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Posted: 29 Oct 2017, 03:48 

Still have only a 100VA transformer which was purchased way back when I got my first 100V player. It runs an LD player, two Muse decoders and surround processor fine. If I try to run a second player only then does it get a little warm; so I don't do that.

So you should be fine with 300W for your needs (for the purposes of rating a transformer VA/W are basically the same - I think VA is more correct; it's a technical thing to do with resistive vs non-resistive loads). I do plan to upgrade, so in my case will jump right up to 1000VA so then on that overkill I can then run multiple players without issue or worry! Easiest way to check is to add the power ratings of the equipment you're using and allow a little headroom too.

Also what I'm using is a fairly good quality one; a toroidal isolation transformer from Tortech here in Australia. I think a lot of the cheaper ones might be autotransformers? Personally after spending the money on equipment I'd rather invest the bit extra in the transformer for a cleaner/safer supply and peace of mind.

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Posted: 15 Jul 2018, 04:08 

There is something you need to look for, I can't remember right now as its late.
Its either the watts or amps, I was reading the listing fast but it seems like it may be too low??? Says something about 5 amps-110 volts = watts.
My players are still packed up and I can't remember how many amps they use.

The look of it looks right but that's all I can add right now.
Wait for someone else to post or double check to make sure.

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Posted: 15 Jul 2018, 15:38 

The power consumption should be on a label in the back of the player. I looked up both of those players and neither one appears to use more than 40, making 300W almost comically overpowered.

In the other hand, you can plug both machines into it and have them run at the same time, so go for it!

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 Post subject: Re: Volcano (1997) PAL
Posted: 23 Mar 2019, 14:31 

Unfortunately I have no knowledge of PAL discs, but I would figure that later releases are better as all formats are most of the time.

I hope someone else can chime in to help.

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 Post subject: Re: Best quality Laserdiscs
Posted: 02 May 2024, 06:01 

Recently watched Bride of Chucky and Elvira on laserdisc on a crt tv. I was very impressed by Bride of Chucky's widescreen release. It looks very close to DVD but has it's own unique and feel about it. Now I'm judging it based on watching on a crt tv. However, I vaguely remember it looking pretty good on a newer 65 inch 4k tv I own too. I watched them both on my CLD-3080 so that's the player I'm judging it. I would rate the picture 5/5 for both. I also watched Terminator, The (1984) [ ID2940NSB ] and I felt like the picture was meh at times but other times it looked really clear. Like close up shots were done great but from a distance it would look really Muddy in certain scenes or maybe it's the crt tv I'm using but it's the same crt tv I used for my Bride of Chucky and Elvira test. I watched all these moves all the way through. I probably would rate Terminator 4/5 when it's zoomed in onto people but from a distance 3/5 on video quality.

Bride of Chucky is a pretty expensive laserdisc and I have not seen it cheap through out the years. Probably because Chucky has grown over the years with the tv show and multiple movies that have come out and it's also a late release. Movie always sells above $100 on ebay. I think I may have paid around $120 or $130 over a year ago for my copy. I was making decent money over a year ago so I had some money to burn. Elvira is the cheaper of the two and I believe usually sells between $30-$50 range on Ebay and in my opinion is a good looking laserdisc release. Actually, just did a recent search of Elvira laserdisc on ebay and now that movie is selling for $70-$80 range currently. Years ago it was cheaper. Prices on laserdisc fluctuate over time. From up to down to down to up.

Oh yeah, Child's Play 2 on laserdisc is a great 4:3 aspect ratio movie. Especially the CAV side. I own Child's Play 2, 3, and Bride of Chucky on laserdisc. The 3rd movie is no slouch and looks pretty good on laserdisc but I definitely think Child's Play 2 is gorgeous especially for the last 20-25 mins of movie in CAV Format.

These screencaptures from Child's Play 2 Cav side are from a CLD-99 -1997 released player. Apparently I captured it in S-video but I don't think that really matters on a CLD-99 whether it's s-video or composite. CLD-99 is the only North American laserdisc player with a decent 3d comb filter from what I read online. I think the CLD-97 is said to have a pretty good 2d comb filter for s-video but I'd imagine the CLD-99 3d comb filter destroys that 2d comb filter but I don't own a CLD-97 to compare.

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Posted: 12 Jun 2024, 15:16
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