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Posted: 02 Jun 2022, 14:14 

Because I'm local, I decided to go check out the site last year while I was working at the Soccer Stadium nearby. Nothing to see. Only industrial buildings and trucks.
Pioneer LDCA July 2021.jpg

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Posted: 02 Jun 2022, 23:14 

greenlaser wrote:
I can't spot the four acrylic silos

I see them in the top left corner of the building in the 1994 photo. They look to have been there from ~1992 through 1999.

Here is a photo of the Discovision recorder:

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 Post subject: Re: S-Video Cables
Posted: 08 Nov 2022, 05:49 

Good to see you reply signofzeta.
Not many products get the Jake Heke stamp of approval but these cables do,

Ill assume the individual sheathing keeps the Luma and Chroma signal separate but regardless,
in my New Zealand eye balls it provides a better image than much more expensive cables i have trialed.
Again S-Video cables for future readers really should only be used with few LaserDisc players with special 3-D comb filters, else your TV will do a better job via composite which you should use with other players
Thank you to the kind user here who generously sent them to me. :wave:

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Posted: 17 Nov 2022, 07:15 

I was fortunate to purchase this disc awhile back for about $30.00

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Posted: 17 Nov 2022, 16:13 

This is what is on the disc: and the LDDB entry is here: MCA DiscoVision 1977 Demo (1977) [D-103]

It is a single platter flexible disc opposed to two discs glued together. The video has degenerated some but still plays back.

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Posted: 18 Nov 2022, 05:54 

Now I realize why the Universal Pioneer logo looked like this: Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 3.34.17 PM.png It's the old DiscoVision logo, with the pioneer emblem inside

Nice find. Not sure I’ve ever noticed that specific Pioneer logo but see how it appears to be designed off the old DiscoVision one. I can upload the video soon if anyone would like to see. The content isn’t too exciting but cool for the history l. I believe this was the first demo disc shown to the public but I have been unable to find any info on the Washington DC event.

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Posted: 18 Nov 2022, 07:03 

I’ll work on getting it uploaded when I get a chance and can also take some video footage of the disc itself.

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Posted: 20 Nov 2022, 01:45 

I think all the discs are be pretty similar.
Meanwhile, a GGV disc has appeared on eBay!

This is not the case, I know some players need some discs to get them into spec but don't know which ones, just remember techs
and grasshopper mentioning this that you need special discs for certain players.
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