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Posted: 11 Aug 2022, 08:19 

Rule number 1 ? Visual inspection, then when you have visually inspected, inspect again.

I was inspecting the mosfet and decided to remove it from the circuit to test it and I spotted it. I thought it was some black dust/dirt. When I tried to shift it with my screw driver and it caught the edge of the crack I was angry and happy at the same time. Angry I didn’t see it before, happy that I might have found the issue.

0.22ohm shouldn’t read 1.9K ohm resistance … supports 0.6A filament bulb per +/- 15v rail now. No smoke after 2 minutes. Temporary 0.33ohm resistor in to prove it works. Will get 2W fusible replacement like original and get it back into the machine on the weekend and keep fingers crossed !!

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Posted: 13 Aug 2022, 07:40 

Another Fusible resistor, this time totally open, directly feeing the VCC of the switching IC. Whacked another temporary replacement in 100K R102 and it’s back to life again. Will get the correct 100K 1 watt when I pass by the shop. I hate just buying a resistor here and a capacitor there but I can’t keep stock of all these off parts. I’m now wondering if I should shotgun all the fusible resistors in this thing now or if this was just unlucky. I haven’t had such issues with fusible resistors in the past.
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