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Posted: 06 May 2024, 05:09 

Watched this on the weekend: Comrades: Almost a Love Story (Tian mi mi) (1996) [ML 706]

In a scene explicitly set in 1987 the guy is looking at the back cover of a Cat III p0rn0 Laserdisc the English title of which is clearly visible, "Something Got Me Hot" Something Got Me Hot [ML 373] allowing me to look it up on LDDB to discover it was released in 1993, thus destroying my enjoyment of this dumb movie. I kept waiting for them to reveal the time travel element of the plot but it never happened.

What a dumb movie.

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 Post subject: Re: VHS Users
Posted: 15 May 2024, 01:08 

Pretty cool man, that last pic has big cool factor. I'm not into horror but I love your Sci Fi titles I love those simple Paramount ends, seem more archival. That is a rad VHS caddy for the card boxes too. What's the origin of that caddy? Wild Bunch LD Box is super cool too. That looks fat - CAV? I guess I could just look it up but its more fun to have a conversation. I always think about forum threads as if we're standing around in person at someones house or something discussing their stuff...

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Posted: 18 May 2024, 02:59 

Agree SoZ. I also consider my Flashback 2012 LD an essential cornerstone of collection. I love it more than any person. But I could say that for almost all of my stuff. Actually, I love '80s Jun Togawa more than maybe half my collection? I mean if I could either go on a date to Harajuku Wendy's with 1984 Jun Togawa or keep 50% of stuff from burning I would probably choose the date with Jun. But only if FB2012 wasn't in the burn pile..

I watched Avenging Force on a crisp VHS. All the corny conspiracy stuff (Cartoonish extreme right wing nazis who hate blacks - so funny that in the real world of 2024 the problem is extreme left wingers who actually team up with real nazis! The world has become a reverse parody of itself!) was interesting and needed a lot of rewinding which is a pleasure with VHS. Unlike choppy, blocky, stuttery DVD winding VHS is smooth and natural with only a couple of thin white lines. At 1x reverse speed it actually looks almost as good as normal play. VHS is incredible and so HUMAN. I'm also reminded what a classic team Dudikoff and Steve James made.

Also this movie has a really cool open-ended ending. I still hope Firstenberg makes a sequal to hunt the 5th member of the Pentangle! SO PRESCIENT - THE ENEMY IS WITHIN! , the James character is dead anyway.

Also, Firstenberg - pure genius.

Actually I think I love Steve James and Sam Firstenberg more than maybe 10% of my collection? I mean if James (RIP) and Firstenberg had guns to their heads and a pile of just 10% of my stuff was about to have petrol poured onto it and a match applied I would probably choose to save James and Firstenberg and let my stuff burn! That's how much I appreciate these guys.!

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Posted: 18 May 2024, 03:22 

I know people on here don't like the Sony Players

That's not true. I love Sony players. In my experience (Over 15 years approx 6x Pioneer + 6x Sony owned, 5 x Pioneers failed so badly I had to throw them out or sell them for parts, 3 x Sonys are still fully operational) Sonys are more reliable in that once they spin up they WILL NEVER not get to the end of a side. Sony's mostly have trouble with their beautiful and complex door mechanisms but are very solid sound and video wise. My Pio LD-S9 gives a fine picture but my Sony MDP-999 beats it. On top of that the 999 is gorgeous and operating the remote makes me feel like I'm at the RC track - so much fun.

In fact, some of the elite members here prefer Sony at the high end as well. They have some of the Sony MUSE players which, although apparently very prone to breakage are worth restoring because of their superior performance to Pioneer.

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Posted: 18 May 2024, 04:10 

How's the sound insulation between homes where you live Admin ? I can tell you're in Japan from the textured wall treatment. I'm guessing you're in "mansion"? When I lived in "apaato" I had small TV speakers but would still get night truckers banging on my door and calling me "yarou" when I turned it up in the daytime.

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Posted: 18 May 2024, 14:27 

spyrogyro wrote:

Got the Criterion Blu Ray of this and one of the few discs I'm keeping. Remember watching many Saturday afternoons in the '80s and '90s when this was broadcast on TV in Australia.

