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 Post subject: Re: [CLD-2950] no disc
Posted: 25 Jan 2019, 00:24 

In test mode once a disc is loaded press play and it should spin if a disc was detected. With an oscilloscope you can see pulses being sent to the motor to spin it.

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Posted: 17 Mar 2019, 01:13 

he fact that it spun the LD means the laser does output a reflection from the LD. The fact that the unit does not play once the LD starts spinning means the unit cannot decode the FM signal read from the disc. Could be the spin rotation of the motor, Dirty laser lens or bad electronics.

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 Post subject: Re: CLD-D604 Grinding Noise
Posted: 19 Apr 2019, 05:37 

Take your finger and push the pickup forward and back, if you see the gears between the motor worm gear and the track jump up and down then the pins holding them are broke. The entire holder does not initially break, just the gear pins.

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Posted: 01 May 2019, 03:53 

So I recently picked up a CLD-D703 and honestly, I'm not too impressed with it.

1) Speckles/blips on discs are much more present than they are on my CLD-1070 (I probably have said 1080 on other posts, but it's a 1070).

2) I notice a weird type of subtle grain on the picture that is hard to describe but there's like a texture on the image that doesn't seem like it's inherent to the information on the disc. Note that I've been turning off the DNR as other have recommended, so maybe that would help, but I don't like the idea of old tech noise reduction altering the original image.

3) I have one disc that has distortion on sibilants ('s' sounds) that isn't present on my CLD-1070. I even toggled the different audio modes and it's always there. It's possible it happens on other discs, but I haven't noticed in the small sample I've tested.

So I'm thinking that for my purposes, the D703 is just not the type of player I want. I've read a bunch of praise for the CLD-3030 and something tells me that would be a nice player to look for if I want to get something either better than or at least on par with my 1070 as a backup. I really actually like the simplicity of the single-side play funtionality too, and it seems like a safer bet when buying a shipped player from eBay.

Anyway, has anyone else had this experience with the D703 or D704?

1) Pioneer used to fill drop-outs with black pixels but changed that to white with the X080 series, many people complained about the visual differences. And the 703 does have a sharper picture so things are easier to see.

2) The 1070 has a lower noise power supply and a softer picture, the 703 has a switching power supply to save money which will increase noise that can cause grain and the sharper picture makes it easier to see the grain. Personally I turn OFF the DNR when watching the 703/704/79/99. You just happen to prefer the film like smooth picture, other prefer the sharp dynamic picture. Your preference is more toward the 1070. The LD-S2 would be the ultimate player for you.

3) The 1070 uses multi-bit DACs verses the bit-stream in the 703 but that should not be the difference. The 703 has much higher grade audiophile decoupling capacitors to let the high frequencies out and better define the sound field, the 1070 has typical decoupling capacitors and they act as low pass filters. On a audiophile home theater you would hear the difference. The 703 would be more open and clear and the 1070 more closed in.

These issues are all user dependent according to your preference. The 703 when properly adjusted will give a very nice picture, it is just not the picture you prefer.

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 Post subject: Re: dvl-909 spins sown
Posted: 01 May 2019, 03:57 

Could be a bad RPM sensor. If the motor bearings went bad the RPM slotted ring can drop down on the RPM sensor rub the plastic casing until it covers the hole or the sensor could be bad. If good then it is a disc reading issue or bad electronics.

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Posted: 23 Jun 2019, 06:02 

If the RF signal is adjusted too low or the output is getting weak the digital audio decode requires a larger signal so it will start having dropouts first. Then when the RF is a little weaker you’ll start to see the video degrade. Try turning up the RF gain to see if that fixes the digital audio dropouts.

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 Post subject: Re: CLD-97 Drive Gear?
Posted: 14 Jul 2019, 03:13 

Buy a non-working CLD-2080 and hopefully that gear is good on that one and swap it onto your laser.

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Posted: 20 Jul 2019, 02:08 

With the top off and drawer open unplug the unit. For the laser movement you'll see 2 gear that are between the laser pickup worm gear and the mechanism track. Just push the laser forward and back and see if either gear moves up, down, forward, or back; the only movement you should see is a rotating. If you see the up,down.forward. or back of either gear then you need to replace the MHolder before anything else. I believe you have this issue as the video sounded too noisy when the laser moved on side B.

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Posted: 21 Jul 2019, 04:10 

The grip ring goes bad in these too!!

Try pressing side B to close the tray and if it goes to side B and then starts playing the grip ring is probably bad. It will have issues going from B to A in this scenario.

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Posted: 22 Aug 2019, 01:21 

Definitely the grip ring is bad. It does not spin up fast enough to properly read the TOC (Table Of Contents) so it defaults to a single sided disc mode and will not let you switch to side B (It won’t work anyway because of the gross grip ring slippage you have). When this bad they pretty much need to be replaced of cleaned and then coated with something like Plastic-Dip as the original ring is too far gone to recover back to near original gripping condition.

