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Posted: 02 May 2012, 01:33 

Well......... :problem:

We already sent 12" Gold Platters out on the Pioneers 10 & 11 Missions which preceded the Voyager missions ....
Now these were phonographs with a needle stylus along with a playing cartridge and including instructions to operate.
These were Analog recordings folks !
Animal sounds,earth sounds like surf and thunder and an assortment of various greetings in 50 different human dialects, along with 115 images selected for NASA by a committee chaired by Carl Sagan and his associates.

Other Humanoids and possibly more exotic life forms could be HUNGRY FOR MORE............

We had better show them our trend in evolution and have a decent selection of LaserDiscs along with a high end audio/visual set up to convey the precious analog they had already been exposed to.

So I propose that we set up a grand home entertainment experience in the middle to TYCHO crater for maximum enjoyment.
Perhaps invenio and laserbite34 could help out with the equipment list, technical details and logistics !!!!

Tycho is 4 km deep and 84 km in diameter with a central peak that would be perfect for the proposed site !

Depending on if they are carbon based or even methane based life forms, no alien should be omitted from a fully rounded out LaserDisc experience that they can go home and tell their friends, families, and / or colonies about !!!!

My suggestion would be to include a copy of Dr.Strangelove in the assorted titles to give them fair warning what to expect if they decide to venture forth to Terra for further exploration !

Thank You tomtastic !

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Posted: 12 Oct 2017, 08:28 

Great topic here !

Simple solution is had by adjusting the angle of your shot which can mitigate the glare somewhat.

The real solution is using a tripod and camera with variable aperture settings to reduce the need (or eliminate the need) for a flash.
Check photo sites, these can help with the details in setting up ideal situations to shoot objects.

Good luck with your photos !

Cheers !

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Posted: 07 Nov 2017, 21:23 

There is something about those discs ! ! ! ! !

I love and do relate to that post signofzeta ! ! !

Awesome thread, very insightful.......
Remember mates, the unexamined life is NOT worth living ! ! !

Cheers to the membership !

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 Post subject: Re: Hello everyone!
Posted: 15 Feb 2018, 06:38 

Hello to Sweden !

Thanks for your story..... Big welcome to the LDDB membership sir !

Long live LaserDisc !

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Posted: 23 Feb 2018, 23:05 

I have nearly broken a rib laughing at laserbite34's creative ability to mock modern sound and cinema.

Whatever form of transgression he has delivered, I hope that we can find him to be an active contributor to the Forum once again.
He is a passionate limey, and quite possibly a type "A" personality.

All considered "every sinner has a future, every saint has a past"......

Bear up laserbit34, get your s**t together, take your licks, and get "back into the fight" ! ! ! :shifty:

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Posted: 26 Mar 2018, 04:11 

Another reason to live in the Holy Isles of Japan ....... All I can type is WOW :roll:

Not that one needs more reasons to live there !

Good Food, Good Culture, Beautiful Countryside, and last but not least - The Land of Kaiju ! Hai ! :shock:

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Posted: 29 Mar 2018, 01:30 

Brazen to be certain ....

These people need to be called out and feedback needs to reflect this lack of professional sales ethic ...

Flat out unacceptable, period. Amen ......

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Posted: 08 Apr 2018, 01:20 

Welcome aboard England !

Enjoy the LaserDisc ride !
Still truly a viable format no matter what any detractors assert !

Keep 'em spinning kids ! Let's keep it current !

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Posted: 25 Apr 2018, 10:54 

I gotta throw a vote in for the PILF-1516 box release of Aliens, Special Edition Box release Directors Cut.
The extended footage totals over 30 minutes of cut scenes that Cameron added for the deluxe box version.

Aliens is one of my all time fav's and in agreement with forper an '80s classic .... (and must for any "franchise" lover of Alien......)

Truth be told I have not experienced PILF-1515, however thanks to this post I will give it a go if providence allows down the road.