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Posted: 18 May 2024, 14:35 

Picked up a copy of "Logan's Run" special edition.
Tons of linear notes and extra content for fans of the original cannon.

Nice. Strangely it's more and more prescient as times go on.

And found a few common titles at an old second hand store unexpectedly.
and a decent copy of "GONE WITH THE WIND"....

NICE. The only source for used LDs in person near me is an old school Hi Fi repair place. They expect premo dollars tho so I never bother.

Navigated a deal for the late release of "TREKKIES" [LV336773]. 1999.
I knew it would be odd. However did not realize THAT odd !

I think I saw this broadcast on Australian SBS. Very cool LD. Congrats on your acquisition (not a Trekkie, appreciated the first four movies as a kid and the original TV show in reruns but anything other than that bored me to tears)

Cheers to the membership !

Cheers back man!

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Posted: 18 May 2024, 15:54 

Yeah, I remember dealing toys and passing on these Macross 7 toys when new, just couldn't get into the toys.

Yeah it's all lame, the "Kawamori-verse". Kinda like the Lucas control-freak "verse" of Star Wars, it sucks.

I'm not a Communist, I don't believe in a single voice of "truth" and everyone blindly going along with the collective. I believe in an open sharing of ideas and popularism to push the most popular ideas. THAT is what happened in Star Wars and Macross originally - it was an open and free discussion of ideas by many contributors and the best and most interesting ideas won in a free market, I believe that's why they became great. A Kawamori or a Lucas totalitarianism has produced some of the poorest outcomes that have insulted the great franchises that were originally established - SO sad.

Picked up the sets cheap and may pass them on cheap to get rid of them. watched some more episodes and in reality the animation style
is just nothing that I like, it sort of reminds me of Evangeline, I can watch it but the story is just dragging, and it really sucks since I have time
to actually watch a series and this is what I finally pulled out after 7 years.

Yeah, I think you should see it through to the end though, there is some deep Macross-lore stuff there but it all devolves further in Frontier and beyond so maybe do what I did and disavow the entire Kawamori-verse? It's all bull-S**t IMO and I'm happy with '82 to '92.

So in a few weeks to a month who needs the two box sets of Macross 7?

Burn 'em/sell 'em man

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Posted: 22 May 2024, 03:20 

Bubblegum Crisis AnimEigo Blu Ray 3 disc set.Blu-Ray i don't know if its compression or dnr but these don't look as good as they should on a 4k tv, i've turned off all filters shouldn't there be more grain.

Don't get me wrong its not waxy smooth like Ghost in the Shell which is supposed to be 4k but looks like a**.

Just another sad poo ray story. :tired:

This to me is perfection, the final release necessary and the final release I'll ever need:
Bubblegum Crisis: Complete Collection (1987) [BVLL-539]

Anime ends on LD.

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Posted: 24 May 2024, 00:20 

Charley Varrick - torrent - another great '70s heist movie.

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Posted: 25 May 2024, 10:10 

Spinning karaoke discs tonight. My setup works so good. Sounds just like a DAM room. Is it wrong to sing karaoke alone?

I had a plan. Four years ago my girlfriend left me and two years after that I lost my job. I decided to change my life. I decided in just two years I would make a million $ and date supermodels! Soon after that I got a job in a call centre for $35k a year and but was replaced by AI a month later. Today, I'm just $997,500 short of my goal and I've just sent all my savings to a hot chick for her to fly over from Ukraine to meet me. Soon I'll be singing karaoke with her! Remember, no matter how bad things get you can always change your life!

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Posted: 29 May 2024, 14:27 

I engage LD player, it hums but its pure weight suppresses all resonance. "LD PLAYER ENGAGED."

I engage my scaler. It channels the pure analogue sourced video signal and it's processors provide the perfect over/underscan to present the OAR. "SCALER ENGAGED"

I engage my Cathode Ray Tube. It displays an unlimited perfectly blended colour palette that LD demands. "CRT ENGAGED".

I engage my Digital Audio Signal Processor/DAC. The uncompressed full PCM audio of my LD booms. "DSP ENGAGED".

