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Posted: 08 Mar 2018, 16:52 

It's funny van-dammage created this thread asking if people were mentally ill. I do not understand why van-dammage would change alias all the time, the way the posts were written you could easily know that it was him/her. That user was like a running fugitive.
Is there any restrictions on how many times within a year you can change alias? - I mean, we have all become a family here, so to say. We don't have to "hide" from each other.

Being here for four years and asking the same questions over and over and requesting confirmity of uncut vs. cut editions, must be pretty lame. Seems like van-dammage only cared about making posts to achive higher ranking and in my opinion some of the posts were written in an offending way with a lack of respect.

As for Laserbite and his health, I do believe that side effects of medication can alter the personality in a negative way over time, and being self observant about it might not be easy. I hope for him that he eventually comes back, as he earlier had a good sense of humour to offer.

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Posted: 10 Jun 2018, 19:48 

Just wanted to alert the community of an unethical member on eBay. Username: rekishi207

Found an eBay-listing with a HLD-X9 advertised as "junk". It was sold as "junk" due to being untested and some minor cosmetical defects. Thought I found a scoop and decided to buy it, just for the sake of it and maybe the "junk" was indeed a treasure.
I paid for it and sent the seller a message to take precautions and double box the player, etc. The seller responded and gave the impression that the player was in his hands and would be packaged according to my message. He had done so in the past with previous orders and got positive feedback.
After the purchase I found a similar player over at Rinkya/Buyee with the same cosmetical defects, advertised as "junk". I now got suspicious since this was an active auction ongoing with lots of bidders. I thought, WTF, I have already bought this? So I re-checked the pictures in both of the listings and found that the serial number at the back was indeed the same. But in the eBay listing the serial number was removed, probably to "hide" the obvious scam.
Today I received a message that the seller was sorry for not having this item in stock anymore and it occured due to his inventory mismanagement. Shortly after, I got a complete refund and in the cancellation he mention and claims that the "Buyer asked to cancel the order". Hell no, I didn't asked for a cancellation but he did it to save his own skin. :evil:

I was all the time backed by the eBay money back guarantee, so I had no worries.

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Posted: 13 Nov 2018, 21:08 

I do believe I can help you. I have the service manual for the CLD-97/CLD-98. I'll send it to the admin so he can upload it to the database.
I'm sure there are others that can have use for it too. :)

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Posted: 18 Mar 2019, 09:24 

You might check this out. Diagnostic trouble codes to check for.
I think you should dissassemble it and check if the optical pickup is jammed and not able to move freely or not properly seated.
This video might give you some more insight. Good luck! :)

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Posted: 30 Jan 2020, 00:03 

I would open the top cover and watch the movements when playing the laserdisc to the end of side A.
A video might be of help to diagnose the problem.
It can be something gummed up preventing it from doing a flip, loose or missing parts, and also the loading/motor belt might not have enough tension to help make the turn. A belt with less tension might be working erratically and giving you problems when trying to flip the disc.
Since no action is happening when you press the side B button, it can also relate to an electrical fault somewhere.
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