows.....

Now with the board removed, you can see how the these pins connect to the display unit.

Now it's time to solder and all you need to do is heat up each point and add a very tiny bit of solder (watch out and don't accidentally bridge one pin to another as you will damage the display when it gets powered back on; might want to ask someone with experience to help if need be).

After getting all the pins soldered, it's a good idea to take a voltmeter, place it in "continuity mode" (it will beep on many voltmeters when the points are bridged by accident), and go down the entire row of pins w/ the probes touching the next adjacent pin. If these pins you test never set off a beep on the voltmeter, you're good to go with putting the unit back together.

I ran my unit for over two hours after I was done and it's was perfect. No more disappearing digits. :thumbup:

Lastly... as a disclaimer, I don't hold any responsibility for damage to your unit if you try this on your own. It's still a risk if you don't have any experience w/ soldering irons and voltmeters so I do emphasize getting a friend to help who has some basic electronics knowledge.
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