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Posted: 13 May 2016, 03:22 

Got a few LDs autographed recently at Chiller Theatre (I hate this convention, but they always have a great guest list):

Got this one autographed by Noah Hathaway (played "Atreyu" in his youth) for a friend whose favorite movie is The Never Ending Story (gonna frame it and give it as a Birthday gift):

This one I got autographed by Erica Gavin who played the titular (hehee, "TITular") Vixen! . She's up there in years, but was nice to talk to about Russ Meyer:

Got this Pocahontas LD Box autographed by the voice of Pocahontas herself, Irene Bedard. She was really nice and made a comment that one of her movies has ONLY been released on Laserdisc!:

Now, I was thinking of getting my LD of The Sword and the Sorcerer autographed by Kathleen Beller, but I got this really pretty shot of her on this German lobby card from the movie, so opted for that instead. Perfect choice as she was crazy happy to see this shot as she hadn't seen it before and even asked if she could take it and show her publicist to see if he could find the shot for her (she only had one shot on her table for autographs from TSATS --and even she said it was crap!)

Got a pic with her too (she's tiny as I'm only 5'6"):

Lastly, I forgot to bring my It's a Wonderful Life LD box with me (I'm a dumbass) so I got this shot autographed by Carolyn Grimes who played "Zuzu":

Hopefully, the next Chiller won't have as many great guests as I don't want to go back.

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Posted: 05 Oct 2017, 00:49 

Has anyone dealt with this ebay seller?

I have bought some LDs from him in the past without too much issue, but I have had two interactions with him regarding LD players that left a bad taste in my mouth.

First was when I was trying to sell a Runco LJR-I on ebay last year. I put it up on the Bay of E with a $300 starting bid, but I got no bids.

After the auction ended, I get a message from him asking if I would sell the player for less than the starting bid. I reply, you can make me an offer and I will consider it.

His response: "It's worth about $100 to me."

I feel a little insulted that he's offering 1/3 of what my starting bid was, but I merely reply: "Sorry, I've sold lesser players for more than that so I have to decline."

He responds: "Well you have to admit that this is not the model that most people want. Most want the LJR-II with the Dolby Digital out."

I respond: "Indeed and if I was selling one, I would sell it for more, but this player is still worth more than just $100."

That appears to be the end of it for a while.

Fast forward to now, I list a Runco LJR-II on Ebay starting bid of $250 and a buy-it-now option of $500. Not even half a day into the auction, this same guy uses the buy-it-now option and send me the money.

I'm like, okay, not sure if he remembers our previous interaction over a Runco LD player, but unit is paid for and I just have to ship it. I test it one more time to make sure it work before shipping. I pack it INSANELY well--4 layers of bubble wrap, at least 3 inches of packing popcorn all around it in a thich, tri-wall box. And ship it off to him.

A week later, he complains that I didn't include the power cord. Truthfully, I didn't think much to put the power cord in the box and it kind of slipped my mind as it uses a standard 3 prong computer power cord, but also I never said in the auction that it would include a power cord (nor was there a power cord in the pictures of the auction.) None the less, I say sorry about that I can overnight you a power cord if he likes.

He says no, not a problem as he used a cord he already has, but now is saying that the player will not eject the tray fully and sends me pictures of the tray of the LJR-II only sticking out 1/4 of the way.

I say "that's pretty odd, but it might be an easy fix. Can you take the bonnet off of the player and send me a video of the tray trying to eject so I can what the problem might be?"

He responds: "I don't have the means to shoot a video or upload it to the internet."

Now I'm getting even more skeptical, he doesn't have a phone that can shoot video?

I then say: "Can you take the bonnet off and take some pictures of the tray trying to eject and send them to me so I can see what's obstructing the tray?"

He reponds: "I'm afraid I might make the problem worse if I try to open it up. I did contact a shop 2 hours from me who said they could fix it, but it would cost $200-250."

I'm super skeptical now. Doesn't want to try to fix it for free, but knows some shop who's willing to work on a super rare LD player that has been at end of life for a long time now? And already has a ballpark figure for the price of the fix? Come on now. I'm thinking he's just trying to extort money from me so he can get the player for cheaps like he wanted with the LJR-I.

Before I could respond again, he messages me: "I contacted Ebay and they say the options are you give me a full refund and ship you back the player, you send me a shipping label and send you back the player then you give me a refund or you can give me a partial refund to pay for repairs of the non-working item."

I'll continue this later . . .

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 Post subject: Re: LD player for music.
Posted: 08 Oct 2017, 08:11 

No. It’s about you. Everything is about you.