Cheers to the membership .....


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Posted: 17 May 2018, 22:21 

Happy Birthday Julien ......
Wishing you many more brother !

Thank you for keeping the LDDB wheels turning ! ! !

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 Post subject: Re: About the seller DaDon
Posted: 01 Aug 2018, 11:38 

Maybe they got a deal they could not refuse ......

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 Post subject: Re: Delights of selling LDs
Posted: 30 Aug 2018, 03:03 

I can totally relate !

When one completes a transaction and the patron expresses gratitude it rehashes that feeling of finding "that title" for myself as well ..........
Did not contemplate this hobby possibly getting any better until I started dealing internationally. Now I have contacts all over the world !

It is an honour and my privilege to have the membership here support my store all these years since starting circa 2008.
Will take this platform to also say " Big Thank You Everyone ! "
Ebay transactions though mostly non traumatic do not compare to the smooth sailing with the Membership at the LDDB.

Hmmm... the only suggestions I have for dealers is : Over Grade the titles, Invoice in a timely manner, package your titles double boxed w/ LD outside of jacket, and follow up with shipping status updates to include USPS Tracking code for the patrons purposes.
This has been my recipe for a successful feedback score to date !

Great thread John ! Thank you for starting this one !

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Posted: 09 Sep 2018, 03:15 

Had hoped that he could have worked things out with Admin and walked the line a bit.
Looking like this will not be the case anytime soon.

Sadly it very well could be medicine related. Or not .......

Getting older is not easy on a good day, let alone with medical / health problems to spice up survival long term.

Heart goes out to laserbite34 and his mate Sooty.
Many, many good laughs due to that blokes sense of humor. I could bust a gut remembering a number of his posts........

If you read this laserbite34, please get your sh*t together if at all possible and make peace .......

Cheers mates,


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Posted: 05 Oct 2018, 08:41 

Nice, how's your Japanese? I've decided to finally learn it properly. After years of university lessons, a year on exchange and years working there I still can't watch a show without subtitles. Pathetic. My weakness is vocab (and laziness). I've started studying JLPT vocab daily with an app and my 1-2 year goal is to watch the entirity of my UC Gundam laserdiscs which span the movies to the 0083 OVAs..right now rewatching the subbed SDF Macross on DVD and picking out and noting SF and military vocab as I go. Should help with Gundam and the stuff I'll watch before that (Zambot 3, Heavy Metal L-Gaim). Basically want to own the LDs and watch every Sunrise show in my lifetime, pretty much the same dream I had since I was 15 years old...

Envious of your ability - Congrats on applying yourself and learning it properly.
I understand very few words is all I can claim. Would love to fulfill a dream and immerse myself in that culture and learn daily through that method.
A very unique culture. Your not too far away Down Under !
Enjoy Macross and all your old movies forper ! Live your dreams brother !

Cheers !

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Posted: 20 Oct 2018, 08:29 

My first posting. Is there anyone, on this Site, living in either Australia or New Zealand who can tell me which Stores have the best Shipping Rates?
Thanks, Garry (Auckland, NZ)

If you order from the states, and the order is under four lbs, then First Class International rates are the best economical way to go.
Takes awhile and no insurance or tracking is in place unless you register.

Japan still offers surface mail which is key for heavy parcels loaded with LaserDiscs.
States stopped surface shipping many years ago so it is air mail or nothing from the U.S.A. .......

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 Post subject: Re: Greetings from Ireland!
Posted: 18 Nov 2018, 03:57 

Big LDDB welcome to the Isles of Erin .....

Connas Da Tu ! ? !

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Posted: 11 Sep 2019, 22:08 

Anger and resentment are very much like a deep well.
No obvious limit to how deep it goes until you strike the bottom.

Perhaps medication side effects plays a role, or even dementia creeping in.

He could have repaired his bridge with the admin by contrite steps within reason.
Instead he went the opposite direction.