My components bristling with capability and appropriate settings, it all comes together when I press "play" "OPENING SEQUENCE ENGAGE"

I sit back and take it all in "SENSES ENGAGED."

I put a DVD in the DVD player. It "LOADS" then I have to f around with menus before I can watch the movie I apparently own (?). Then its macroblocked. Then it has compressed sound. "FRUSTRATION ENGAGED".

I take the DVD player and throw it through my window "PAYBACK ENGAGED."

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Posted: 29 May 2024, 14:37 

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

This is a great Pekinpah. He's my favourite American director overall.

I think I have everything he did, except Major Dundee. I figure it's probably kinda like Ride the High Country (?), which I appreciated but didn't love.

My favourite Pekinpah is The Wild Bunch.

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Posted: 29 May 2024, 14:45 

I think Tarantino was also inspired by Dirty Mary.
Charly Varrick, that beating scene, can't forget that one.

Right, yeah that sadism I'm sure inspired Tarantino. The bad guy is like a real human monster. It's an awesome character.

I mostly loved Varrick coz it had very specific violence. I play a lot of table top role playing games, mainly using the system GURPS combined with a system called Phoenix Command, in which its possible to model a lot of real world physics, especially gun combat. What fascinated me the most about Varrick was figuring out the game mechanics from my games and modelling the action in the movie, specifically the heist. Like when the chick gets a lucky head shot on the deputy but he manages to shoot her through the door of the car a fraction of a second earlier.

Nowadays I would just get the DVD of stuff as I'm trying to tighten and phase my LD collection out, why keep it when you can own
the DVD for 7 bucks and sell the LD for 100.
Hurts but I'd rather have the film to enjoy than the format without players.

Keeping LD for the super special anime and films that aren't on DVD.

Hmm. Yeah DVD compatible players will probably be available for a long long time but I currently have 4 working LD players, how many do you have?

I know that I appreciate watching a movie on LD with a properly calibrated system more than a DVD. Especially the menu experience.

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Posted: 02 Jun 2024, 02:13 

Spooky, you've got to watch Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, its so much better than Vanishing Point to me.

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry (1974) [FY528-24MA]

Make sure it plays if you get it on LD, its easier to find now, or get the DVD, the LD is open matte but the DVD is nice too.

Wasn't sure I'd like this so just torrented it.

Here's my take on it.

The dialogue is the worst, story not that good. A lot of scenes are really grating. Peter Fonda was really unlikeable, not because he gave Mary s**t but because of his stupid face and whole character and hippy heritage/family. One thing I hate is hippies. The other guy is equally unlikeable. I did not give a rats arse if anybody lived.

However, I didn't give a f***, I just sat back and gazed at Susan George's face, body and mannerisms. I tuned out her dialogue.

The ending made me fully forgive the sh***y characters too.!

So thanks for the recommendation, glad I watched it but don't want to own it.

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Posted: 02 Jun 2024, 10:24 

yeah that's crazy, D.A.R.Y.L. was definitely a $2-$5 trash D.V.D. title a few years ago. I just sold my "Animation Cartoon" release D.Y.R.L? D.V.D. for $40.00, consistently selling movie night $10 specials from YesAsia of H.K. stuff I got 3-4 years ago for $70.00-$120.00 a piece now. All my prices are in A.U.D..

One thing I hate more than boutique releases of old movies is boutique releases of fake old movies, like "Commando Ninja". Vinegar Syndrome is dumb, just as bad as Troma. Even New York Ninja is on shakey ground there, don't like rewriting history.

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Posted: 02 Jun 2024, 14:01 

Every now and then I usually hit up my local Cash Crusader store. I've picked up a couple decent CRTs there in the past.

Anyways, so about a week or so ago I saw an old EIKI 16mm projector, in really good shape given its age. There were a few reels there included with it. Paid the equivalent of a little under $40 for it.

The lamp still good but a few of the belts had turned to goo. Popped over to an automotive store and picked up a couple similar size/length O-ring belts. One for the motor belt, and one one for the reverse belt. Will also need to eventually replace the supply arm, and take-up arm belts. For the time being those are reasonably ok.

Fired it up and watched 'The Swimmer' (1968).