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Posted: 11 Oct 2017, 12:39 

Top image has no DNR applied to it.
NO DNR.jpg

Bottom image has DNR applied to it one thee DNR settings (low setting) seems about right without making the image look to digitized.
DNR ON.jpg

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Posted: 11 Oct 2017, 14:45 

I just won the following from an E-bay seller: .

This box can accept 2 composite and 2 component inputs (both video and audio) and convert the video from 480 to 1080. The audio is digitized and output through a toslink jack. The box will also accept 3 HDMI sources. You can then select from 7 inputs to output to the one HDMI jack. See the item description for more details.

In some situations, this "box" maybe helpful. I am going to use the box for my CED players. Their video is not that great; but, the HDMI is version 1.3 so it should not matter.

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Posted: 11 Oct 2017, 20:53 

We have the dollar sign in the databank list showing that there is an offer or offers at LDDB . How about a number showing how MANY copies are available ... or a symbol showing that there is only ONE copy on offer ... or a RED dollar sign if only one entry?

This will help sellers to identify rarities and help buyers looking for rare offers to snap-up uncommon LDs. It is difficult to guess market-prices of a unique LD without history (great feature), my prices may have seemed to be high at first but over months I have reduced them regularly to find a buyer. Great that buyers can propose a discount or also contact me if the price is way-off, specially if my offer is unique. FFF (Munich)

NB: prices in Europe may deviate from those in USA. There is much more demand in the USA and our taste in films may differ.
... My new expess category since new users do not click on "price" to sort and go to the last page: (under $5 ... that's far less than a theater ticket)
See my "shop policy" for discounts and low shipping rates.

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Posted: 12 Oct 2017, 07:20 

What's the best way to photo an LD cover for submitting to LDDB?

I'm going to add a bunch of Japanese titles over the next weeks and months.

I tried with my cellphone today and whenever I took a straight-on picture to get it square, the glare was ridiculous.


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Posted: 12 Oct 2017, 07:29 

The glare from what, flash? Don’t use flash.

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Posted: 13 Oct 2017, 01:39 

I have this LD and theres no option to add it to my collection. Whats going on?

Hi ssg402,

It looks like somebody submitted this in error, under the wrong reference number. There is already a listing in the database for what appears to be this release, it just has "LD" and a space before the 82997-2WS. Look again and you will find it listed that way. In other words, I think this is a duplicate listing that someone submitted, and they just forgot to include the "LD" and the space at the beginning of the reference number. That probably explains why Julien hasn't validated it yet, and it's still in the "pending submissions" section of the site. Julien does a fantastic job of watching out for this type of erroneous submission. If he didn't stay on top of this sort of thing like he does, the site would be a f*&#ing mess by now! It takes someone like him with an eye for the finer details to maintain the integrity of the information here. Trust me, it's for the good of all of us in the global laserdisc community. Let's give a big round of applause for our great administrator! :clap: :clap: :clap: Quite frankly, I don't know how he does it sometimes!

Best Regards,

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 Post subject: Re: Blade Runner 2049
Posted: 15 Oct 2017, 03:35 

Premier at Showcase Winnersh / Reading Thursday 05, 21:50pm

Review of Blade Runner 2049 movie by benmbe, Oct 6, 2017.

I had the good fortune of Watching the original Blade runner on the big screen, and so when I heard that the follow up was coming along, I knew I had to watch this in the Movie theatre once again.

After a long time in the making I was really getting excited about this long overdue follow up Blade Runner 2049.

Around 2 1/2 Hours viewingtime: I was pleasantly surprised at the opening sequence, the expansive ATMOS theatre sound struck my senses like the first Movie, the steady pace of this movie unfolded with good character building, of which drew the viewer in.

Don't know if others who viewed this movie would agree, or maybe not as each movie is subjective for each viewer However, I would highlight the silence and stillness when looking at each of the character's faces with each scene, had the ability to draw you in............ It was a pleasing change from the usual action / explosions throughout other movies.

It gave a sense of space and Led ones mind to contemplate, reflect yes the audience were given the opportunity to work along with the whole experience.

The music score although not Vangelis, was however very respectfully conveyed with equal aplomb & conjured up memories of the original movie experience. The sheer expansiveness of the bass clout impacted the viewer, One connected with Blade Runners craft flying over the vast city and landscapes.

I could mention so much more here, and I shall leave the rest of the movie details for others to fill in what I have neglected to mention here.

In summing up the Movie I would express the following:
To all those who experienced the first Movie, and left the theatre with a feeling of satisfaction, having recognised that such an experience was rare and satisfying. 2049 holds it's own as an equally unique experience, and although what I have conveyed here is mentioned above subjective, I am confident that others (but not all) will be equally pleased.

I shall look forward to owning this on 4K Blu-Ray.