We make our own bed, (or not) and then we get to sleep in it.

I for one, do miss his humor.
And I miss the pics of his feline companion Mr. Sooty.

If you are ever able to read this laser bite34, miss you mate ! Cheers

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Posted: 23 Sep 2019, 08:02 

Almost fell off my chair receiving a "thank you" from one of his aliases very recently.

Too bad there is no family or friends near him to identify and intervene for his welfare.

I added a post yesterday that inadvertently was deleted mentioning mental health issues.

Bottom line, the man needs help. Frankly not at all certain what resources are available across the pond.
However he does need help.... prayers would not be a bad idea either....

Sorry for Julien having to field the hydra headed IP addresses that keep popping up....

Cheers mates

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Posted: 27 Sep 2019, 03:03 

Signofzeta, you are the one complaining here.

Good is relative and subjective. What is good for you may not be good for me.

I pretend nothing sir.

Are you a socialist ? Do you find yourself resentful about a great many things out of your control ?

Why not try minding YOUR business instead of other people's businesses.
Just a suggestion.

I am ok with sitting on my stock. If someone cares to haggle about any priced title that is between them and I.
None of your business sir.

"Mind your own business" was minted on early colonial coins. I wish they would bring it back.
Too many people minding others business these days in the states.
However if your a communist/socialist that is your prime directive. Minding others business.....

You infer a great deal signofzeta, throwing around words like hype, trust, idiot, and capitalist.
Inference is not knowing. Inference is speculation. Or simply guessing. Also assuming.
Inference based on facts can be quite accurate.
Sadly your inference regarding my situation is based on subjective interpretation and mostly in error.

How is "my time, my energy, and my commitment to customer service" equated with hype ?
All the thank you notes after receiving overgraded titles is the icing on the cake for me.
Patrons who take the time to email gratitude after spinning up their new titles, no matter what the price, is what this hobby is all about to me.
I wonder what your feedback rating would be, based on our known grading and packaging percentages signofzeta ?
How much energy would you commit to reflect time, commitment, and the full disclosure of any and all imperfections ?
My feedback rating is historical fact and open for all to review as is anyone's.
Signofzeta feedback is 100% voluntary..... I am certain you have some opinion as to how it is connived and manipulated though. That is the magic of cynicism and resentment.

I trust people I can look in the eye. (Or not). Otherwise, sorry, I am not inclined to trust anyone by my own default assessment.
So on that score we are agreed. I am good with and prefer you not to trust me......

Its been invigorating, borderline boring now.....
Keep it coming though, I will go toe to toe with your ranting inferences anyday of the week.

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Posted: 30 Sep 2019, 17:36 

Just bought and viewed a restored widescreen version of the Gene Kelly musical "BRIGADOON".

Since part of topic last few comments, I find no "communist/socialist" undercurrents.
Although disappointed initially, my ladyfriend really enjoyed the reminiscence of viewing this on vintage LaserDisc.

The Irish/Scott myth of Brigadoon was new to my perspective.
Kind of related to the mythical place mentioned in the early Frank Capra film "Lost Horizon".
An utterly fantastic movie from the mid 1930's if anyone cares to check out.....
Setting is pre wwII China, the setting then takes place mostly in Tibet.

Take it easy peeps....

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Posted: 30 Sep 2019, 22:43 

My grandfather served in a ammo support company in the European theatre during WWII.
He said they lost about 40 of the 180 men in his company.

He punched a Sgt who was over KP because the cook threw a cleaver at a cat that slept with my grandfather for several weeks. The poor cat lost a hind leg from the incident and died shortly afterward.
He was demoted to pvt as punishment

He was in a foxhole when his intuition told him to move to another one. A few minutes later an artillery round landed right at his previous position. I would not be typing this had he stuck where he was.

He was off loading train cars during an air raid in France, when he swears someone or something pushed him causing him to lie prone as the rail car behind the one he was off loading exploded. He said he would not have survived if he had been upright.