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Posted: 22 Aug 2019, 01:26 

On some of the older models Pioneer has a switch on the back of the front panel that sensed the door being opened or closed. I’d take off the front panel and see if EAD incorporated the switch and it is working properly.

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 Post subject: Re: CLD-92 Audio Noise
Posted: 17 Sep 2019, 00:52 

I’d actually re-flow the solder at the droid first if you thing that is the problem. I’d recommend GI851 Fast switching rectifiers as they will also help lower the noise floor over the conventional rectifiers.

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Posted: 25 Sep 2019, 22:24 

Hi, I was watching an LD this weekend and when the disk finished and I ejected it, something inside sounded like it went spinning off at high speed.
After removing the cover and some considerable time later I was able to recover the spring and broken PRC hub, which had lodged itself deep inside.
As expected, the three clips are broken off rendering the part (VNL1684) useless.

I've tried PacParts and various other sources but every time I'm told the part is discontinued. OK, so the player is 20 years old so this isn't unexpected.

It's a real shame, as otherwise the player is cosmetically perfect and was working flawlessly. The only other failure I've experienced was the power supply, and that was
simply the startup cap that had dried out.

If anyone can help source or offer advice on how to obtain this part for me I'd be eternally grateful.


If you were in the US I could ship you parts

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 Post subject: Re: Dvl-909 no cd playback
Posted: 03 Nov 2019, 04:24 

The spindle motor centering is more critical with CD's and DVD's, this needs to be checked

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Posted: 06 Nov 2019, 00:17 

I cannot remember if this is a Pioneer clone CLD-D503 or 703 but I think it is the 503. For the 503 there is a large cap on the front of the side vertical board 1000uf that can short out and it will take one of the fuse protectors with it. This is the +5 V line to power the video processing chip. During CD playback the video circuitry is not utilized to operate the unit as it just sync’s to the digital audio stream from the RF. During LD playback it sync’s to the video and since this IC is not receiving power there is not video to respond to.

Sometimes this is OK and you have to follow the video leg after the laser RF signal is split between digital audio/video.

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Posted: 09 Nov 2019, 00:27 

hellwitch wrote:
Hi Kurtis,

I'm not noticing anything that resembles a cap. Can you identify it in these images, perhaps?

Look at the capacitor toward the front the has the exopy/glue holding it to the PCB so it cannot vibrate.

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 Post subject: Re: Cld 79 remote
Posted: 09 Dec 2019, 00:34 

If you include the non-US market players the CU-CLD108 and CU-CLD109 will operate the CLD-79 and CLD-99. They just have a few buttons for graphics that have no function on US models.

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 Post subject: Re: Pioneer cld-959
Posted: 20 Dec 2019, 04:57 


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Posted: 28 Dec 2019, 00:04 

I normally stay out of these discussions as the picture will only be as good as your weakest link, projector/monitor/AV receiver, etc.
What I can say is that you prices for the 909, 704, and 99 are way too high. Why people leave out the LD-S2 must be that you have to add the AC-3 RF to it but it is a HLD-X0 without the Variable DNR and Adaptive filter.

CLD-D704 $400
CLD-99 $600
DVL-909 $300

I can talk to you about this if you Email me at

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Posted: 28 Dec 2019, 00:13 

There is a service manual for the D925 in the manuals section in lddb, it shows you how to get into service mode manually (without the remote).

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 Post subject: Re: Analogue sound only
Posted: 28 Dec 2019, 00:20 

There is a service manual with parts lists, schematics, and adjustment procedure. The other is a service guide with block diagrams and descriptions of how the player works. You need schematics to check power to the D/A’s and output op amps or open signal lines.

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Posted: 03 Jan 2020, 00:14 

You need to turn the pulley to get the mechanical unit in the up or play position. A little toward the back from the pulley you'll see the end of the white assembly that selects the tray to open. Press in on it toward the center and as you turn the pulley to let the assembly down you will fill it move inward. Once in the LD tray will open.

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Posted: 04 Jan 2020, 03:06 

Don't worry about the laser, I'll have to check my other computer to see if I have any older pictures. Under the tray about 2 or 3 inches back from the pulley you'll see the end of the white lever that does the LD/CD tray control. Just try pushing it as mentioned, won't hurt anything, just apply a small amount of pressure and as the mechanical assembly starts to come down if will move inward then let go and continue to turn the pulley to eject the LD tray

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Posted: 04 Jan 2020, 03:48 

If the laser is aging the digital audio starts to have dropouts and can be lost before you start to see it in the video. If you switch from digital to analog audio for laserdisc does the analog sound OK? If it does then the real problem is you need to replace the laser. VWT1110 is the CLD version of the laser. If it comes with the gray MHolder you need to swap the black MHolder from the DVL unit LD laser onto the VWT1110 and then the other plastic pieces need to be taken off the DVL laser and put onto the VWT1110.

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Posted: 06 Jan 2020, 04:41 

Yes, that last picture shown the tab to push inward under the tray.
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