This movie will be a good test disc for Video Files.

Kind Regards to everyone


I was pleasantly surprised by the Elvis Presley / Frank Sinatra Holographic performances
The Pace and silence whilst focussing of facial expression was involving.
Harrison Ford's performance was a pleasure, and other surprises were welcome.


To be honest for me personally there were no negatives or / cons.

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 Post subject: Re: Blade Runner 2049
Posted: 16 Oct 2017, 01:00 

Agreed on all points benmbe. I thought it measured up to the original in every way (well except maybe the soundtrack).

Harrison Ford also had one of his better performances, especially when looking at his recent films.

As for Denis Villeneuve directing a new Dune, that would be interesting. Dune is a difficult book to translate to the screen, but I think he would be better equipped to handle it.

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 Post subject: Re: Blade Runner 2049
Posted: 16 Oct 2017, 01:32 

Saw it yesterday. I was very happy how well it turned out. I'm a huge blade runner fan and was scared that they wouldn't capture the "soul" of the original. I think they really did an excellent job overall. The pacing was slow but so was the original. It never got to be boring and I always felt that things were happening. It just shows that you can have an entertaining sci-fi movie without shaky cam.

I think casting Gosling was a great choice. Without him, I don't think the movie would have been as good.

I also thought they did a good job with the music. Original but still meshing well with what Vangelis did in 82.

Can't wait for the blu-ray to be released so I can do a couple of viewings for more easter eggs and study.

If you haven't seen it yet, I would highly recommend it.

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Posted: 17 Oct 2017, 19:34 

5 days after he received the new shipping label he finally replies to me last night (after 3 attempts to contact him about receiving the label) he says: "I will try to drop it off with FedEx tomorrow."

Let's see what happens!

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Posted: 19 Oct 2017, 11:51 

Had a wonderful San Francisco -> Los Angeles -> Costa Mesa -> San Jose - > Palo Alto journey!

Did all things tourist, but I was going there exactly for that :-)

Thank you California!


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 Post subject: Re: Laserdisc vs DVD
Posted: 26 Oct 2017, 02:14 

How many times do you have to be told that you are not explaining anything to anyone? You are feeding a troll. That’s it. The rest of the membership understands what you said already, has no real problem with it, and is already overall convinced of the value of it. Then there is this guy who needs weird stimuli and all your typing gives him exactly what he craves.

Seriously, who’s the real idiot? Forper or someone who shoves the same facts down his neck every 6-8 weeks on command with zero results?

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 Post subject: Re: Laserdisc vs DVD
Posted: 26 Oct 2017, 05:37 

Nissling....BD decent ? BD is an astonishing format (when there is no DNR know they love that s**t)

Im in this LD vs DVD thread.....agree DVD is a general step up over LD until you find these scenes I'm talking about (intense action,hundreds of particles, smoke, movie lenght) where Laserdisc delights perfectly and the DVD lone disc seems to be bitrate retarded :) to solve the pixelation

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 Post subject: Re: Laserdisc vs DVD
Posted: 26 Oct 2017, 10:10 

I find this discussion kind of funny... We're currently in the age of digitizing and most countries have started major restoration efforts of their films. Currently the Swedish Film Institute is restoring Det sjunde inseglet in 4K (original negative scan) and their goal is to make the film look like it did when first released back in 1957. If there's damage, they'll try to fix it. If something's missing, they'll try to fix it. If the audio has high-frequency noise, they'll try to fix it. And the list goes on.

Some may say that this is altering history. All I have to tell these people is that they have absolutley no idea of what they're talking about nor any idea how these restorations are made. If they come to a point where the damages cannot be repaired without it looking repaired, they'll just leave it as it is. Or if they cannot find any of the eventually missing frames, they won't put in any new ones unless the final results look like it was originally supposed to.

With high enough resolution (2K is actually enough for most productions), as well as uncompressed scans to work with and good source material, there are incredible possibilites for a re-release. Dirt, damages, scratches and mold were never intended to be seen in a feature film, just like chroma noise from Laserdisc isn't making the final result look anywhere near the intended image of that very same feature. DVD was certainly a step up but not really preferable on modern displays. Blu-Ray is decent but really not more. And UHD-BD... Well, now we're talking. :)

So please, get out of your trenches and see the possibilites with digital instead of the obstacle of it not being analog (which is the most illogical statement ever). I mean... third gen theatrical 35mm prints didn't look very pretty. A 2K DCP would give you results much closer to the intended look.

Resolution isn't the only factor. Smoothness and filmic quality is more important and LD has it in spades.

