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Posted: 13 Oct 2021, 02:38 

Good luck on the LD journey, remember parts are no longer available, so we have to wait I'm guessing a few years for others to possibly
start on making some lasers or spindle motors, these have been gone for at least a decade.

While I love the LD format I'm personally dumping as much of the common stuff I can, and what I mean by common stuff are the films that I can get
on any format so I can keep my players running for the super super special stuff that has never been released on any other format ever.

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Posted: 14 Oct 2021, 01:32 

Any Laserdisc player that works is a good player.

Unfortunately that's rarely the case these days with Sony machines.

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Posted: 14 Oct 2021, 03:28 

It looks pretty cool, but I'd only go for it if it is a really good price. More importantly, any working local player will beat any shipped player.
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