Oh REALLY nice. You can start collecting 16mm now like a Hollywood director who can't afford 35. Here, we have "CASH CONVERTERS", which is now a shadow of its former self. Nowadays in my area there's only one store that actually has items, the others are straight payday loan places. In the day we had 5 or 6 spots with tons of gear. I suspect our CCs would take one look at that projector and offer to pay the seller .05c. Then the seller would put it on ebay or gumtree.

Then again, I DID find a solid gold yacht at the last CCs in Canberra for $1 yesterday (just lucky I guess), so I shouldn't complain.

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 Post subject: Re: Macross News
Posted: 05 Jun 2024, 10:22 

Macross II in 4K from Animeigo is kind of a big deal, I'm seriously considering buying a late backer copy of the limited with artbook.
If you don't have the original '92 CAV releases or the '98 box I guess...It's really something of that era that was never meant to be 4K imo. Kinda like New York Ninja. It was never meant to be released in this time, it's wrong.

However, if you have no copies of it, maybe? But I still think it's going to look wrong. It's going to look different to people like me who saw it in the '90s, how it was intended and expected to be viewed. When I spin up my CAV LDs and watch it on my CRT it's gold. It's exactly as it should be, its perfect form, it can't look better because that is what it is.

However Macross II is important because IMO it is the only true canon of Macross. Soon after DYRL? The Big West canon emerged. Its basis is Flashback 2012 and MII but video games give it more depth.

Kawamori split off with a woke version of Macross around the same time, he "lucasised" the franchise and took complete dictatorial creative control (whereas the original was a melting pot of many creators all collaborating to decide on the best ideas). He made Macross unrecognisable to true fans.

So, us true fans, Macross II is all we have in the form of proper anime since '92. Compare that to Gundam, that gets new UC stuff all the time... :( Tomino has always been a dictator, his shows are great in a way but the original Macross was never a dictator show, like the original Star Wars, it was a collaboration.

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Posted: 10 Jun 2024, 02:49 

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963) (Uncut) [ML102194]

Got the Criterion Blu Ray of this and one of the few discs I'm keeping. Remember watching many Saturday afternoons in the '80s and '90s when this was broadcast on TV in Australia.

changed my mind and putting the long version on 2 x VHS. It's kinda stupid having like 6 Blu Rays - it's all going analogue.

The long version on the Blu Ray is 197 minutes btw, and apparently close to the original roadshow length. I think the LD is 188? Both longer than the TV version at like 160 something.

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 Post subject: Re: Any Favs?
Posted: 10 Jun 2024, 03:00 

The Killer CAV was my last LD purchased 6 months ago and I am SO glad I finally got it. ANY digital video of this masterpiece is so wrong. And surprisingly hard to even find it in widescreen on other formats. The absolute ultimate way to watch. I got the above Hard Boiled CAV at the same time, and while great, it's just not AS great to me.

I would have to go with the CAV Robocop release as my all time favourite. It is my favourite movie, and I love the look of the sleeve and the disc label.

Yep, it's PERFECT. PQ is just the best I have for a movie or anything shot on film.

If I really want to show off my system to people though, I load up Japanese MVs or idol shorts shot on video.

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Posted: 12 Jun 2024, 07:50 

In other news, guess how much I sold these 5 movies for today? I probably paid about $60 total for them from $10 for the VCDs from Chinatown in Sydney in the late '90s to $15-20 a piece in the 2010s for the DVDs (Melbourne Chinatown and online).

$440 Earth dollars man..

All safely preserved on VHS/SVHS in my collection now..

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 Post subject: Re: Translation...
Posted: 14 Jun 2024, 11:00 

That angle might be tricky (?) but you never know these days.

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Posted: 14 Jun 2024, 12:38 

When I saw this thread title I thought "this is stupid, this is ridiculous". Then I opened it and it's cool. I'll try to take some pics but I use a real camera so takes time. The Youki Kudoh disc I was playing tonight has her bunny's a** logo and a classic '80s grid/window pane design I think

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Posted: 15 Jun 2024, 10:16 

I don't know about books but I'd recommend the song TV Party by Black Flag.
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