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Posted: 10 Apr 2014, 19:03 

I have two discs that show this type of is Soldier the crosstalk starts about 10 minutes at the end of side A side B plays perfectly. The other is Payback. Its the main reason I've never really committed to the format and will probably be the reason why i end up throwing my collection away.Mpeg blocking has nothing on crosstalk it drives me nuts.
I've still yet to ever actually see crosstalk in action. I've only seen pictures illustrating the problem.
i didn't even know what this actually was for about 10 years.
even then i just thought minor crosstalk was a flaw in the disc not with playback.
but then again it really is, it only happens on CLV not CAV anyway.

so if the player is not aligned right and you have a poorly mastered disc with groves too close and the laser is reading over onto the other
track you will see it.
i was running 3 players but now 2 and have yet to see it on my lesser model players.
lesser only that they are not expensive, but still play movies and that's all i really care about :thumbup:

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Speaking as someone who has been involved with LaserDisc since the beginning, crosstalk has always been a b**ch and I can't stand it. on the top loading Helium-Neon laser players they had no tilt circuits so a CLV disc had to be perfectly flat, perfectly mastered/pressed and your player perfectly aligned for no crosstalk to be seen. In fact, Pioneer didm;t consider crosstalk a defect and would routinely return 'defective' cross talking discs to dealers as not defective. The late Ken Winslow did an article in Video Magazine about crosstalk and how it was often a player problem but that the majority of Pioneer Authorized service centers didn't have the equipment to properly adjust a player for no crosstalk and he recommended that players only be sent to Pioneers LA service center - I think it was on Rosecrans Ave. Pioneer got so mad they pulled their ads for a few issues.

the CAA format was developed to help reduce crosstalk - and it does - then the solid state laser based LD-700 came out and had a tilt servo to deal with warped discs - the reality is, with the solid state 780nm infrared laser beam, a tilt servo is required since the beam is larger than the 628nm He-Ne laser - and while a CAV disc has tracks that have a pitch of 1.66um, CLV discs have tracks that are 1.5um and can vary down to 1.4um for very long discs - shorter discs, like CAA-45 can have 1.66um tracks and CAV can have tracks that go up to 1.8um which is often used on discs with lots of still frames to avoid any track interference - its not crosstalk because CLV crosstalk is the vertical and horizontal interval being read from the tracks in front of and behind the current track - since CAV has a "locked" track rate the intervals are always in the same place and CAV can NEVER have crosstalk (it can have beats from audio carriers, EFM or color sub carrier getting into the video due to poor mastering or a poor player).

Before I got my CLD-1010 I bought only CAV titles whenever possible to avoid crosstalk - plus they have better frequency response and higher S/N in the luma and chroma compared to a CLV title,so they plain look better. When I bought my LD-W1 i was disappointed to find that it cross talked right from the factory - Pioneer was really sloppy in aligning players - but companies like Sony were worse. The Philips CDV-488 was/is an excellent player when it comes to crosstalk - I've not heard of one with the problem. The Pioneer Elite CLD-95 had real problems with crosstalk and the CLD-97 was its replacement.

Sorry to run long but crosstalk is the biggest problem LaserDisc had, and Pioneer never really fixed it.
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