Like Sooty said, LD is like the finest pencil drawn on the finest paper with the finest hand but DVD and blu ray are just a guy watching a movie of the guy doing that drawing and trying to redraw it but only using a square tipped marker...

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Posted: 26 Oct 2017, 23:39 

I've got 2 DVL-919E players that show 220-240V. I have had ZERO problems plugging them straight into a 110v outlet in the US. If there was an issue, all of the DV* series LD players are the same basic design and you could simply pull the 120V board out of a US player and load it into the 220V player.

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 Post subject: Re: Laserdisc vs DVD
Posted: 27 Oct 2017, 08:38 

I’d like you talk more about my idocy regarding BR on CRT.
You can watch BRs on CRT. I’ve done it 1000 times. It looks like LD with more color, or DVD with no macroblocking.
If the only improvement from LD to Blu-Ray would be the color space, it would be much more difficult to justify an upgrade than it already is.

i have read elsewhere that DVD can go to 720 horizontal resolution. Is that not correct? i always assumed it was 640x480 (and either 480i or 480p) as most DVDs I have ripped become video files at 640x480. In any case, both those figures are far above 500.
He put the numbers in perspective. With analog signals, the horizontal resolution is measured in TVLs. It's simply the maximum amount of visible, distinguishable lines in horizontal lead within a square in the center of the screen. Basically it's the horizontal resolution in contrast with the height of the image and not the total amount of lines that the signal is delivering.

In other words, if the frequency response remain the same throughout the entire image you'll get a total of 565 horizontal lines (425*1,33) in a best-case scenario for Laserdisc (not counting chroma). This is the only real way to measure resolution for an analog medium (including celluloid).

Since DVD is a digital format it uses a fixed, pixel-based resolution. The oddity with DVD is that the total horizontal resolution is 720 pixels but only 704 of these are active. This is a problem for many modern players as those usually process the image based on a 720 pixel count, making diagonal lines non-linear and causing other sorts of scaling artifacts.

DVD also supports various vertical resolutions (480 and 576 vertical lines) and pixel aspect ratios (standard (1.33:1) an anamorphic (1.78:1) but the horizontal, visible lines are always 704. The only possible exception would, in theory, be if MPEG-1 was stored in a resolution if 320*240, which is only supported for backward compability with Video CD but from my knowledge it has never been used on any DVD.

And DVDs should be considered interlaced. The only way to store a feature film in a progressive field order would be to use 25PsF, since the 3:2 cadence simply prevents it from being anything but interlaced when stored in a vertical resolution of 480 lines. Also, the decoded MPEG-stream is in fact either in 480i or 576i, always. This alone makes native progressive video an impossibility on DVD. It is always possible to de-interlace the signal afterwards of course.

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Posted: 31 Oct 2017, 17:43 

For larger quantities, 50 cent is a lot per unit but for the buyer it isn't. Adjusting the final price to cover up such an expensive will not really be noticed by anyone.

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 Post subject: Re: Blade Runner 2049
Posted: 05 Nov 2017, 02:43 

Sounds like you've "heard" a lot of stuff that may not be true. It has not done great at the box office, but reviews are actually very good. Both by critics and viewers:

My personal opinion of why it is not doing well is because it's not mainstream Michael Bay, huge explosions, shaky cam,... sci-fi. It's for a more mature audience. The original Blade Runner did not do well at the theatres at its release and now it is considered one of the cinematic masterpieces of the last 50 years.

Again, I recommend you see it yourself and form your own opinion.

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 Post subject: Re: Blade Runner 2049
Posted: 05 Nov 2017, 05:33 

I heard this movie is a bore fest, watched Battle: Los Angeles yesterday, now THATs a modern sci fi movie done right!
The orignal Blade Runner was criticized for being a bore fest too, if you only go by what you hear (from a vast minority no less) than its your loss.

Also the best cut of Blade Runner 1982 by FAR is the Final Cut.

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 Post subject: Re: Blade Runner 2049
Posted: 20 Nov 2017, 10:12 

I haven't even seen it and I already agree with you Confederate. I will avoid Blade Runner 2049 at all costs and never watch.
Take off your nostalgic LD glasses and embrace new things, sometimes they turn into gems like Blade Runner 2049 which mind you is full of practical FX miniatures exactly like the orignal. Just look at this beautiful crafted work.
Speaking of which have you even seen the Final Cut? Best cut of Blade Runner easily and its not on LD, so once again you are missing out.

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 Post subject: Re: Blade Runner 2049
Posted: 21 Nov 2017, 01:00 

forper wrote:
I haven't even seen it and I already agree with you Confederate. I will avoid Blade Runner 2049 at all costs and never watch.

I would rethink this. It truly is one of the most unique and beautiful films in the last few years.
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