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Posted: 27 Jul 2022, 06:52 

First off, don't try to clean the inside of the player especially w/ chemicals as you might end up damaging the player (especially the plastic parts as they start getting brittle as the player ages).

As for dust issue, it's not really an issue if it gets inside the player unless it really affects the functionality of the unit (which is usually does not). But if you must remove the dust, a lint free cloth on the tray is where I would start. For the laser pick-up lense, gently using a moist cotton swab (only water) over it should suffice.

As for the player not spinning up, you probably just need a new loading belt for starters. Most issues w/ LD players are stretched loading belts that are unable to apply enough clamping force on the disc. Here is one you can get on eBay....

When you replace the belt, then you should clean w/ alcohol the parts of the drive pulleys that touched the old belt before installing the new one.

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Posted: 29 Jul 2022, 04:56 

Are you saying that sticky material meant to hold the worn out felt in place is now getting on your discs?

If so, I would recommend seeing if you can find replacement felt in the same thickness, cut them out in the same shape as the areas they fit into on the tray, and then use Scotch brand double stick tape to attach them.

Also, congratulations on getting your player working again. Always nice to see a player working and avoiding the dumpster :thumbup: .

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 Post subject: Re: Guide for submissions?
Posted: 17 Aug 2022, 02:04 

Hello! I have a couple of laserdiscs that don't have much/any information on this site, and would like to add as much as I can, but a lot of the 'jargon' used is foreign to me. Is there a guide to what each blank in the submission form means? If not, would there be someone who would be able to walk me through the whole process once?


Using the for LaserdDisc, then the "next step" (step by step) submission has a Quick Help section below for each field.

Have you tried it?

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