Enjoyed reading about other members grandfather's so thought to share a bit.

The generation of U.S. WWII and Korean soldiers defined an era.

The word soldier in any language commands respect and instills fear.
For very obvious reasons.

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Posted: 01 Oct 2019, 01:21 

I gotta mention one more story from gramps.

After V day, there were so many troops to return to the states, he had to wait 4 months for passage from Normandy.
He got home and went to collect his pay after discharge and found the whole 4 months were not "paid".

True to character, Jay Winslow did not make an issue about being shorted from Uncle Sam.
He chuckled about it though till his dying days.....

He maintained that young people had no idea how "good" they had it during peacetime compared to the war years rationing period.

He was invited to Washington D.C. several times for WWII remembrances.
Attended a few times, however passed after venerable age crept in.

RIP Jay.... so glad to know you sir and proud to be your oldest grandson....

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 Post subject: Re: Highlander 2
Posted: 13 Nov 2019, 10:06 

I for one liked all three installments.
Granted the 2nd episode irritated me a bit, however ANYTHING Michael Ironside is in winds my clock.
Fantastic actor.... (Scanners has a special place in my heart)

The third installment of Highlander (the apology lmfao ! ! !) Made up for the irritated feeling from part 2.
Loved the casting of Mako as the sword Shamen......
Mario Van Peebles could have put a bit more grit into the "There can be only one" lines in my opinion.
Overall the third was enjoyable .....

Due to the garbage Hollywood was shoveling at the time, the Highlander series was on the radar.
( out of the country for several years so limited exposure to new releases during that time period for that reason..... )

Reino, Heavy Metal one hundred times..... that's devotion.
Gonna review Heavy Metal just cause I read your post... been at least 15 years for this guy.....
Loch Nar abuse !

Congrats on the Hong Kong score..... awesome !

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Posted: 25 Nov 2019, 19:02 

Cracked open my Zatoichi box set and watched the first one last night. Solid samurai flick.

I make it a point of principle NEVER to be jealous or envious of anyone at anytime.
In regards to gypsy opening his ZATOICHI box of LaserDiscs I am both !

Enjoy man.... they broke the mold with that character....... Ultimate favorite Samurai genre....


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Posted: 07 Dec 2019, 21:51 

You guys bring up some interesting insights.

Forper, spot on........ I really like the way you think man :clap:

Had to sleep on zeta's comments before sharing my own reply....
Funny to me how he should invoke "Empire" and then the direction of questioning even that installments epic accomplishment compared with my favorite Phillip K. Dick short story brought to the big screen.
(Philip K. Dick's Birthday this month by the way....... )

Yeah, when I saw starwars in 1977 I was a spry 11 year old.
You could have pushed me over I was so mesmerized. Had been flying spacecraft in my imagination for years and then this movie came along....
Sadly, after the glamour and awe of "EMPIRE" wore off I moved beyond that ewok level of entertainment to come next.
Really wanted to embrace return of the jedi however it seemed so forced acting wise that i lost interest in the first 10 minutes.....
Star Wars will always have a special place in my memories. It was and I guess still is an aspect of our modern contemporary mythology.
I guess I should increase my dosage of librium as I am opting out of team Disney's ongoing versions of that universe.....

In adulthood, especially my 40's, my time is spent searching for cinema that I enjoy vs being spoonfed cheap glam just to keep Hollywood afloat.
I enjoy being selective, and somewhat stubborn about what I pay for at the movies.... I go to the theater very seldomly.
Instead my choice is self programming at home with physical media of the various formats still available.
Thank the Sky God's that this form of cheap entertainment is and has been available.

For the record, if I were president, a presidential declaration would be made to ban all remakes of classic movies.
If writers cannot think up new screenplays from great novels, or get creative writing original s**t, then they do not deserve a paycheck murdering epic movies that people worked really hard at creating......

Cheers to the membership.....
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