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Posted: 07 Oct 2023, 10:15 

Hi, welcome to the forum :thumbup:

Non of the units that you mention have a built in AC3 demodulator for DD unfortunately, even when onboard demodulators were a thing they were usually only available on the higher end of the range AVRs. The only way is to add a standalone model to go between your LD players AC3 RF out & AV amps digital (toslink or coaxial) input.

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Posted: 14 Oct 2023, 05:18 

You can check out this list here….

…… and look under “AV Receiver”.

You’ll have do a separate search on each model to see which one’s come with an optical and/or coaxial digital output (some don’t come with any digital outputs so you would be stuck using the AV Receiver as is with your speakers plugged into it).

For “Processors” that have an optical output, the models to search for are…..

Sony, SDP-E800
Denon, AVD-2000

Keep a search for these on eBay and every so often you might see one listed for a good price.

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Posted: 18 Oct 2023, 09:03 

It's supply vs. demand dynamics.

AC-3 came out too late towards the end of relatively decent LD sales which happened to be too early before home theater equipment sales decently increased. So the LD sales were in stagnation if not decreasing while very few people (early adaptors) were buying AC-3 or DTS capable AV amps (typically the very expensive flagship models only). Hence very few RF demodulators were manufactured.

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Posted: 18 Oct 2023, 22:07 

Jeez, I guess I'll forget about the whole ordeal then. Just very irritating, the whole thing overall, at how many other systems you need to hook up to this to get the "full" benefit. And also the people on ebay that want insane prices for older tech that's older than me....rant over.

Funny how it seems everyone new to the hobby has these high expectations and no patience when they want something. Key words I tell everyone, "be patient". Based on what I said in my 2nd post, I thought I painted a picture of doing just that but maybe I wasn't clear enough (so my bad).

Anyway, let's talk about this again. It can take months or even a year to track down the processors that I have mentioned especially if you want to get it @ a good price. Even in the last year searching on ebay, craigslist and used AV shops, I have seen them come up and disappear just as fast. Depending on the seller, many don't even know the value of the item so there is your chance to get it for a good price.

If you go the AV Receiver route, I still see a lot more variety in used AV stores and the prices are very reasonable.

Just do your homework, keep your expectations in check, and you never know what you might find.
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